Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sponge Bob!

Abby also found a hot clearance deal! I teach them well. Abby's godmother gave her a gift card to Kohl's for $10 with her birthday gift. So I took Abby the other night to go shopping! It was an interesting experience. First we picked out a sweater to wear with leggings. I told her I would buy her the leggings since the gift card would be all used up for the sweater (both on clearance). Well then we say some sundresses and I figured since she had enough clothes right now maybe a summer dress would be better. She agreed and picked one out. Then we happen to wonder around a bit and she saw TOYS. She right away said she wanted a toy. I tried to explain to her that sometimes toys are better to buy at other places because they are a bit cheaper. She was not having it. She wanted a TOY and of course in the back of my head I could hear her godmother saying to me "Let her get a toy". So I agreed she could get a toy.

She found this huge Sponge Bob box. It is filled with 6 games! It was on clearance for $11.99. Original price was $29.99.... Yikes. So we found a deal and I helped Abby pay the amount she did not have for the game.

I love finding good deals.

A good deal!

I have ever mentioned how much I LOVE CLEARANCE stuff? Alot of the clothes I buy for the kids I find on clearance. They've never complained. One of my newest hot deals though was from Target. A white jewelry box. Its original price was $19.99. Yikes. I wouldn't have paid that for it. I found it on clearance for just $4.98! Of course I had to buy it.

I was sitting her the other night trying to decide how to make it more exciting. Make it cute! So this is what I came up with. Pok-a-dots from the dollar store. Yes, for only $1! Then I used some leftover ribbon. So Maddison now has her very own jewelry box! The reason she got it was because the other girls have one that they actually got from their Birth Mom. However its theirs together which might cause some problems in years to come. Oh well I will deal with that later.

So now this cute jewelry box sits in Maddison's room on her dresser.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jade and Abby

Wacky Hair Day!

Twin Day!
They got these sweatshirts for their birthday from some wonderful people who spoil them!
They have their names on them and also horses!
(they know who they are. You are too good to my kids)!
We're going to finish Catholic School week tonight by going to a family fun dance at the school. We even get to eat supper there!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

In a Perfect World

I wanted to put Maddison into an ECFE class last Fall. However with the times available and things we already committed to it didn't work out. I was very bumbed out. I so badly wanted to do this with her, for her. She is stuck home with me all day, every day. I felt it would be good for her to get out and play with other kids.

When the registration came out a few weeks ago for the next session I looked it over pretty well. I looked at it more than one time. I thought about the classes offered and how I could get her there. There were alot of classes offered at 10am. Not workable for the working parent. I finally got over the fact that maybe I couldn't take her. Maybe I need to have hubby take her. Then I started to really like the idea of him taking her because she is home with me ALL THE TIME. This would be good for both Maddison and Hubby.

I signed Maddison up for the Monday class at 4:00pm. Class ends at 5:30pm. What a great time. Hubby is home at 2:30 from work. Plenty of time for him to get ready and take her. Also he'd be home in time for supper and for me to get to my Monday meetings when I have then. They are at 7:00pm.

I was excited it was going to work out. We've been talking to Maddison about going to school like her big sisters do.

Classes start February 1st! I got a call today at 11am to tell me that Maddison's Monday class at 4pm is no longer available. There weren't enough kids signed up. So what does that mean for us. We have to pick another time.

The lady wasn't very friendly about the fact I work and can not do a 10am class. She did not apologize to me either. I know it wasn't her fault but the nice thing to do is tell someone you are sorry it didn't work out. No instead she tells me "Well there will be other classes in the summer".

Ok how do summer classes help me now? They don't. They are during the day also.

So finally I got tired of listening to the lady ramble on about the day time classes we settled for Monday night at 6:00pm. However class does not end until 7:30pm. Oh no problem I only have meetings twice a week at 7:00pm. Daycare kids the other 2 Mondays until 8:30pm.

Only in a perfect world would my Mondays not be so busy. And only in a perfect world the ECFE classes would work out for the working and the non-working families.

Are you asking how I plan to get to my meetings on time while hubby is at ECFE with Maddison- good question because I have no idea. I got 2 weeks to figure it all out (my next meeting)!

Maybe I will have 3 kids who need to tag along with me.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday Party

On Sunday we had a birthday party for Abby and Jade! Abby turned 6 on January 11 and Jade will turn 8 on February 5. We had their parties together to make things a bit easier. They each got to pick out one color of plates and cups. They got their own cakes (or cupcakes) and each got their own birthday balloons! We even sang Happy Birthday 2 times! One time for each of them.

The Football watchers!

If only we could all just lay on the table!

This is an magic panting thing Abby got from Grandma Robin.
You paint with water and when it dries it becomes invisible!
Maddison loved it and didn't want to share.
I have learned with this birthday party to just go with the flow. Whatever happens happens. A few guests were unable to make it due to the weather (well a story in itself). So I had a bit too much food. I am sure too much is better than not enough. Maddison had to leave during the party to go to the ER to see if she had an ear infection. Also we were supposed to have Hello Kitty Cake Pops. But that didn't happen with Hubby having to work all day Saturday and Maddison not feeling well I honestly just didn't have time to try and concur such a task.
Now we are onto planning Jade's party with her friends. Abby had her party at Burger King. Jade wanted to go to a movie but I am not sure what to do after that so the girls can have cake. I DO NOT want to transport the kids. Sorry just don't want to.
So I am thinking I will see if Jade wants her friends to come here to our house for Pizza and maybe even watch a movie while we eat!
Then once that is done we will plan Maddison's birthday party!
Than after that I am taking a break for a few months. No planning after March until August! If anything falls in between (like our anniversary and my birthday) they will have to be skipped this year!
Wow what do you think the Duggars do for their birthdays with that many kids. Yikes I can not imagine planning something for all of them.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies

Cookies cookies cookies! Who wants cookies?

Hubby and I have helped the girls sell about 44 boxes!

But somehow Grandma Robin just sold 80 boxes!

Anyone want cookies? Let me know. Just $3.50 a box.

We have to out do Grandma Robin!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A quiet wordless afternoon


We had an interesting day on Friday. Maddison wouldn't take a nap. I tried everything from the crib to my bed and even the couch. She just wanted to cry, scream and be crabby. I finally called Hubby at work after about an hour of that because I was afraid I was going to go insane. I took her to the doctor to make sure she didn't have an ear infection. They said she had fluid behind her ear but nothing they could do about it. It wasn't an ear infection. So back home we went and still she wouldn't nap. So I gave up.

We were supposed to go to dinner with hubby's dad. He lives only 30 minutes from here and the kids really don't see him much so hubby still wanted to go even though Maddison was crabby. She napped on the way to the eating place. It was thankfully 30 minutes from our house. During our onion ring appetizer she decided it would be fun to puke all over the table. YES, at the restaurant. I was just glad we were dining downstairs. We were the only table and there is even a bathroom down there! So we cleaned her up and the mess and didn't make a big deal about it.

Her February 4th appointment can't come soon enough.

Yesterday evening hubby took her to the ER (emergency room) while having company over for a birthday party because she wasn't feeling good. She hadn't eaten anything all day and hardly drank anything. She was poking at her ears. Again we thought maybe she had an ear infection. Well the doctor Maddison saw at the ER told hubby that the Miralax she is taking could cause her to have some stomach cramps. Well she happen to poop 2 times while at the ER. She was in a much better mood after those 2 diapers. So she might of had a tummy ache. They said she didn't have an ear infection. This was also the first time we heard that stomach cramps can be a side effect to the Miralax.

Like I said her February appointment can't come soon enough.

I mean who wants to have pooping problems all their life and have a mother who now doesn't want to take you anywhere because you might puke all over.

We're pondering the idea that she can not have deep fried foods? The onion ring made her sick and also Thursday night she had a few tator tots from Taco Johns and that also made her sick. Both deep fried.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

California and Minnesota

Oh what a beautiful day out... well not really.

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who is in California. Now as you all know California weather and Minnestoa weather are a bit different.

Today I was thinking as I look out the window at my sidewalk covered in ice wondering if I can even make it to the mail box later to get the mail (that's if it even comes today). I wonder maybe when my husband says lets move south he is right.

Then the phone rings and its Mary Q! She is an elderly lady who mean only the best for everyone. She allowed me to live with her years ago while I was finishing up some college classes. We met when I worked at the Children's Group Home. We were both Counselors there. We've stayed in touch all these years. She was the first person to visit me in the hospital when I had Maddison!

Anyways, her dream is to live in Minnesota. Her husbands dream is to live in California. So for some time he was there and she was here. She would take a transfer at her job and work our in California for 4 months and spend time with him and then come back to Minnesota. In September of 2008 she went to California and fell and hurt her foot. So she hasn't been back yet. I told her on the phone today she should be glad not to be here.

Her husband had just came inside from using the hot tub. Now wouldn't that be fun. Instead I will stay bundled up inside and watch it rain and snow at the same time! I will dream of winning the lottery so I can take a trip to California and visit Mary Q someday. She's like having an extra grandmother!

Mary Q is the reason I never run out of toilet paper! When I lived with her she had the fear of having bad weather and running out of TP. So she told me it was my job to by TP (she didn't charge me much rent at all for staying with her). So to this day I always buy TP when I go to the store even if we are not out.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

As you may know my children attend a Catholic School. Its connected with the church we attend. However other children can attend also if there are openings.
Yesterday I attend the Wednesday church service with Maddison. Each week the children go to mass with their class. Now Jade LOVES church, Abby well not so much. I sat towards the back since all the students sat with their teachers. Maddison had a bit of a cold and I wasn't sure how she was going to do. I needed to be able to exit quickly. The reason I went yesterday was to listen to Jade sing! Each class takes turn doing the mass. This week was Jade's class. She sang in front of everyone with just one other girl. They did great. They had a small verse to sing just the two of them and sang the rest of the song as a class.
I did notice that Jade sat very nice in church and followed along in her book. Abby well not so much!
Next week is Catholic Schools week so the kids get to branch out of their uniforms on Monday and go to school in their PJ's! Tuesday is wacky hair day, Wednesday is a bit goofy- you have to wear either your uniform pants with any shirt you want or your uniform shirt with any pants you want. Not sure why they can't just wear anything they want that day (oh maybe because I wasn't in charge), I missed Thursday?? and Friday is the last day of the month! On the last day of the month the students get to wear Jeans if they pay $1 (the teachers have to pay $5). Then the money goes for the school building project. They just got a new library, new computer room, and lots more. Their school is looking really sharp!
I am excited also to end next week by going to an All School Family Fun Dance! There will be games, dancing, Wii bowling and food!
Oh and just an FYI- I had my sub come yesterday to watch the daycare while I attended church. Mason stayed with the sub since he doesn't cry when she comes! Maddison has never done well with the sub so she either has to be having her nap time or not stay with her. The other kids love her. I guess Maddison is just a Momma's girl. And since when hiring the sub she has to be hired for at least 2 hours and church is only 1 hour Maddison and I went to the mall so we could go to the craft store and get a much needed item (its a secret) for the upcoming birthday party celebration we are having this weekend. We also just had to stop at the Pizza place and grab a much needed pizza to enjoy once we got home (daycare kids had hot dogs)! The best part about it I got home right in time to put the kids to nap and enjoy a quiet house!


Do you know anyone who is a Hoarder?

I was flipping the channels the other night on tv and came across a show called Hoarders. For some reason it caught my attention. YIKES. I can not believe some of the stuff people where saving. Men and women can become Hoarders. I don't want to be come a Hoarder! I started cleaning.

The girls' school really likes donations so I found many things that would be great for a classroom. Things I thought I was going to use for my daycare and never did. Things I can not see myself using in the next 4 months. Sometimes the school is looking for certain things. I think last year we donated dice for math and used children's CD's for the after school program (I donated the ones we never used or had the same songs as some of the other CD's).

Anyways, after watching that show I had a dream that I became a Hoarder and my sister came and took my children. In my dream she told me when I was a clutter free home I could have them back. So all I want to do today is clean clean clean. I do not want to become a Hoarder!

If you have seen my sisters house it is spotless. There is no way she will ever have to worry about this. She is so good about throwing stuff away. I always told her when she had kids her house would get cluttered. Wow, was I wrong. Its still clean and organized. Even her little girl's closet is clean and organized.

Oh if only I could be so organized. So as I try to clean today I am getting interrupted by snotty noses! Both my little ones have a cold as well as one of the daycare girls I watch.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Last 2 posts- Updates

Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I am very proud of myself today! I spoke with the mother who wanted me to lower my daycare rates for her. I said NO! I told her why I charge what I charge and that I wasn't going to give up part of my rate to stay open later hours for her. Well I am glad I said no because they are going to start next week 3 days and I get my rate!! She of course wanted to know what would happen if they go to 4 days but I told her that we could talk about that then. For now I was only going to worry about now.

I am worth what I charge yesterday, today, tomorrow and everyday!

Another thing I wanted to update on is Maddison. We have decided that we are going to take her to another doctor. My mother spoke to her doctor that she sees for her allergies and he suggested that we look at taking her to a clinic about 1 hour from where we live. They have a department that specializes in children. He had different thoughts on a few things we were concerned about. He was willing to see her but said he would probably send her to a doctor there anyways. So we are skipping right to the specialty clinic and she has an appointment on Thursday, February 4th.

Of course when I told my mother the appointment was made she said she would maybe meet us there. Maybe she'll buy supper afterwards!

What are you worth?

As you all know I am a child care provider. I have been for 4.5 years. I am licensed by my county. I provide meals when children are here as well as daily projects that are themed based. I am a safe and loving place for children to learn and grow while their parents go to work.

For the first time I was asked by a parent to LOWER my daily rate. I charge all kids the same daily rate. I was a bit shocked she asked. I didn't really know what to say. The parent told me how much she would save if I lowered the rate for her. I told her I understood what she was saying and yes she would save alot of money but if she looked at it from my view THIS IS MY JOB. I kept it at that and told her I would need to think about it. I wanted to stay professional. She did tell me at that point that everyone she has spoken to charges what I do. She said she feels the kids are safe here and have fun. She likes that I am licensed and provide a structured place. So why not pay me my rate?

I really wanted to ask her if she has ever gone to her job and been asked to take a pay cut so her employer could save money. Of all things she works in sales so she wheels and deals all the time.

I am having a really hard time with this. At first I thought I really need more income. In order to get that I need more kids. She has 2 of them. Yes, if they come more often I would make more money but I would also not make the amount I want to make if I lower to her rate.

I have gone back and forth with this. I thought maybe I could tell her I would do it until I find another family who wants the spots at my rate. Other times I think maybe I should meet her in the middle and then we are both helping each other out.

Then I am reminded of this- My normal hours are 7am-5:30pm. Monday- Friday. She wants care on Mondays until 8:30 (which I have been doing 2 weeks now). She would add the days Friday and Saturday from 10:30am-6:30pm. So neither of the days she wants care for fit into what I normally offer. She has told me she can not find anyone to watch the kids that late or on Saturdays. I do not want to work those extra hours for a lower rate. She has also commented that they would maybe also bring the kids Tuesday if the dad's work schedule changes. That would also be until 8:30pm.

My daily rate also covers my holidays and vacations. Some providers in my area get their daily rate even when they are closed. I do not do this. I only get paid the days I am open and available to watch kids.

Why should I take a pay cut to give up my family time? Yes, I am still home with my family but its different when you have other people's kids here. Then also on Saturday we are stuck at home.

I am just not sure what to do. I think also each time those 2 kids use my paper towels it costs the same as the other kids, the toys they wear out cost just as much as what the other kids play with, the kleenex they use, the hand soap, my art supplies. Its all costs the same for each child in my home. Why should they get a discount?

At this point the biggest problem is I need MONEY TO PAY MY BILLS. Even at a discounted rate I would bring in more income each week. I have also thought about my other families. Is this fair to them if I lower my rate for her and not them. One of my parents is a single mom. It might be more of a struggle for to pay me than this other family.

This family is supposed to call me today. I am so nervous because I feel like I want to yell at her for putting me in this position. However, I am a business owner. I need to stay professional.

How much are you worth a day? I AM worth what I charge!

FYI: She wants to pay $5 less a day per kid totalling $10 a day. If you do the math and they come 3 days I loose $30. That is equal to almost 2 boxes of diapers!

Updates on the little ones

On Monday hubby took Maddison to the doctor for a follow up on her poop issues. It was a waste of time. They wouldn't do a stomach x-ray to see if she is cleared up or not. The doctor never did anything. They said to give her Miralax for 2 more months.
I am really unsure about what to do now. What if in 2 months she is not cleared up, then what? What if she is already cleared up? Does she really still need this medication? I think its hard to know this if we don't get an x-ray of her stomach.
Mason went to the doctor Wednesday afternoon. I had a feeling they were just going to tell me he had a cold but they said he has BRONCHIOLITIS. His breathing sounds funny and he has been coughing alot. For now we need to just keep a close eye on his breathing and if it seems like he is having a hard time or he develops a fever we need to take him back in. He still smiles so I know he is doing alright! We need to just let this run its course.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Guess what happens when you have 3 sisters-
You get stuck in a PINK beanbag chair!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Alittle news

So some of you who read my blog are family and of course already know that my Grandpa has cancer. This is my mom's dad. My Grandpa Turkey. No his lastname is not Turkey!

Years ago he started calling me Turkey as a nickname and to this day he is my grandpa Turkey. We usually give each other a Turkey gift every year on Thanksgiving.

Anyways the last few winters my grandparents have traveled to Texas to spend most of the winter there. They have met alot of people and made alot of new friends. Its great knowing they can do this and enjoy there time together.

Right before Christmas my grandpa found out he had a spot on his lung. After tests they have told him it is Stage 1. No cancer is good but stage 1 means they caught it early. They also then found a few spots on his back. So he had one round of Chemo here in his home state. After talking with doctors they found out they can still go to Texas!

Today is that day! They are leaving sometime today. I am so glad they are able to still go. Thanks to Facebook I heard the other day my cousin is going along to help grandpa drive the big truck and camper. My brother has gone before as well and my aunt and uncle.

Funny thing is today on Facebook I read another cousin had nothing to do so she is going with.

Its great that its worked out well for family to go along. I think most have gone for about a week and then they fly back into the cities.

As far as my grandpa's health goes he will do some chemo while he is in Texas. Please pray for my grandpa that he has a fast recovery.
We all miss them while they are gone but I am glad they are going and doing something they enjoy! They've worked enough years and raised their children. Now its time for them to have some fun!

Friday, January 15, 2010

a laughing baby!

This is a short video of Daddy getting Mason to laugh.

The lighting wasn't the greatest but you can still see that its Mason!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


"Mom I need pants".

"Well go find some".

"Mom I don't have any".

"Yes, Jade you have pants. Find some".

"Mom really seriously I do not have pants".

"Jade go look in the dryer then or in the wash".

Hmm, maybe just maybe she couldn't find pants on Sunday morning because this is what I found under the laundry shoot just waiting to be washed!

Well you should be happy to know there is a load in the dryer and I am caught up on laundry!

For now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

She's 6!

Abbygail Rose is now 6 years old! She celebrated her birthday yesterday, January 11, 2010!
She was so excited when she woke up yesterday.
I have never seen her get dressed so fast.
She took fruit snacks and picksy sticks to school for a birthday treat. This is her special birthday crown from her teacher.
Her class made her a birthday book
(each student drew her a picture and the teacher made them all into a book).
She got Tinkerbell cupcakes for dessert after supper!

Yes, there were only 3 candles because I am a terrible mom and that's all we had.

Opening her wonderful presents. She kept saying it better not be socks! No socks!
She got a new pink beanbag chair. Hopes are to put it in the new playroom but she has other ideas for it.

She got TRIO! I love these things. I bought some before Christmas and they are fun to play with. So when I found this pack at 50% off after Christmas I had to get them.
I knew she would love more.
She also got a new play apron with hearts on it. You can never have too many when you love to play waitress and cooker! She got a hello kitty stuffed toy with body spray
(gotta love after Christmas sales)!

Every year when Abby turns a year older I think back to when I first met her.
She was just a few month shy of turning a year old.
She was so little and had such curly hair.
I still remember her crawling around on her daddy's floor and playing.
She was such a daddy's girl.
I am so greatful for the time we've shared together and
I am excited to see what's going to come next.
She is not a helper!
She is stubborn at times and keeps her room messy.
It takes her 30 minutes to get dressed in the morning for school.
But she is one of the cutest girls I know and she can make you laugh just by being herself.
She loves to watch the cooking channel.
She does not like Ketchup, BBQ sauce or any other kind of sauce or dressings.
Her favorite foods are ham and mac & cheese.
She loves to wear skirts and look for bugs outside at the same time!
Its an honor to call her my DAUGHTER!

We decided to allow Abby to invite 3 friends to go along with her to Burger King on Saturday for supper. It worked out well because 2 of them I already know since I had in my daycare who are now in Kind. with Abby at her school. It should be alot of fun.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Get those blogs updated

Did you all know I have gotten emails before telling me I should update my blog? Now since then a few family members of mine have started to blog. I won't mention any names here but golly gee whizz- UPDATE YOUR BLOG! I don't get out of the house much so reading blogs is my only source of entertainment. I mean how am I supposed to know if you are all alright? I mean really no update since Thursday, December 7 but that isn't as bad as December 28th! Did you party too much on New Years or what?
Last Thursday Mason went in for his 4 month check-up. He was actually going in about 5 days later than I would have liked him to but that's the only day I could get an afternoon appointment. Last Thursday was the day our car broke down so I was worried all day that hubby wouldn't make it home in time from work so Mason could get to the doctor. Then of all things I had a surprise daycare visit from my County Licensor. They pop in once a year when you are least expecting it to make sure you have all your paperwork up to date and things are in order. I was just not having a good day and when I saw her I just wanted to sit down and cry. I didn't though. I kept my cool and showed her what she wanted to see. Well she got here at 2pm. Mason's apt. was at 3:10. Thankfully she was down with her spying on me within 45 minutes and I was able to get Mason ready on time for his apt. Hubby also made it home from work on time.
So Mason got weighed. He is now 15 pound 3 ounces. He is the size Maddison was at 6 months. I was thinking Mason was bigger than she was at 4 months but wasn't sure so I looked it up to make sure. He is growing like a weed. He started eating some baby cereal in the evening. Maddison never liked it so we'll see how well he does. He's eatin it a couple weeks now and did fine until 2 nights ago. According to hubby he claims none of his kids liked cereal.
We have been doing an exercise with Mason to stretch the muscle in his neck. He tends to lean his head to the side. I think it has improved alot since we first noticed it 2 months ago. The doctor told me I need to be more aggressive with the exercise. If it doesn't improve or I do not feel comfortable being more aggressive we will need to take him to a physical therapist (oh lovely- I bet he'll like that as much as I did). If that don't fix the problem then he would need surgery to fix it. I don't think we need to worry yet about surgery. I really feel its improved and will improve more. But if it comes to that we will deal with it. We will handle it as best as we can.
I have to say that it makes me sad to think Mason is already 4 months old. I have been told by hubby no more babies. Mason will always be my baby no matter how big he gets! I can't imagine the last 4 months without him. He is so precious and cuddly. I wouldn't trade him for the world!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Alot of poop and vomit!

The doctor tells me Maddison is vomiting because she needs to poop. So we have been giving her miralax now since Thanksgiving. Oh boy does she poop! I was talking to a daycare parent and I told her if Maddison went to daycare she would have been kicked out already for the number of poopy diapers she has in a day. I mean its anywhere from 5-8 dirty diapers a day.

Anyways, I thought we were on a home stretch of things looking better for her. Maddison went 30 days without getting sick! Saturday morning at 5:30am she vomited again. Also at 6:30am. Naturally both those times she needed a bath because it was in her hair. The second time even Mom needed new pj's. Oh and she was in our bed the second time so that also meant we needed new sheets on our bed. Then again Sunday morning she vomited. This time at 4:30am and again at 5:30am. So I am not sure what to think now. I guess she is not better yet. I hope to get her in again this week to see her doctor and have another x-ray of her tummy and see if its cleared up any.

I hate to see her go through this.

The Dodge

Well its been a few days since I have posted. Its been a rough week.
If you are wondering about the picture of a car well I will tell you. That is what my car looks like. A 1997 dodge intrepid. I purchased it about 8 years ago. With the help of my dad test driving it with me along with another car this is the car I picked. Maybe a good idea, maybe not. You be the judge of that. Thankfully after purchasing the car I had some great family members. After about a year of driving it the head gaskets went out. That is a $2,000 job to fix. while it was getting fixed my grandmother allowed me to barrow her car. I had to fix it since I was still paying on the car. Well guess what- now that is been about 8 years and my husband has been driving the car to work those wonderful $2,000 head gaskets went out again. Yeah, just my luck. Monday we could have sold the car for $500. I told my husband no because we are not in the place to buy a new car. Wow was that dumb because on Thursday my husband barely made it work. This time the car will not be fixed. The car holds about 208,000 miles. Sadly the tires are still in good shape but the rest of the car is history. Wonder how much the junk yard will give us?

So my dad offered his old beater of farm truck to use to drive until we get a new car. Hmm, not really a good idea with the shape its in. We don't live on a farm, Dad!
Well today low and behold my brother Matt calls to tell me that hubby can drive his car to work. Matt is going to drive the old beater farm truck! Do you know that my brother has my grandmothers car! Yes, the one that I had to barrow years ago from my grandmother. Funny how things work out.
We've drove through some car lots looking at some used cars. Mainly looking for just something reasonable and that will mainly be used for hubby to get to work. We found one we like from looking at the outside and the information that was posted in the window. Hopefully hubby can go tomorrow to drive it and see if its something we want to try and purchase.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Free 8x10 Canvas Photo here. However the shipping isn't free. I thought it was still a good deal.

I ordered one so we will see what it's like when it arrives. Hope to display mine in our new playroom!

I read on this blog that someone did already get their so called free cavas and felt it was great quality.


She has her own little personality and attitude

She loves to color and write

She drinks out of a sippy cup and cowgirl boot (no idea why)

She has a purse

She loves to play play-doh

She's gotten stuck in a small tote

She's been pushed around in a clothes basket until she fell out

She's smiley.

She's Maddison Marie my sweetheart!

It won't be long and my baby girl will be turning 2. She took a nap yesterday and today on my bed. She loved it! When she woke up she of course got the remote and tried turning on cartoons. She's been climbing up the steps (only when we are behind her) and trying to be just like her J-Jade (that's what she calls her).

Oh and if you thought that was going to rhyme wow did you get fooled!

Some people were alittle confused and upset that we did not include the dads in our pictures.

We do apologize and to make up for it we had this taken over the New Years weekend! We hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So if you could pick the month your child celebrated their birthday what month would you pick? I sure wouldn't pick January. I mean really. We just had Christmas and I had to deal with all that mess and stress and presents. Now I am going through all that again.

Abby will celebrate her birthday this month. Jade in February and Maddison in March. The big girls this year are having parties with their friends from school. Talk about a headache trying to be a fabulous mom and pick how many friends they can have and what we will do. Also talk about breaking the bank. Parties can get spendy. I had to order Jumbo Heart Sprinkles yesterday on-line because I have looked many places as well as my mom looking and neither one of us could find them. They are needed for Abby's birthday idea I can not share yet (sorry that is rather mean to not share but you will see it soon enough). Then I go to make my order and they tell me I needed to spend at least $5. Then of course they charged me $6 for shipping. Yes, I could have tried to come up with another idea but how many times is my little Abbygail Rose going to turn 6? Yes, that's right. Only once. What she wants she should get... well to a certain point.

Then when Jade cleaned her backpack out yesterday she had a birthday invite for a girl in her class. I had told Jade she could have 3 friends if we went out for Pizza for her party. Then I felt if this girl invited her she should invite her to her party. Well this girl isn't one of the 3. So I asked Jade who the top 4 were she would invite. Ok not that girl. Top 5. Not that girl. Ok top 6 not that girl.

Then I asked Jade, "Do you play with this girl at school"?

"Well, no".

"Ok, do you want to go to her party"?

"Well, yes." (yeah dumb question)

"Who did she invite to her party".

"She gets to invite all the girls."

"Like all the girls in the class"?

"Yes, mom she gets to invite 11".

Ok who invented birthday parties? I would so like their phone number. Maybe their address too so I can send them the bill for Jade's party!

Oh and to add to all that stress Abby and her brother (hubby's oldest son we don't see much ) share a birthday! Yes, how crazy is that? They both were born on January 11th! So we have to remember to get him a gift and we have a hard enough time buying him stuff for Christmas.
Update on our Eskimos:

I had told the kids they were Eskimos. Well when one of the 2 year olds left yesterday she couldn't say Eskimo so she called it her Elmo! I just thought that was funny. But do remember I don't get out much!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Its cold out

My Little Eskimos!
This is what we made today during daycare.
I of course made one for Mason because
I thought they were so cute!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year to all!

We are keeping busy and have alot going on in the Wynn house right now.

Hubby is working on the basement yet and its looking great.

I am trying to do laundry... I got behind around Thanksgiving time and I still am not caught up.

I am stirring up some great and very cute ideas for the girls' birthday parties. I had gotten Maddison a gift already. Original price $19.99 and I got it for $9.99. Couldn't pass up a deal. Well today I found my hubby opening it and giving it to her.

We spent New Year's Eve night at home as a family. Hubby and the 2 big girls got home about 7pm from seeing their grandpa. They had a great time. He took them shopping and they went swimming at the hotel. They also visited their Great Grandpa who turned 80 years old! I am very glad they were able to see some of their family. Jade had a hard time that night once they were home. She was very sad and missed her birth mom. This used to happen alot when she saw her grandma. I think she is just old enough to understand how the puzzle fits together (that grandma is her mom's mom and grandpa is her mom's dad). I think she gets thinking about all that and it makes it hard for her.

New Year's day we had some company... my sister and her family came along with my parents. My parents took us all out for pizza and then they came to check out the new playroom. The girls also them went grocery shopping with my sister for cookie dough so they could make cookies with grandma. Well if that counts as baking I don't know. They were good.

After they left I took the family to Target to get some diapers and then to Kohl's. Hubby has been needing new tennis shoes for awhile now. I had an extra daycare child last week because there was no school so I told him I would buy him new shoes. I know I am such a sweet Wife! Well I am sorry but next time I am giving him some cash and telling him to go alone. We were at Kohl's for ONE HOUR. How long should it take one person to pick out a pair of shoes. It didn't take me that long to get my last pair of shoes. Maddison screamed the whole time we were there. It was like a happy excited scream if we kept her moving. If we stopped the cart it was a crying God save me scream. I am not sure which one was worse. On a good not though I got Abby a winter coat for next year for $15. Now are you ready for the original price? $50.00. I am a clearance shopper! I also got Mason 3 shirts and a pair of jeans for $12.50. Original price for all that would have been $40.00! What a deal. Still don't make up for the hour it took hubby to find shoes. But what do ya do?

Sorry no pictures today. Of course we are again having battery issues.

Goals for 2010

Not to worry about the simple things (like if the girls pick out matching clothes...who cares as long as they are happy and dressed).

Pay off our adoption loan (No we never got the papers yet and that's a whole other story)!

Enjoy each day with my children, even the days they don't listen to me and the days that are full of dirty diapers.

Buy a new camera so I can cherish all the special moments with my children!

Get caught up on laundry!

Continue to eat less and exercise. Scale is down 5 pounds since my doctor told me to diet! So maybe by 2030 I will be where I should be!

Continue to do my knee exercises so I can avoid physical therapy (I had my last appt. last week).

Oh and of course make more money and spend less!!

Pictures will come soon!

All of us in the Wynn house want to wish everyone a WONDERFUL 2010!