Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesdays list of things to do

1) Make one cold lunch because Abby just doesn't want sloppy joes at school today even though Jade is supper excited.

2) Get big girls picture ready  and off to school~ Done but forgot to send uniform shirt to school since they are really supposed to change after pictures.

3) Clean up 2 year old after dirty pants accident~ Done thankfully her mom is on board and we can throw away dirty underwear... would so hate to find those after a long day at work.

4) Clean up another 2 year old who had a dirty pants episode on the couch (this one needed a bath).

5) Give the couch a bath because un-named 2 year old was sitting on the couch when she had a dirty accident in her LUVS diaper and it desided to explode. BIG TIME.

6) Feed kids lunch- oh forgot to mention Breakfast but they did get that and they got lunch!

7) Start a load of laundry to avoid stains on the clothes child in number 3 exploded on.

8) Locate missing sewing machine so I can attemp to make curtains later tonight. Yeah right this might be good!

9) Get card and pictures of the girls sent in the mail to PA to thank their Grandpa for the dress and Easter Candy (I think he bought the whole store).

10) Register and pay $18 for a Designing your Own Curriculum class!

11) Email J- about watching the kiddos 3 nights next week. I will be so broke after this. But what do I do when we need to be in more than one place at a time? We ask for help!!

12) Call county to find out if they are paying me for watching some temperary children in my daycare (she's been out of the office. Well funny thing is I still get bills when you ladies are out of the office)!

13) Sing ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

14) Pick up all the dinasours because 2 year olds just don't know how to pick up all to well.


16) Lay 5 kids down for a nap! Peace and quiet!

17) Mail out thank you card to last parent who interviewed... maybe it will get her off her butt to call me! (she hadn't gotten the job yet as of last Thursday but I so want to have this family enroll in my care).

18) Answer phone call from my brother Ted to see how old I am.... gee really does it matter that I am getting old! He wanted to know what I was doing that was so important I couldn't answer his 2 text messages. Hmm, see number 1-17!

Just an FYI- its only 2:00pm!
What will the rest of the day bring?
We're going to make Easter Baskets.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Porch

As a daycare provider I get excited about silly things like new bulletin boards.
I got myself a new one over the weekend for my porch.
Today the daycare kids made Easter Chicks and we now have them displayed on the bulletin board.
The next thing I want to do is add some type of curtain in the porch.

The porch is the one room in the house I am not to fond of.
Hoping after I add curtains I will finally like the porch.

I am hoping my pictures show up at some point. Not sure why thy are not posting. I have tried a few times.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A post without a title!

Does a post need a title? This one is going without.
Didn't know what to title it.

Why do we try to cram so much into one weekend. Just two little days. We were gone most of Saturday doing some shopping and exploring! Hubby must not like my clothes. He bought me some new shirts that were very much needed.

Some pitcture~
Mason and his 1st sippy cup!
He had to get his very own because we gave him one of
Maddison's and she get very upset.
She had tears and everything.

Mason turned 7 months old today. I took this outfit out of the closet thinking it would be alittle too big. Well, I was sure wrong. It fit just right. Its size 9 months. He is definatly a growing boy. We just can't get him to sleep all night without waking up. I pray he will start sleeping all night very soon.
This old momma needs her sleep.

Maddison didn't want to get dressed on Friday. I was just not in the mood to fight with her. I know I am the parent but sometimes you need to pick which battles to fight until you win and others you need to just let go.
Anyways, I took this picture because she looks like she is ready for the beach!
However she's just in the kitchen with her lawn chair and new sand toys.  

Another battle I decided to just let go~ Abby got new tights. Well they looked new when she left for school but when she came home they were no longer pink. They were light brown!

Won't tell you who but maybe you can guess who the girl is in the white dress!?!?!
She is super excited for her big day coming up.
Don't want to spoil the front of the dress so we'll show you that later!

Here are the guys working in the basement. My dad and brother-in-law came today to help.
My mom, sister and neice came along too.
I made porkchoops, baked potatoes for supper.
I would have liked a better picture but you know guys. They don't pose for pictures.

Friday, March 26, 2010


The other night my husband decided to tell me he wanted to relocate. Of course he tells me this at night when I am getting ready for bed.

Excuse me, relocate?

Who, what, when, where, WHY?

At first I didn't know if I should take him seriously or not.

There are 5 children to think about here, 4 who go with us where we go. There is a daycare business to think about with a wopping 3 clients! We also have a house and rental (soon to not be ours but thats another story).

So in order to move my husband would need to leave a job he's worked at for 13+ years. We would need to sell our home.

There are so many things we would need to do.

The ideal thing in relocating would be to rent a place to live for awhile while you start new jobs. However I would still want/need to do daycare. Most rentals do not allow that.

I think we are in a rut and we both are looking for a change. So not sure what to do. We have the highest unemployment rate there is for our state. So that would kind of explain why not many families are looking for daycare.

I did have to laugh though when my hubby was talking about his newest "idea" that he said we could just live with my aunt for awhile. I looked at him and said seriously you think someone who lives with her hubby and has no young ones running around wants a family like ours to move it!!! My aunt would move out!

Maybe he'll have a new "idea" tomorrow but I do have to admit that sometimes going somewhere else sounds like a good "idea".

Ps. Please think of Danny's mom and step dad at this time. From what we heard his step dad had quadruple bypass surgery yesterday. His mom has also had some medical issues going on recently too. Please keep them in your thoughts. I know its very hard on Danny to be so far away from his family at times like this.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My brother

Yesterday my brother Ted called me from Wyoming. Now I know some of you know him pretty well. If so you know he talks ALOT.

If you know me you know I talk ALOT.

Well when Ted calls I don't get to talk. I don't get to tell him anything. I get to listen.

I had to laugh at him yesterday when he called me.

"Yeah I am living the good life, drinking a beer right now in my lawn chair". 

I found this picture today and it just made me think of him.

I was glad to hear he was in a good mood though. He called me a few weeks ago with girl troubles. Like I am the one to ask!

Love you Ted!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Maddison had a birthday party. She loved her Elmo cake!
She has yellow frosting on her chin and finger in the first picture!

The youngest guests at Maddison's party!
NO they are not twins!
(People do ask if we go shopping together)

Maddison opening some presents!

Mason with his Papa!

I wanted to get this picture of Maddison because when she opened her coat up that Grandma gave her for her birthday she wanted NOTHING to do with it. Yesterday when I told her it was from her Papa then she she put it right on. She is a Papa's girl! Abby playing with her cart and garden toys
(thats what she called them).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everyone is doing great in the Wynn house! Just really busy. I will do my best to update soon.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patricks Day Pictures

On St. Patricks Day we enjoyed trying some green food for lunch.
Some of the things we tried were pickels, cucumbers, limes, sweet peas, and green apples.

We had cupcakes with green frosting and lime jello jigglers for snack!
That night after supper and PJ's Maddison got to open her birthday present. She did get too much on her birthday because she had already gotten her present early! But I wanted to her to have something to open on her special day!
I love this picture!

This is why she didn't get much on her birthday. Her new playhouse is in the basement! We had 2 of them picked out at Toys R Us and of course the one we decided on was gone when we went to pay for it. So we went with the second choice. Yes, of course it was ON SALE (otherwise we wouldn't have gotten it yet).
We had the kids with us when we bought it so we had to take all the pieces out of the box to get it in the van! Of course she will have to learn to share her toys with her daycare friends when the basement is complete.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Blog Swap and a Winner

I have been meaning to post this for an hour now but nap time at Amy's Shining Stars Daycare is not happening today. I don't know what is up.

Have you ever heard of a blog swap? Well its when a bunch of bloggers who don't know each other want to go shopping and buy a gift for another blogger! Then you mail it out to them!

When I heard this it got my attention because I love shopping! And I love shopping for other people!

Kelly over at 3 kids, a mini-van and a lot of love hosted one just not long ago (her button is on the left sidebar of my blog). I just had to participate!

So Kelly took those who wanted to participate and paired us all up. I was paired up with Andrea over at Good Girl Gone Redneck. She sent me a great package of goodies. I do have to say though I felt kind of guilty getting a package for me. It does not often that happens.

You will have to check out Andrea's blog sometime to see what I sent her. I know she has gotten her package already, but I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it out.

Oh and did you know I was a winner on another blog! I first met her on the PCI Website (providers choice website). Well met her might not be the right words to say.
We've never actually met in person but I feel I know her.
Well enough that she is a facebook friend! 
Two of the great things we have in comman is we are both childcare providers and we are both
Mothers of wonderful children.
I am sure she knows what my day is like today when kids don't nap!

Anyways, I bet you want to know what I won!

She sewed this for me after I was the winner. Well for Mason. I might have looked alittle funny playing with this and carrying it around. Mason seems to like it alot!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

2 years ago I went to my appointment to make sure things were going well with the cute baby in my tummy.
My doctor said to me "Do you want to have your baby today".

I was in shock. I had no idea she was serious.
My response was "Today? Like right now today"!

It had only been around 10:00. The doctor told me I could go home and get my things and my husband. I just needed to make sure I was back to the hospital by Noon to have my baby.

So with the help on some powerful medication I went into full labor and had my cute little
Maddison Marie at 11:40pm.
Just in time to still call her a St. Patrick's day Baby!
She was just 7 pounds 9.5 oz. 19 inches long.

My favorite picture of the 3 girls and Maddison's 1st birthday cake!

Now today she is 2 years old! She is 25 pounds and 33 1/4 inches long!
She's our little girl with attitude! 
She runs the Wynn house!

 She loves being a big sister!

She is definatly a keeper!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maybe an answer

I got a chance to talk with Maddison's doctor yesterday that scheduled her to have the MRI.

It looks like nothing major was wrong!! Thank goodness.

Maddison does however have what she called a Sinus Disease. This can easily be treated with a medication for 2 weeks. I did google it and it did explain to me a few of the things I have noticed with Maddison the last few weeks such as bad  horrible breathe, toothaches, hot to the touch, more tired, and possibley abnormal sence of taste (she is such a picky little eater).

From the internet:
Sinus disease is the inflammation of the lining of the sinus cavities present in the skull. Sinus cavities which are normally air filled, become filled with mucous due to lack of proper drainage through the nasal passage. This inflammation could be due to viral or bacterial infection. Allergies could also cause this disease.

Symptoms could include:




Facial Pain

Stuffy Nose

Postnasal Drip

Discharge From Nose

Abnormal Sense of Taste





Sore Throat


General Weakness


Bad Breath


Runny Nose


Eye Pain

Jaw Pain

Frontal Headache

Loss of sense of smell

Feels Hot to Touch

Now lets talk about medication. It was called into our local pharmacy we use. Hubby went to pick it up and called to tell me that we have it at home from before. Now I had never heard of this medication before so I knew we did not have it. The pharmacy was claiming that it could not be filled until March 21 again.
So I called the clinic to see if they for some reason sent the wrong prescription over or if they could change the medication. They did not want to change it. I had waited on hold for 10 minutes while trying to play outside with the kids.
Then the clinic called the pharmacy and called me back. They told me to call the insurance company. Now supposedly they just didn't want to pay for it.

I called insurance company and waited on hold 10 more minutes. They told me that the pharmacy had processed the claim at 11:58am yesterday and wanted to process it again at 4pm when we were trying to actually pick up the medication. So it was mistake on the pharmacy. Go figure.
Hubby went back to the pharmacy to tell them they already processed it and we finally got her medication!
Now if you remember from previous posts Maddison on a medication for acid reflux (zantac) and also a vitamin with iron (flinstones and she hates them). Well the new medication can not be taken within 2 hours of any iron medicaion or antiacid medication... good thing I read the new medication over well. And yes she is still on the miralax. She is tired of medications! Well at least I am.
So anyways, hopefully we got the answers we were looking for. Hopefully no more vomit. We just now need to get her unconstipated! Oh I don't think that is really a word but you know what I mean!

Now we can try and figure out Jade's issues and Hubby's issues. Jade has and appt. Wednesday. She is having a hard time in school getting her work done. Not sure what the reason is for. Hoping for answers on Wednesday. Hubby is complaining of his wrist hurting because he fell about 2 weeks ago on the ice. So he's hoping to get an appt. this week as well (which I of course have to call and make).
He also has carpentunnel issues.
Oh what next?!?!?!
Maybe I should have been a doctor.
Ok, maybe not.

Monday, March 15, 2010

new look

I noticed last week that some of the blogs I read got a new look! I felt it was only right to ditch the Valentine's Day look and get something new! It will work for now but I am not sure I really like it.

Yes, it was that thing called peer preasure!

Dog Poo

Our neighborhood has an association that holds meetings and I have been able to get on their email list. I get reminders of meetings and also get the minutes emailed to me after the meetings. I haven't been able to attend a meeting but by getting these emails I have been notified of things such as our neighborhood garage sales and things like keeping the street lights on.

Well not long ago some women was walking her not so cute dog and it pooped on my sidewalk. I just so happen to be looking out the window at the time and she did not pick it up! She kind of kicked some snow over it. I don't have a dog and I don't want others to think I want their dogs poop!

So today I recieved an email from the neighborhood association. So I voiced my opinion on the dog poop problem!

This is what I wrote:

I am not sure if this appropriate or not but I live on the corner of north ninth and fir street. We have been here almost 2 years now and I have to say I love this neighborhood. We moved from SE ------. THe first thing I noticed when we moved was how many FAMILIES and other take the time to walk or jog. We didn't see much of that at our other home. Anyways, I have noticed not only on my sidewalk but other areas around the neighborhood that some are forgetting to pick up the dog poo! Now I don't have a dog because I don't care for any kind of dog poo! Maybe we all just need to be reminded to clean up after our little furry friends.
Would it be at all possible to forward this message to everyone or mention it at the meeting. I don't want to come off rude or anything but its hard even if you do have a dog to get the stuff off your shoes if you step in it.
Thanks so much. Amy Wynn

Friday, March 12, 2010


Maddison started her morning by getting up on her own at 6:00AM. Thankfully she did not try to weasel me into giving her a sippy cup like she normally does. She got to play play-doh we got ready for the day. Her sisters had to get ready for school.

Once we got to the clinic and got to our room the nurse asked me LOTS of questions and Maddison made sure we all new this was her chair. She crawled in it right away and said "MINE". Of course it was her day so she got the chair!

After the nurse looked Maddison over and took her temp and things Maddison got time to play and ride in the wagon. She loved loved loved the wagon. The clinic had a great set up for her to be able to go out even into the hallway and turn around and come back. In the one picture she is waving to the nurses who were at the nurses station (They were there all day. They really seemed like they had NOTHING to do).

This is Maddison after she had an oral medication to put her to sleep. I helped give Maddi the medication and then Daddy and Maddison watched some Lion King movie. That only lasted about 2 minutes and then I got to hold Maddi again and help get her to sleep. I think that was the worst 15 minutes of the day. Maddison kept flinging her head back and I was afraid she would hit her head. Maddison tried so hard to stay awake but after about 15 minutes she was sleeping peacfully.

We had arrived to the clinic about 8:45am. Maddison was alseep at about 10:40am.

Then we waited a few minutes and the MRI guy came to get Maddison and I. I wanted to go with to see where Maddison was going.

After about 20 minutes the MRI was complete and then Maddison was taken back to the room.
She slept for awhile. The nurse stayed with her after the MRI so daddy and I could get a quick snack. We also got her something from the gift shop. When we got back to the room hubby gave me an angle he bought me from the gift shop while I was with Maddison getting her MRI done (another angle for my collection...willow tree).

I was back in Maddison's room by 12:00 to watch her sleep and enjoy watching my soap opera!

Then when it was time we started to walk Maddison up alittle. This is a picture of her waking up on my lap. She has her new precious moments doll from the gift shop! It plays the prayer Now I lay me down to sleep!

We tried giving her juice since it was 1am since he had anything to drink (was now almost 2pm). They are lucky it wasn't me. I would have been screaming for more than juice if I hadn't had anything since 1am!

Maddison had more rides in the wagon so we could wake her up good. Then we got her dressed and headed out to take her to eat lunch. We took her to Red Lobster. I was thinking since their kids meals at $5.00 she could share my shrimp alfredo linguni pasta with me. Well that didn't go so well. After I took a few bites and had already put some on her plate she took my plate! She took my pasta! She couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough. She was so hungry. By the end of our meal though I could tell she was very sleepy. She slept all the way home!

We arrived home about 5:45pm. We had a short message from the doctor that the MRI went well and things looked ok. She said in the message she wanted to talk about a few things. What that means I don't know. I called the clinic but was told to call today. So I called at 7:30 and was told both doctors we have been working with are gone until Monday. So I won't know anything beyond that until Monday.

Oh I forgot to mention we left Red Lobster and hubby wanted to run into a store quick. I stayed in the van with Maddi and tried to call grandma Robin who was home with Mason and the big girls. I couldn't find my cell phone. I looked in my purse and in Maddison's bag. Hubby called it when he got back out to the van. So we went back to Red Lobster and they had it! Somehow it fell by the booth we sat at. So then we called grandma to tell her we were finally on our way home!

Once we got home we noticed Mason had a new chair that grandma bought him. She was told not to buy anything more for the kids. She doesn't listen.

Maddison was soaking up lots of attention from grandma Robin and even enjoyed a sip of her diet coke.

Things went by really fast yesterday and went really well. Maddison did a wonderful job. I was a bit sad when leaving because I felt bad grandma Robin couldn't come with. But after thinking about earlier in the week we felt it was best to have her here at the house to watch Mason and so when the big girls got home from school. She spolied them with a trip to the dollar store and super at McDonald's.
I did get a bit teary eyed once I was holding Maddison and she was sleeping. Its hard to get your almost 2 year old to sit still on your lap much less to sleep all cuddled up in your arms.

One of the hard things about parenting is staying strong when your kids are sick or hurting. If we're not strong for them we can not expect them to be strong either.