Thursday, December 30, 2010

~Christmas Eve Brunch~

The last few years we have celebrate Christmas Eve
morning with Danny's dad.
We usually have an egg bake and goodies to go with it.

Everyone eating.

I wanted a pictures of Danny with his dad and the 2 boys.
Its not often they are all in the same room.
Of course Danny told me to wait until after presents
and then I forgot. I was bumbed out when I realized there was no picture.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~Visit from Santa~

Last week Santa came to our daycare party!
We were so surprised to see him.
He gave everyone a coloring book or a story book.




Daddy and Mason

I have always hoped Santa would stop during our daycare parties
 but I guess this was the first year he had time.
Hopefully he can come back next year.
I thought it was rather funny santa knew that Danny wants a motorcycle!
Too bad he didn't get one this year. He must have been on the naughty list.

Monday, December 27, 2010

~Taco Wreath~

On Christmas Eve I had some family over to celebrate Christmas. We really already had our Christmas but we didn't want anyone to be home alone so we got together again. Of course the kids got more presents!

One of the things I made for the first time was a Taco Wreath. It got rave reviews. It is a pampered chef recipe. I forgot to take pictures but I found some on-line to show you.

Basically all you need is-

two cans of cresent rolls
2 pounds browned hambuger
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 egg white
shredded cheese
your favorite toppings
(sour cream, taco sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, olives)
Lay out the cresent rolls like this!

Then add your taco meat and shredded cheese.

Fold over the cresent rolls and brush with one egg white.
 Bake for 30 minutes at 350*
until golden brown.
Then top with your favorite toppings.
This was yummy and very filling.

We have one in the family who does not like cheese.
So I just left a small area without cheese and put a toothpick in that area so we would know.
Its hard to believe we are related because I love cheese on almost everything!
I used low fat cheese and it works great and tastes great.
However fat free cheese is not a good option if you want it to melt.

I like that this is something you can add your own toppings to after baking.
I hope to make it again sometime.

Here is another picture of the finished project.
You can put topppings right in the middle of the wreath.

Images came from on-line!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

~Merry Christmas~

Merry Christmas to all my family, friends and blog readers.
I will be enjoying some much needed time with my family.
I will be back to the blog next week.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~Calling Daisy~

Have you heard the daisy commercial?

Well more often than not we hear it each time Abby calls for our dog, Daisy!

Meet Daisy!

Meet Abby!

Monday, December 20, 2010

~Just for fun~

This was back in our younger days!
I kind of remember this day.
I didn't want to see Santa but
Mom said I had to do it for my brothers!

I'm the one in red having a bad hair day.
I think we're in our pj's!

Look at us now!
(Taken Sunday, December 19 
at our family Christmas)

I think we are stunning!

Standing- Molly, Amy
Sitting- Theodore, Matthew

This is me in 1990! Wow, look at those ear muffs!

~Family Christmas~

Dessert was made in the Dakotas and brought all the way to Minnesota!
These were decorated by our newest Christmas guest, DeSiree!

My brother Ted and his girlfriend, DeSiree.
Ted is still living in WY and DeSiree lives in South Dakota.
Somehow they make it work!
It was great to finally meet her. How she puts up with my brother is a mistery.

My favorite neice, Faith.
She was all over the place yesterday on her 2 feet!

Maddison and uncle Josh (my brother-in-law).

My mother!
Hmm, what's in the box?

Oh look at that!!

I think by the looks of it they LOVE their gift.
(didn't think of getting a picture of it. It was a red truck with santa and ms. clause with 5 elves. Of course papa was santa. grandma was ms. clause and the elves were the grandkids. It was personalized!)

Mason loved his new art work for his bedroom.

The little girls each got something to sit in!

Abby are you back there? Big green pillow from Uncle Ted.

Maddi and uncle Ted.

The Happy Grandkids!
They loved all their presents.

Snack time.

What a mess!

Jade are you back there?

Abby and Uncle Matt always get the best chair!
My Grandma Joan was there as well but she must have
been hiding when I had my camera out.

My sister made a wonderful meal for lunch.
We had some munchies for snack.
In the evening we went to a light show in a near by town
(my Abby was bored so we didn't stay long).
We ended our family Christmas at all places-
McDonald's for a burger and fries!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

~Dancing Jade~

Jade is in Jazz dance.
She had to do the same dance today in 3 different shows!
She only has about 12 or so girls in her class but they did a
Jazz production with the other Jazz classes.
It was 2nd grade and older.
All the girls did a great job dancing however I was
not a fan of all the kids together.
There was so many girls at one time you
couldn't find your own kid!

Oh there she is!
The one with her leg out!

All the Jazz dancers. I think Jade was in the shortest line at the end!

Daddy was trusted to get pictures of just Jade
but they didn't realize what I wanted.
So this is really all I got.

Jade had a great time and was very excited that
Uncle Ted was home from WY and came to watch
(he really enjoyed it).
Grandma Robin and Grandpa Roger came too.
Ted brought his girlfiend DeSiree home with him so she was along as well.
We all went to Jade's first show.
Then came home and Daddy went to the second and third show.

Friday, December 17, 2010

~Hair cuts~

Abby went with me to get a hair cut!
Before picture.

Abby got the same style cut she had but alittle shorter.
Its shorter in the back than on the sides.
She talked the ladies ear off the whole time.

Look at that MOP!
This was taken one week ago.

The new look! Mommy cut it all by herself!

We can see his ears again!

(Mason eating my popcorn!)
This was about the only picture I really had of what my hair
looked like before I got a cut also.

The after.
I got my bangs cut so they do not go behind my ears anymore.
I also got my hair lawyered.
Not too sure what to think.
Maybe once I get used to it I will like it.
Please ignore the double chin!
Horrible picture!