Thursday, September 30, 2010

~I am blessed~

There has been alot of stress in the Wynn house this month.
Lots of sick days for the kids (well all but Jade).
Lots of headaches for Mom.
Lots of hearing the word Cancer.
Notice of a daycare child leaving (who wants to come back later).
Lot of talk about our future home projects costing too much money.
A broken boiler (which we need to heat our house).

But even with all that and while I cry many tears
 I can stop and remember
that I am blessed with these wonderful children!

October you can not arrive fast enough.
I am hoping that you bring much better days for the Wynn's
(and all our extended family).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

~Part 2 of our busy day~

After all the excitment of the tractor pull we headed to my sister's house.
We celebrated my brother Matt's 22nd birthday!
We had supper with family. My sister is a great cook!

Mason got a tractor from my brother's as a late birthday gift since  time ran short on them and they couldn't find the tractor they wanted in time for his birthday. That's ok though. He loves it!

Matt got a few birthday presents!
(I remember the days I used to spoil him rotten.
When he was little I would baby him if he got into trouble.
He used to sit in the stroller in the barn when my dad first started farming because he was just a year old. Now he can do the farming on his own!)

Jade got a cut on her finger and was freaking out that it would not stop bleeding.
Aunty Molly helped her get fixed up!

The Wynn family brought the cupcakes!
They were yummy and filled with lots of calories.

Monday, September 27, 2010

~Busy Day part 1~

Maybe awhile back you read this post about Maddison getting her ears pierced. Well I am sure I have mentioned that not long after one of them fell out during the night. I tried and tried to get that sucker back in but it wouldn't work. So we had to leave it close shut. Then the other one had some issues and we had to take it out to clean it up and decided to just leave it out.
Her and Daddy decided it was time again to get them pierced.
She sat very quietly on my lap.

Look at this cute happy girl!
Of course she picked purple earings!
Everything needs to be purple for her.
I just love this picture!

Then we headed to a small town to see my brothers who were going to be in a tractor pull.
The girls checked out the park area while they waited.

Mason ate a cheeseburger for snack.
He's a big eater and they didn't have much to pick from for food.

Matt was up first. He pulled 2 times.

Then Ted was up!
The second time Matt pulled was against Ted!

Matt got 2nd place on his 1st pull!
Way to go Matt.

Friday, September 24, 2010


The other day at the grocery store they had shrimp on sale!
We like shrimp so I bought a bag and  cooked them in olive oil.
I sprinkled some Perfect Pinch Parmesan Herb seasoning.
They were very tastey. Served with some mashed potatoes and a salad.
Jade took the leftovers in her lunch the next day and ate them cold.
She likes them better cold.

Taco Boats
I cut a tortilla shell and placed it into a muffin pan.
Then I added some taco meat and cheese.
I baked these at 350* for roughly 10 minutes
(long enough to heat the meat and melt the cheese).
Just something alittle different than the same old taco!

I added lettuce, sour cream and taco sauce to mine!

My picky eater! She decided to toss hers to the side.
I made these for daycare and the other kids all ate theirs!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I posted today. However I posted on the wrong blog! I posted what I wanted here on my daycare project blog. Opps... if you want to see it head over to the other blog!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~Bad Day~ ~Where's the shoes~

So yesterday I posted about stress. We did not have a very good day yesterday.

Every time I went to do something it did not work in my favor.

By 8:30am the toddler in my daycare had a blow out diaper. So of course that ment he needed clean clothes. Somehow his shirt is still missing. I have no idea where it went. I have looked every where. I finally had to barrow him one of Mason's. Oh did I mention he's the most energetic one in my daycare and he came an hour early yesterday. I was so not ready for that. He puts every toy possible in his mouth.

Breakfast came and daycare girl was so tired she fell asleep drinking her milk! So of course that spilled all over. Mornings are busy to begin with, no time for spilled milk.

Maddison was so crabby yesterday. She spent most of the morning crying and I still really have no idea why. She even hit me a few times which lead to more crying because she got time-outs. Yesterday afternoon she went up to Mason and hit him and then pushed him over. She had a handful of time outs yesterday. Then lastnight she was the sweetest girl around. Not sure what the problem was.

Mason had me up super early yesterday morning. He hasn't been sleeping good for over a week now. So that set my day off from the begining. He is fine during the day so I am not sure why he's waking up so much. Lastnight was 3 times. I'm going to try warmer pj's tonight and see if he is just getting cold. Other than that I am open to suggestions. I need my sleep!

Then of course the family owing me monies for daycare (which is a few days late) did not bring their child yesterday. The grandmother dropped her off. I had been hoping they would just bring it and I wouldn't have to ask for it. Not the case. So I had to call the parent. She of course said she would drop it off shortly. That was at 10am. Grandma picked up at 5:15pm. Thankfully grandma had the money! But I was alittle scared when grandma walked in.

I tried a new recipe (I will post about this sometime soon) that had beer in it. I am not a beer drinker so to me it smelled most of the day. Not to forget to mention I spilled some on the floor when trying to hurry and get everything in the crock pot.

It just seemed like nothing was going to work for me yesterday.  Its almost like you start your day out badly so you expect things to go bad the rest of the day.

At about 11:30 yesterday the phone rang and belive it or not, even while having a bad day I got a call about daycare. I was dumb founded! I had no idea what to say. I almost wanted to tell the lady she couldn't call me yesterday because I was having such a bad day nothing good could possibly happen!

And out of no where Maddison had 3 potty accidents in the morning. She has been doing so well.
Things did turn around alittle bit. I was able to get out of the house to get milk. I went alone! No kids to bug me for treats. No kids to worry about getting in and out of the van! Peaceful. I cranked the radio and enjoyed some music. Then I arrived home to find out another call for daycare! Seriously did they not get the memo I was having a bad day?!?! She told Danny I could still call when I got home. So I called her back.

Ching Ching I got 2 interviews this week! One on Thursday and one on Friday! Both for boys who are 2 years old. One needs part-time and one full-time. If the part-time can take the days I offer them I have room for both boys.

Maddison decided the other day it would be fun to hide the shoes.
She stuck them in the old mailbox connected to the house.

We always stick bath towels in there during the winter!
Gotta keep that cold air out somehow.

As you can see by her outfit she is wearing her night gown and jeans.
She was supposed to be getting dressed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Do you feel stressed? I feel very stressed. So many things to do and such little time.

Today everything is going wrong so that doesn't help.

But I did come accross a stress reduction kit. Maybe that will help make things better!

Monday, September 20, 2010

~Finally complete~

All summer we delt with ROAD WORK.
Mason is the only one who enjoyed watching the big trucks.
They had some complications so it took them about
3 weeks longer to complete the job.

(Look at that ugly mailbox)

Most days our road looked like this.

Our tree stump is gone now!

They made our driveway wider!
This will be so nice once it snows.
We can now get both the van and car parked by the garage
and no longer have to drive on grass to do this!

They laid new sod for us.
They even come by and water it with a large water truck.
They did the new tar on Saturday.

We took the opportuniy to put up a new mailbox and to also put it in a new location.
Our mail lady walks to deliver our mail so we had a few options.
Our old mailbox was nothing to get excited about.
It was a funny looking silver thing.
The road crew kept moving it and throwing it on the ground so we took the hint!
Nice mailboxes don't come cheap.
We have gotten many compliments from our mail lady.

So thank you City for giving us a new road.
It looks great.
Oh and thanks for adding the bill to my taxes!
Can't wait for them to go up in January.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

~alittle sad~

So I posted the other day about a dog that we wanted to get. Well the quick version of the story is we called Thursday night and she was still there (Humane Society). However they could not put note that we wanted her until we came in to pay. Danny told them we would be coming in Friday.

Friday came and he went to get her. She was gone. Someone else came in and adopted her about an hour or two before Danny had gotten there.

Jade was very upset when Danny got home empty handed but the other 2 girls didn't really seem to mind. I think it was a good thing they hadn't actually gone with to get her. It might have made things harder.

We said in the begining if she was ment to be our dog she would be there Friday. So I guess it wasn't ment to be.

But on a good note Chicky is home! Abby carries Chicky with her everywhere. She had a Chicky that got super dirty and the Easter Bunny was so sweet and brought her a new one! When we visited the Humane Society last weekend I noticed it in the lost and found. So with our thinking Abby must have dropped it about a month ago when we visited the dogs and cats. So Chicky is home!

Sometimes Chicky plays dress up and wears the barbie clothes.
That's how I knew it was Abby's Chicky because she was
wearing a pretty barbie outfit when I found her.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dudes who can jump

This really has nothing to do with Life in the Wynn house! I saw it and just wanted to share it.
Ever feel like the guy at the end trying to hold on, not knowing what to do next. Me, I need to clean the bathroom next!

Good Day Readers.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~Still thinking~

If this little furry creature didn't poop
I think she would already be ours!

We visit our local Humane Society often.
Mainly so the kids can play with the dogs and cats
(I do not go in with the cats....
we will never have a cat).
They have learned we leave empty handed.
We go to just look.

However, we went this past Saturday and I in
particular took a liking to a very cute,
cuddly soft black dog.
She is poodle with some Shih Tzu.
She was found in a local park (actually close to our home)
and nobody has claimed her.
They believe she is 4-5 years old.
She is 12 pounds.

Danny and I decided to allow the kid to take her out and walk her. We played some with her. Saturday was such a nice day for this. We asked the kennel staff some questions and they tried to get us interested in a
dog that already came from a daycare setting. However there was just something about that dog's situation that made me think it wasn't the right dog for us.

So Danny and I talked about it and agreed we didn't want to jump into anything.We couldn't go on Sunday as we already had plans and they were only open a few short hours. Monday they are closed. So yesterday Danny took the girls back to walk the dog again and see how they reacted to her.

We are still trying to decide if she is right for us. We haven't had a dog or puppy in almost 3 years. The last one we had we did not go about it the right way. We jumped into things and it wasn't the right type of dog for us.It didn't do well with the kids so we had to give her to another family.

When we ask Maddi about it she tells us she wants Winnie! Winnie is my aunt and uncles dog. So that's not really possible. So I guess we will wait and see. If she is still there Friday she will hopefully become ours. If she has already found a home then we know it wasn't ment to be. This would give us the weekend to get used her being around and a chance for her to make herself at home before daycare kids are here.
That is another issue- I have to talk to my current daycare families and let them know we are concidering a dog.

Its almost just as much work as having a baby!!

So come back this weekend and see if she is ours and if so what her name will be! (because she came to then as impound she doesn't know the name they gave her, Jenny. So we would change it)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

~My new love~

To run my business I need toys, games, puzzles, learning things, art supplies.
I need a whole lot of stuff.
Well, resently I have fallin deaply in love with
Seriuosly whoever came up with this huge sale on the
computer is a genious  in my book.
Its better than a garage sale!
There's no driving around to sales only to find eveything
but what you are looking for.
I can sit and browse the ads.
Most of them show pictures of the item for sale.
I can even list things to sell (which I have done).

This is one thing I bought... just $10!
What child doesn't need a baby nursery.
The new one I was eyeing up was much more than $10.

That is also where I found my school table!

Well today I found a sand and water table!
Ok, yes I already have one but here's the thing.
I want one that stays outside for water.
Danny wants one for purple sand he bought last Christmas for the kids.
So today while searching my favorite site... I came
accross one for just a wopping $15.
The lady met me at our old shopping mall just 1.5 miles from my home tonight.
Kind of funny she offered to deliver it since she lives
14 miles from town and was driving a gas gussling chevy Tahoe!
Oh well I got what I needed.

Oh and yes, of course when I left I told Danny
I was going to get him something special!


   I sure hope he wasn't disapointed
This is what my table looks like!
No unbrella but it does have a cover!

(sorry just took this picture from the internet because
I am too lazy to go outside and take
a picture of the one I actually got!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

~Give Away~

Another give away over at Three kids, a mini-van, and a lot of love! Go on over and check it out. Anyone can enter!
Give away is from GiGi Stiches... hurry and enter now for a $20 gift certificate to GiGi Stiches!
Enter now  before its too late!
The give away will end September 20.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

~best I can be~

One of the things you sometimes hear a person say is there is no rule book for parenting. Of course there are tons of books to read on what your child should do and when they should do it. But are those books really right? What if you're not on the right chapter yet and your child does something? There's no time to stay STOP I haven't read about this yet.

Then there are those of us who parent children we did not carry in our womb. Does that still make us their parent? Of course it does. But it can at times make things alittle harder. There's no book on how to get threw it step by step. Every situation is different. Every child is different. Every parent is different as well. Some of us react to things in different ways.

We can only do the best we can. We hope in the end we've taught our children something and not harmed them for life! We hope they grow to have good morals and value. I also want my children to have big dreams. Happy lives!

We had a small issue lastnight where Jade got in trouble for pulling Abby's hair. Of course Danny was out running an errand and I had to be in charge of the situation. When Jade gets in trouble that's when she gets upset and cried. Well all I said was not to do it again and that she was supposed to be cleaning her room, not pulling Abby's hair. She freaked out! Like something I have never seen before and stormed up the steps and screamed. We all get upset. We all handle it differently. But for the few words I told her I felt she over reacted and there had to be more to why she was upset. 

I called her back and asked her what was wrong. Of course she said nothing. So after asking a few times and demanding she tell me what was wrong she tells me she missed her mom. Now I could have been a smart a*s and said "I am right here silly" but I knew who she ment. Of course like I mentioned before we can't just say STOP I am not ready for this converstaion. I needed to be in charge of the situation! I love being in charge... ok not always.

I knew it all came back to cleaning her room. She didn't want to clean it. So I explained to her that its ok to miss her. I told her I understood she would miss her alot but we need to talk about it and not get so upset. Then I did what I didn't really want to do but I had to be honest with her. I had to say, "Jade did your other mom ever make you clean your room"?  She said really quietly "yes". I had to explain that even if her mom was still living with her she would make her clean her room.

Then of course after its over you review it in your head over and over again and you wonder if you said the right thing. But again we can only be the best parent we can be. We are none perfect.

I can't take hurt away my big girls feel. The girls and I were eating lunch today and Abby wanted so badly to tell me something about her other mom but she couldn't. She is forgetting. I can't help them remember things about their other mom if I wasn't there. By no means was their other mom a perfect parent from what I could see but she wasn't a bad mom either. She loved those girls. I will always believe that.

I know we have a very long road ahead of us with Jade because she was older when this all happen and she does remember things. But I just pray that in 10 years when she is old enough to make her own choices in life she remembers me.

I am so thankful I am here when they need me. And as any parent I can only be the best I can be.

Friday, September 10, 2010

~1st day of school~

I would like to introduce you to my
two Catholic uniform wearing school girls!

They enjoyed their first day. Abby has already taken 2 days off and Jade has taken 1!
Sadly its still the first week! Oh well when you got the sickies you just have to stay home.
Jade was bumbed out at first she didn't get the other 3rd grade teacher, mainly because she had her in 1st grade. Teachers had to shuffle around alittle last year. I on the other hand am glad she didn't get the same teacher. But she hasn't complained since meeting the teacher she got. I think it will be a good year.
I will probably need to spend a day with Jade's teacher brushing up on my math skills. Seems they do things differently than I was taught. Makes it harder to help with homework.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

~Flu Bug~

So you might have read my post about the sick little boy. Well, have now all gotten sick except for Jade. The good old flu bug! We all took yesterday off and complained about our tummy's hurting and of course we got the pukies. Its hard to be sick and still care for your small children. But Danny and I took turns resting in the bedroom while Abby and Maddi hogged the couch!

I am feeling better and ready to start a new day. Hopefully a rather relaxed one. Abby will still stay home today so the walk to school and things like gym class don't wear her out too much. She wasn't really eating much lastnight yet. Maddison was the last to get sick so we'll see how she is feeling today. She crawled into bed with me this morning at 5:30am! Mason was up by 6am and he's eating breakfast and chattin away! Jade is almost ready to go to school. She will take a note for her teacher telling her one complaint about a tummy ache she should call me.

I used lots of lysol and cleaning wipes yesterday to clean up the house and hopefully get most of the germs out. Just hoping my daycare children don't get it. Oh and if they do please make sure they get the pukie part at home!

So one of these days I will get some more pictures posted!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Sick little boy~

Mason got sick Sunday night. It must have been a tummy/ flu bug. Of course he couldn't tell us if anything hurt. It wasn't fun for anyone. He didn't eat much Monday and he took longer naps. He felt warmer but thankfully wasn't really running much of a fever. But he is feeling alot better now. He got to sleep in the pack-n-play in mom and dad's room Sunday night! He liked that.

I did enjoy the extra cuddle time but not the extra laundry.

Friday, September 3, 2010

~New fun things~

The last time we went to the cities I visited one of my favorite stores!
I sorta spent all my money too!!!
But I did get some cool things.
Of course I am talking about Lakeshore Learning.
I am sure every teacher and daycare provider
 know what I am talking about.
Anyways, I wanted to share 2 of the things we got.
Just in case you are in the market for some learning items.
I love hearing what other people think of things.

Fruit Counters!
These are great for sorting by fruit or color.
They are even fun to count.

The kids took turns sorting them into piles and then we
counted to see how many we had of each fruit.
Maddison, Abby and Jade all had so much fun.

Wondering about the blue trays??
Well they were a garage sale item I picked up a few weeks ago at
our huge family garage sale.
They are made by tupperwear and my aunt had them for
sale for just a few bucks!
It worked great to have the kids each keep their fruit on their tray!

Another great item I got was magnetic ABC's with alphabet strips.
Even the strips are magnetic.
The children can match the letters up to the
matching one on the magnetic strip.
There are upper case letters and lower case letters.
Of course Maddi loved this.
Alittle too easy for the big girls but they played with them too.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

~A few words Wednesday~

3 in the tub and the little one says "Move over"!

This was for sure a one time thing! There was just too much splashing.