Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 years in the Castle!

Wow, can you believe its been two years that we have been in our new house! It was two years ago today that my daycare opened in the new house! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I also can't believe how many house projects we are still trying to work on. I am sure any house though we would have house projects. For the most part we are loving our house. The space yes, my dining room, no. I'll never be able to count how many times I have to walk around the dining room table to get to where I need to go. Its in the middle and not such a great place. But over all we love our house. Our basement is so close to being finished. We almost had some furnature for it as well but that deal doesn't look like its going to happen (long story that would have been prevented if my husband and his co-worker would have exchanged phone numbers). So anyways, I wanted share a picture of our old doll house and a picture of othe castle we now live in!! Seriously when we first moved in that is what it felt like.

Our Doll House!

Our Castle!

Monday, June 28, 2010

My little guy

Today my baby boy is 10 months old! I have been loving the last 10 months and all the time he spends cuddling with me. I took him yesterday to get a few pictures taken before he gets too much older.

(sorry for the quality of these I am sharing. I just took them from the on-line photos they send me and they didn't copy and paste as nice as I was hoping.)

A couple of pictures from home.
He loves going in his exersaucer. We had to purchase a smaller one for him because the one Maddi used just wasn't working for him. He's needing to strengthen his legs up alittle more and the doctor said this would help. I have already noticed in the last 2 weeks how much better he is doing.

He was 21 pounds at his 9month check up. I am sure he's gained alittle since then. He just keeps growing!

A little like Family

One of the things I was told once about my career as a childcare provider was DON'T BECOME FRIENDS WITH YOUR CLIENTS/FAMILIES YOU CARE FOR (If problems arise it makes things much harder to deal with. Its harder to confront parents).

A parent came today and told me that Dad was in a 4-wheeler accident. The little girl being just shy of turning 3 only knows that Danny got an owie. However what she doesn't know is that Daddy is bleeding inside and they are not sure yet if its just his splean or if its his lung. He also has a broken ankle. I didn't understand that part but they can't fix it yet (I think she said because of the bleeding).

Mom told me that their daughter is not allowed on the 4-wheeler. Thankfully. Things could have been alot worse if she had been on it. So just take this time if you do allow your children on your 4-wheeler or your lawn mower and just review your safety rules. Maybe even just review them for you. Think about how fast you go and do you wear a helmet.

Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we just get to having too much fun. Safety needs to be number ONE.

I am feeling so sad for this family. Wishing I could do more for them.

All in all no matter what I have been told about becoming friends with my clients these people are like family.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Surgery for Danny

These first two pictures are of Hubby after his surgery
(same day).
He has actually been able to do alittle more
than I expected he would be able to.
He just can't change Mason's diaper!

The funniest part about his surgery which was last Tuesday,
was what he said to me when I went back to his room after.
Danny, "They haven't even started yet. I've been waiting
and I wish they would hurry up".
Me, "Hun, they are already done with it".
Danny, "No we haven't started yet".
Me, "Look at your arm then".
Danny, "Oh maybe we are done".

The plan was to just numb up his arm good
but the stuff actually made him
sleepy and he took a nap during the whole thing!

He was home all week and will now go
back to worktomorrow!
His wrapping comes off July 6, along
with a few stitches.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Strawberry shortcake

Our butterfly eating Strawberry shortcake!
Perfect summer time treat.

(no cool whip nd they tasted just as good)!

the first cut...

Do you see that crazy head of hair my Mr. Mason has?
Time for a hair cut!
His very first one!

He took the comb and didn't want to give it back.

The after pose!
He looks so much older now.

Of course I cut it myself.
Anyway to save $10!
Alittle off the top and around the ears!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day Gift

Since I was talking about last Sunday in my previous post and it was Father's Day I will show you a picture of Hubby's gift. I did not make him slave away with me outside as I was working on the clean-up. I allowed him to mess with his new gift and also go back in the house with Mason since it was getting too hot for him.

Danny has wanted one of these since
Abby was little but we just kept putting it off.

I even looked for a used one but never found one at a good price.
So finally on Sunday morning we went to the store
as a family and got him one!

This is what it looks like all hooked up to his bike!
Maddison has rode in it twice now.
Hopefully once Mason goes in there with her he can still pedal!!
Just kiding, I'm sure he'll do fine.
Maddison did love her rides!


Last fall we took this picture by our front steps.

Last Sunday they looked like this.
It seems that its taking forever to get this project done.
Its so time consuming.
I spent two hours outside filling up the wheel barrow
with a mixture of brick peices, small rock and sandy dirt.

Once I had each wheel barrow full I dug
threw it to get out the small rock!
We love to recycle here!
Its been a pain to save the rock but its saved
us alot of money not having to buy new.
Yes, I put the rock in a tote!

I also used all totes to put the garbage I shoveled up!
At some point I still have this pile to clean up.
Its kind of hidden on the side of the steps.

Once I was finished the front looked better and like this!
I think we have to get a jack hammer to get the rest of the brick out.

Now I am trying to decide if we should keep or remove
the big bushy tall tree thing on the side of the house.
What do you think?

I know I showed some pictures of the steps before but really not alot to blog about!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Music Class

We have music once a week for 30 minutes!
We all love it.
The kids get to play instruments and march around.
They also learn to play the keyboard.
They finish off their 30 minute class by playing a game.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Busy

Busy night trying to get some last minute errands run and notes written for the daycare sub before hubby goes tomorrow morning for surgery on his wrist.Of course he had to be the one to fall this winter on our sidewalk. But I guess it could have been alot worse for us if someone else would have.

I am prepared for him to be a one arm man for the rest of the week while his wrist does some healing but I think he hopes he's back up and working sooner than he will be.

Didn't really get all the home projects I wanted to get done before tomorrow but they can wait now until end of July or August.

Hubby is hoping though to go back to work on light duty Monday at the latest.

Can you mow the lawn with one arm? I hate mowing the lawn!

What a difference a year makes!



Ponies and a horse

Saturday we went to my parent's town to enjoy the town's celebration. Well, ok we enjoyed family and ponies. There really wasn't much of a celebration in the Park like we thought there was going to be. Not as exciting as last year. Maddison and Jade did enjoy a pony ride. Abby was pouting, again! Jade got to enjoy the parade before we got there. The rest of us missed it (Jade was there early as she got to spend time at grandma's house last week).

Pictures from the park-

After we visited the park we went to my grandparents house. They always invited the family over for Father's Day weekend! It was fun to see who was there. Sometimes not everyone can make it. But when we were there we met the new horse!

Not only did uncle Ted buy a teeter totter when he was home he bought a horse!

(Correction needs to be noted on our new teeter totter. Both Uncle Matt and Ted bought it for the kids. There was a misunderstanding when Uncle Ted told me who it was from.)

This is my uncle Mike taking a good look at the horse. He knows more about horses than Ted. Plus the horse is in MN and Ted is in WY....
Story is- Ted and my dad went to an auction and nobody would buy the horse. So Ted bought it for a woppin $125! Its a nice looking horse and they figure its 3-5 years old.
Jade can't wait until she can ride it (might be some time).

Friday, June 18, 2010

Plantar Fasciitis

So yesterday I had butterflies in my tummy all morning.

An appointment was scheduled for 1:30pm at my local clinic with my doctor. It was a follow up from when I went in and was told I had Patelloferal Syndrome.... yes this was my 6 week follow up. More like 6 months actually. I put it off awhile.

Well I went in also for my feet because they have been hurting. Not overly bad that I can not stand it but bad enough that I would like to fix the problem. They have been hurting some for a few weeks now.

So we breifly talked about my legs and shoes and how that was going.

Then I asked about my feet. He knew right where they hurt by me just saying I have feet that hurt. I have what is called Plantar Fasciitis- yes double ii! Basically my feet are going to hurt for 6-18 months. I need to do some feet streaches to make them feel better. There's no quick fix here. No medication to take for it.

One of the things I can do it try picking up a washcloth laying on the floor by using my toes. Sound fun? Sounds like more thing I don't have time for.

This happens to be so comman in people that when I got home from my appt. I found out that both my mom and dad have had this.

So all in all it wasn't that bad of an appt. I found out my doctor and his wife are having a baby in a few weeks. I reminded him that newborns don't sleep! Hey he told me to go on a diet. The least I could do was tell him he wasn't going to get sleep for awhile!


Meet my favorite 2 year old!

She usually spends most of her time on her play cell phone talking to Papa Roger. Sometimes it sounds like she even yells at him! This time she was actaully really talking to Grandma Robin on the real phone!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Infant car seat

I had the opportunity to cary a baby car seat around with my youngest two children. They have both of course grown too big now for that car seat.This week I sold it! Today I am feeling sad that I sold it. Which is crazy. Who cares, what's the big deal. We couldn't use it for our children so why not let someone who can. Maybe its a big deal because that means I won't get to carry it around again.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Friday night the kids and I had a sleep over at my sister's house.
It wasn't easy getting Mason and Maddison to bed. I think it was 10:30pm when they were both finally asleep.
On Saturday I tried to get a good picture of the two little ones. They look so cute!
I never really got a good picture with them both looking at the camera.

I tried to get a picture of all the kids but as you can see one is missing in action.

Maddison and Faith had a tea party!