Monday, August 31, 2009

Here's my baby boy!

Its great to be home! Everyone in the Wynn house is doing well and doing their best to adjust to having baby Mason in the family. Having Mason was alot different than having Maddison. Things went much quicker the second time around. So quick the nurse didn't seem to think I needed pain medication. I started getting induced at about 8am and he was born at 1:31pm! They gave me a spinal since I was to far along for the epidural (that wasn't my fault either, ya think the nurse would have paid better attention). So anyways, I got a spinal like 30 minutes before Mason was born and it was a waste of time. The guy who came in to do the spinal said I would have a pain level of 4 and not a 10. Four means its not bad I can take this and 10 means I think I am dieing. Well my pain was at a 10. Afterwards the nurse asked me how my legs felt and I was like they are fine. I had no numb feeling in them. She said that the spinal wasn't done the way the other medicine guy does them (I am sure they have a better name than medicine guy). Oh well. I survived it! I got my baby boy!
Mason is a bit of a stinker when its time to eat though. He likes to take his time. He tends to lift the top of his tongue up so then he can not suck on the bottle. So we are working on that. Taking our time when we feed him. If course like the other children in my home Mason looks like his daddy.
I missed it with all the excitement going on but Danny said Mason pooped on the doctor as he was being born! I guess it was pay back for letting his mommy be over-due!
The girls got spoiled by grandma while I was in the hospital. Grandma bought food and filled my frig. She even made the whole family supper lastnight. My brothers (even Ted from Wyoming) came to visit and my sister helped with the girls as well and came for supper lastnight with her baby. We had a full house.

I am feeling good. I feel much better this time around than when I had Maddison. However I have been getting some unwanted headaches. I hope they don't stick around too long though.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is Danny I wanted to let everyone know its a boy!

Mason Danny Wynn
Friday, August 28, 2009

8 pounds 2oz 21 inches long born 1:31 pm.
Amy should be home sunday.

Pictures coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh Baby Oh Baby!

So just an update that I did have a doctor's appt. yesterday afternoon. I was there forever. I have to first say that I am not overly exciting about the privacy issues at my clinic. I had called with concern that I wasn't overly fond of Doctor Ditsy and how things were handled at my last appt. I assumed that talking to the OB nurse that would be confidential. I was told no questions asked if I wanted a different doctor at any time I could request one. This was when I first got pregnant with Maddison and they give you a 30 minute appt. with the nurse to go over who will be your doctor and what to expect for the next nine months. I guess that rule has changed. So my Doctor Ditsy is who I saw yesterday and she apologized to me and was overly sweet I might add. She talked so much yesterday I thought she was maybe waiting for my water to break in her office! Making up for last week I guess.

So anyways, she did agree that I have swelling in my face but does feel I had more swelling when I was pregnant with Maddison. She did agree with me that I am ready to have this baby! Of course she is still going by Sept. 2. But I guess I am over that. We agreed that I will go in on Friday morning at 7am! That's if I don't go on my own. I can tell you that if it happens in the middle of the night tonight I wouldn't be surprised. I can feel my body is trying to do something.

I am really hoping that my wonderful Hubby can hold up this time! When Maddison was born he instantly got sick. He ended up with influenza. I know he was really sick because we brought Maddison home on a Wednesday and that next day he went to the doctor. He actually took himself to the Emergency room a few days after that as well. He don't go to the doctor for nothing. So I am really hoping his time I come home with not only a healthy baby but a healthy husband. I will be busy enough with 4 kids. I don't think I want 5! At least not this weekend.

It will be interesting getting used to things the next couple of weeks. Next week I will be home with all 3 girls and baby boy! Then the week after that it will just be Maddison, Baby and I as I will send the big girls off to school. Maddison will be in shock! She has gotten so used to her sisters being home and now she will be here with just me and baby. She has really been a daddy's girl. She gets up in the morning and calls for Da Da. Hubby is of course taking tomorrow off and also Monday.

Oh and great news- Hubby is back to 40 hours a week at work! He also said yesterday there is rumor of over time in the near future! This would stink with having a newborn that he has to work some Saturdays but its so needed right now with lack of daycare kids for me to watch. I will be off work until Sept. 14 and when I re-open I will just have one 2 year old to watch. I am hoping now that I know my maternity leave dates I can get some other kids in here. I had to turn down 2 interviews because they did not have back-up care and needed someone to start August 24 as they were starting college classes. So hopefully things will turn around.

Most importantly though- Tomorrow is BABY DAY! I don't have a middle name picked out yet either. I just can't narrow it down to one. I will post pictures as soon as possible!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The HUGE mess

Well, not only did I ALMOST go into labor I ALMOST had a heartattach.

I felt pretty good yesterday for the most part but today I feel like I got ran over by a truck.

For some reason, no idea why, I figured it would be a good day to inspect the upstairs. What the heck was I thinking? Why did I put myself to that kind of stress?

Now if you remember our upstairs is the girls' bedroom and bathroom. I haven't been getting up there much as there are alot of steps and I just don't have the energy at night. So I say good night to the girls before they go up and hubby takes them up.

NOBODY has been listening to me. I have told hubby if he can not find it in his power to make the sink in the bathroom and the toilet clean to tell me. I have told him time and time again if there are clothes on the floor to tell those girls to pick them up. I should have known he wasn't listening to me.

You would not believe how messy that room is. Jade and Abby are going to be pack rats. I can see it already. Abby does not like to work or clean. We have a laundry shoot. You think it would be fun for them to throw their clothes down it each day. Nope, not Abby. She puts hers under the bed! I found a large load now of laundry that should have already gone in the wash. It was ALL Abby's.

So as I tried to remember the license plate of the truck that ran me over I helped them clean up their mess! I cleaned the bathroom too. Let's hope it at least stays clean long enough for me to have this baby and make it home from the hospital!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our house!

I have been meaning to post some before and after pictures of our house for awhile now. We moved into our big house a year ago the end of June. We love how much more space we have! We had a lot of ups and downs trying to get a new house and as most of you know our little house never did sell. It has since become a rental (with a very different renter at the moment). Its funny how different a house can change on the outside when you change the people who live in the home. We've thought about houses we liked that sold before we could make offers on them. In the long run we are greatful many of them did sell before we tried to buy them as we would have already outgrew them. This house still have room for us to grow into. Alot has been done to the house and there are still things we hope to do. We're hoping next summer to fix out front steps as they are in a huge need of repair and also paint the house. The plan was to finish the landscaping in front of the house this summer but with my lack of energy it is now on next summers list. We got the side of the house done last summer and finished it up some this summer.

Front of the house when we bought it. Very bad landscaping.

Back view and deck leading into the porch that we would like to some day insulate and make it more friendly year round!

View from the road.

New look after re-doing some of the landscaping!

View from the road after fence and swing set have been added to the yard. Oh and many other little toys!

Front view of the house now. The bush/ tree thing has been moved but no other landscaping yet in the front has been done. My daycare sign was put in place of the for sale sign!

Last night we did another thing to our home! We planted a tree to replace the tree the city made us cut down last fall. Sadly we have to now cut down our other big tree. They were both elm trees and had developed elm's disease.

Jade was a big help planting the tree. Maddison scooted on the side walk. She didn't really like it though if she got alot of sand or dirt on her hands. She looks just like a little monkey!

More work being done. Hubby had to cut an old root once he started digging.

Our new tree. It is a dog wood tree. It was only $7! We had been looking all summer for the right tree to plant. We new we didn't want an Elm tree or anything that got real big. We didn't really like the prices of the trees we had seen at the Nursery so we put it off. Then last Sunday on the way to my sister's house we found a trailer of trees! It was kind of in the middle of nowhere. We stopped to look. So for $7 we got this tree. They had a plastic tool box to put the money in.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hmm, will I be over-due?

Ok so the house is quiet!

Tomorrow is my due date! Well according to me it is and my ultrasound. I guess we'll see what happens. I always said I wasn't going to be over-due. I don't think its up to me though. I don't see my ditsy doctor until Wednesday afternoon.

I had to call the clinic today because my lip and ear lobe seemed swollen. They told me to worry about it when my whole face was swollen. When hubby came home from work he commented on it and I called to talk with someone else. They said I would be ok until I either develop a headache, blurred vision or cramping in my right side. So I guess I will just be swollen for a few days!

Ipod girl

Here is my sweet little Maddison after her bath. She was upset because Jade was listening to her Ipod and didn't want to share. Maddison kept saying "mine". Not that Jade heard her with her music so loud. So daddy gave in to Maddison and gave her his Ipod. She actually knew to put the ear piece by her ear. It was so funny to see her dance to the music! She didn't want to share either. All 3 of the girls love music.

Oh and PS No I don't think 7 year olds should really have their own Ipod but of course daddy felt Jade needed one and got it for her 7th birthday. She has to earn song on it though. When she got a good score on her spelling tests in 1st grade she got a new song for it (I don't even have my own Ipod).

Oh Baby!

Baby Faith is home!
Yes, that is grandma holding baby Faith.
She is a bit of a baby hog!
The girls enjoyed meeting their new cousin for the 1st time.
This is Maddison's first cousin. Jade and Abby have 2 other cousins.
Of course all girls!
Baby Faith is so cute. She is just a pound smaller than when I brought Maddison home.
Its so hard to remember sometimes how small they really are when they come home.
My sister and brother-in-law are happy to finally be home. My sister will enjoy some time off with Faith before she returns to work, hopefully not until October!

Friday, August 21, 2009



We have a first Christmas email! My aunt emailed me with her idea. She shall get her special gift soon (be patient with me though, especially if I go into labor today or tomorrow)!

The first idea I got emailed to me was: Pick a fight with someone on your list around the beginning of December. Keep picking a fight with those on your list until your list is empty. However do not add your children to your list because you should always buy for them. Then she suggests that once Christmas is over and the first of the year comes around start making mends with those you fought with!

Another idea that was given but in the comment section was: Pay attention to what people like such as favorite coffee, chocolate, or even favorite salon. Give them something they really enjoy. Or maybe you hear them say they have always wanted to buy themselves something but just haven't done it or they feel too guilty to buy it for themselves. Keep note of that and surprise them at Christmas time.

Keep the ideas rolling folks!


Yes, I know its August 21, but I just came across a blog that has a countdown to Christmas posted on the side. It seems to early to be thinking about it. I am wondering though why we have Christmas and tax time when we do. I mean I understand why Christmas is December 25 but maybe we should change the tax season to November so that some of us have more money to spend on our little ones for the Holiday. Just a thought. I think for the Wynn's that birthdays following the New Year might look alittle better than Christmas.
The countdown said 124 days and 9 hours until Christmas...not sure what time zone or anything the blog came from.
My Christmas tips:
*Buy when you see things on sale!
*Give a gift card to the ones you just don't know what to buy...don't buy them something they aren't going to want just so you have a gift for them.
*If you say this is the year to cut back- then stick to it.
*Small packages are just as sweet as large ones and they cost less to wrap! Also easier to deliver if you need to.
*Do not buy Christmas gifts with your credit card unless you are able to pay the full balance when its due. No need to be spending double or triple of that bath set that was $9.99.
*Homemade gifts have special meaning. Grandparents love pictures of the little ones!
*Christmas stockings do not have to be over flowing. A few cute things is all that the kiddos need (yeah I forget this one when I shop).
*Cookies: Don't make them if you are not going to eat them. And if you do make them you shouldn't complain you ate too many!
*Christmas letters should be mailed in time for family and friends to enjoy BEFORE Christmas Day!
*Don't stress though if you have no Christmas letter. A simple card or picture does just as well.
*Oh and if you have to buy for me I LOVE CHOCOLATE!
Just a few things... If you have a Christmas tip please email them to and I can add them to the other tips to share with other readers! There might even be something special in store for the first person to email me a tip!! Who doesn't like special things? So hurry hurry.
Let the shopping begin!


Yesterday Maddison accomplished something new at about 5:20pm! She crawled! Yes, the little stinker crawled. She hasn't ever crawled before and for some reason at 17 months she gave it a try.

At 8:50pm Maddison decided she hadn't done enough for the day. She took 3 steps for daddy and I! She was so happy. After the 3 steps though she scooted again. I know she was getting really tired though. Hopefully we can see some more steps today.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

alittle of everything

So every night this week I get a call close to bedtime from my mother. I get the same talk.

"Now you make sure you call me tonight if you go into labor".

"Yes, mom. I will call if I need to. Who else am I going to call"?

The one morning she called and asked why I hadn't called her.

Hmm, maybe because nothing happened. I wasn't in labor.

I think my mother is getting more impatient than I am.

Jade told me today that she prayed lastnight for the baby to come very soon! I did too!

On another note. My dad got a job. Yes, he had a job working for my mom at the Cafe. However with winter around the corner and being a smaller business you just never know what to expect. Its not always easy being self-employed. So he applied for a job and got it. I am so excited because I helped him with his resume!

My Dad will actually be going back to an old job he had at an Elementary School. He will be working as a Custodial Engineer. Something like that anyways. Basically he will be putting up with alot of teachers! Fixing what they break or their students break. He'll be in charge of keeping the building going! This is a great opportunity for him since he will be getting benefits again! He starts on Monday! He has told me that some of those teachers are getting really really old. They were there when he worked there before (this would have been when I was in school). Yeah, they are getting old but I would have to say he is too! Now let's just pray it all goes well and he gets NO IDEAS about going back to farming. That's what happen last time.

As I mentioned before my brother went to Wyoming to work. He has made it there and started training for his job. I got a message from him yesterday about his time off around Christmas and when he's expecting his gift. I wasn't aware I was supposed to get him a gift so I guess it was good he reminded me. He's good for that. His birthday is on Sunday and I do have to say it would be neat to have the baby on his golden birthday. Oh and yes when he first got to Wyoming he locked his keys in his car! Luckily he got them out because the extra set was in Minnesota! 11 hours away!

Now let's talk about my sister and her little bundle of joy! That Faith is so so cute. I remember when Maddison was little and how much fun it was to have a little girl. Well, it still is fun. But anyways, Faith is doing awesome! She is growing fast and is drinking her bottles very well. She is on her way to being home very soon. I am sure my sister and brother-in-law are beyond thrilled at how close they are to going home. I can not imagine what its like to be where they are. My sister is a very strong person to have made it through everything that has come her way! I am very proud of her.

Oh and today is my mom and dad's wedding anniversary. I sadly don't have the year though. I can hardly remember how long I have been married much less everyone else. I do know that I am 28 and its been longer than that! If that helps any. I am thinking 31 years but don't quote me on that one. Just in case.

Well, time to sign off. Must made some lunch for kiddos!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

drive threw service

Have you ever gone somewhere and felt like it could have just been a drive threw service it was such a quick trip?

That's how I felt yesterday at my doctor's appointment. I seriously think if I would have gone to the McDonald's drive threw for a cheeseburger it would have taken longer.

I was in and out of the OB clinic in 10 minutes. I had my weight taken, blood pressure checked, babies heartbeat taken, checked if I was dilated and sat in the room and waited 2 minutes for the doctor to come in.

My doctor walked in and the first thing she said was "I'm in a hurry". Yeah, I am in a hurry to have this baby.

I don't know for sure what was going on but I sure wish someone would have said something to me. I just overheard someone in the hallway say the doc had to go to surgery. I understand emergencies come up but I was the only patient there and there was a receptionist and also 3 nurses. It just would have been nice if one would have said "It not that your doctor doesn't want to see you, she has just been called to an emergency surgery". Instead nobody said anything to me and I felt like I was pushed out of there before my questions even got asked much less answered.

Then I go to make an appointment and was told to come back in one week. Well the receptionist tried to tell me next Friday. Well, that is over a week on my calender so I asked for something sooner. They are squeezing me in on Wednesday.

But anyways, on Sunday I was dilated to a 1 when my contractions decided to stop. Tuesday I was dilated to a 2. That was before I walked 1.5 miles yesterday!

I really don't think this baby is going to arrive on its own. Its just going to be when my doctor will allow me to finally have it. Of course yesterday she went by Sept. 2 as my due date. I worry she will tell me I can have it Sept. 3 when I am supposed to go to Kindergarten with Abby. But I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.

My next appointment is August 26. By my calender I will be one day over due so we'll see what my doctor will have to say... by then I might have a few words of my own to share with her!

Monday, August 17, 2009

finally some pictures

Jade on a ride at the fair.

Maddison and grandpa having a strawberry shake.
Then a ride on the merry go round with Abby.

Taking a look at the sheep. The girls and the tractor.

Wow I just realized how blah the blog is looking without some pictures. I guess I haven't taken time to put any on the computer.

I have to update you also on what Maddison did. We had gone to my parents house on Friday to spend the afternoon with them. We went to the county fair and had lots of fun in the heat! When we got back to the house Maddison was having a melt down. She actually grabbed my arm and pushed it away... she was rather mean about it too. My mom just looked at me in shock that she actually got like that. She has been a stinker lately and with limited words she has a hard time telling us what she wants. And wow she don't give up until she gets it. There was one day last week I finally put her in her crib and told her when her temper tantrum was over I would come get her. So she sat in there for a few minutes and then stopped crying. When I went to get her she gave me the biggest hug! She was a super happy kid after that. It was like she never got upset. She knows the word MINE and usually uses it when she gets ahold of the tv remote. She has also been trying to stand up in her highchair (its a restaurant style one that is at the big table). We have talked about getting the old highchair back out and using that one since it is more confined. It just takes up so much space.

Well hope you enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

just an update... my contractions decided to stop... no baby today... no nap yet either... its now 4:36pm.

Good Morning

Good morning blog readers! I have been up since 2:30am! Its hard to find things to do when its so early and you need to be quiet.

I am wondering if its 5:30am who else is awake at this time. Who's going to be the first to read my blog today? What I am going to end up doing today???

Here's what I have already done-

Sat in bed thinking its too early to be awake.
Took a bath.
Brushed my teeth.
Drank some water and ate chocolate pudding!
Watched the clock.
Listened to the rain.
Tried to fancy up my eyebrows- best I could for 4am!
Curled my hair.
Watched the clock again.
Tried to watch tv but its all shows trying to sell crap nobody needs.
Listened to the thunder.
Sat in bed again.
Turned on the computer.

Oh I have thought about my brother too. He was supposed to make it to Wyoming around 1am. (I've love to call and make sure but if he made it as planned he is hopefully sleeping).

Oh did I mention I have been having some contractions! They are about 12 minutes apart. I am waiting until they are closer together before I take action. No need to panic until I can't move or my water breaks, right? I mean at least no reason for hubby to get out of bed and be awake too. I hate being up early when nobody else is. There is the question though of who's going to come watch my kids if I do need to take action? Hmm.

My smoke detector is beeping. Must be time for new batteries. Darn thing.

Oh I do need to add. My mom called me on Thursday afternoon to tell me she was on her way to see my sister and baby Faith at the hospital. She figured it would be best since I might go into labor this weekend. I wonder if she is right this time. Some reason she is usually always right about stuff. Must be a mother thing.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I had a dream

So I woke up this morning after having a dream.... In my dream I gave birth to a baby girl! Now I am planning on having a boy. The ultra-sound tech. sure pointed out boy parts. I guess we'll wait and see! It sure would get interesting since I bought all boy things for this baby!

I have a girls named picked out though just in case.

I just hope for a healthy baby! Boy or girl I will be happy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alittle bumbed out

Oh wouldn't it just be nice to know what to do sometimes. I always thought I had it all figured out but guess what, this time I don't have a clue!! Ok there I said it. I have no clue what I should do.

I will have one daycare child at this point when school starts. Ok that would be great if my husband made more money and wasn't cut back to 32 hours a week. I could enjoy the time with my little ones. I'd make a little money watching the one child. Well, that's not going to pay my bills.

So for about 2-3 weeks now I have thought about looking at the job market. I did fill out one application thinking I could work at a local hotel on the weekends cleaning rooms. Figured that way I could hide out and nobody would see me!

Well as the week started I got to thinking about how much I charge for daycare and if I had to put my kiddos in daycare where would I take them and what the cost would. So lets do the math with what I charge for 2 kids full time and what I would make off a job paying me $9.00 to work 32 hours (figuring it would be not 100% full-time), I would only make $38 a week and this is before taxes! Wow, wouldn't that make ya wanna jump out of your chair and go work outside the house! Then when the big girls are off from school I would be loosing money.... So I stressed about it some. I ate some donuts. I ate some chocolate. I drank a coke (so did not agree with me).

Then yesterday the phone rang and I felt like the big man upstairs was telling me to stick it out and keep waiting for kids. It was a call for a 3 month old daycare child. We scheduled an interview for today at 4:30.

So this afternoon I straightened up the house and dusted. I made sure the dishes were done.

Then at 4:20 I started getting butterflies in my tummy.

At 4:26 the phone rang.


"Hi, this is ----, we scheduled an interview for today at 4:30".


"Well, I found something already and won't be coming".

"Oh ok, hope it all works out for you, thanks for calling".


Shit now what? So much for the sign I am supposed to stay in daycare.

I do not want to put my kiddos in daycare. I know that there are some who need to. I am greatful for those who have done it and allowed me to watch their children. I have had some wonderful kids come to my home in the last 4 years.

I am back at square one. What the heck now.

Just an FYI: I have spoken the the daycare licensor and we are actually a bit lower on the number of daycares we usually have in our county. She says there just aren't as many families looking for care like there used to be. I also talked with some providers the other night and one lady will be down to 3 kids as she looses 6 kids who will go to Kindergarten.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mailing address

I got a mailing address for my brother Ted. If there are any family members who want it please email me and I can give it to you. He is leaving the end of the week. I did ask him if they hire women since I am in the need for a job but I don't think he really wants me and all my children going with him. Can you imagine me working in the Mines!?! I don't think it would be for me.

Oh just an FYI his birthday is August 23... he will be 23 years old!

not such a good day

So I have to say yesterday wasn't really a good day for me.

First my ankles were swollen by 10:30am. Usually they don't get that way until later in the afternoon.

My brother Ted stopped and its probably the last time I will see him for awhile. He leaves at the end of the week for Wyoming to start his new job. I am excited he gets this opportunity to try something and take a big move like that. However if I said I didn't cry after he left I would be lying. He's my little brother and of course I worry about him.

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and that was not a good visit. When I found out I was pregnant I told them I wasn't 100% on my dates because this wasn't a planned pregnancy like with Maddison. With her I knew my dates since I had my calender and wrote everything down. This time I told them I could be off a week. So whatever. Yesterday I go in and tell her I am ready to have this baby. She tells me that September 2 is too far away. Ok so what. What does September 2 have to do with me? I asked her what was September 2 and she looked at me funny and said my due date. I was like no its August 25 according to the ultrasound. Well, my ditsy doctor told me to get August 25 out of my head. I wasn't impressed with her at all yesterday when I was talking to her about my concerns and then at the end of my apt. when I was finding out we don't agree on my due date now. How can I be 38 weeks this week but not be due until September 2? I don't get it. At the hospital I will deliver at I get whatever doctor is on call when I go in. If I was able to pick I think I would switch doctors. However I see no need to when I don't get to pick the doctor who delivers. I go back next Tuesday and I hope to get some better answers. By no means am I overdue, even going by my August 25 date but I am just alittle bit worried about how big the baby be. How over due can you be before its harmful to the baby? I guess if I don't like what I hear next week I am going to request to talk with a different doctor. When I had a doctor fill in 2 weeks ago because I had to go a day early she went by my August 25 due date and was a very sweet doctor. It sure confirmed my doctor is ditsy!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Water Pipe

Today when I was in the bathroom washing my hands I heard Jade say to her dad

"Did mom's water pipe break yet"?

I am assuming she has heard too much pregnancy talk lately with my sister having her baby and us expecting ours soon. I had to laugh though.

But no my water pipe has not broken yet. Its not even close!

On another note we went and saw my sister's baby. My brother-in-law yelled at me that I wasn't at home resting when he saw how swollen my legs and ankles are. Oh well, I wanted to see the baby! She is so cute. She was much more awake this time when I saw her and she was sucking on her nuk! Its a great thing to see a preemie taking a nuk! My sister said they are getting close to trying to bottle feed her. It had been 2 weeks since I saw her and I could tell she has grown alittle. She is 4 pounds 13 oz. today!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quiet house

All is quiet in the Wynn house except Momma Wynn who can't sleep.

I think if I needed to go shopping at Wal-Mart I would go now but its midnight and I don't need anything.

I got up this morning at 6:15 so I could make it in time to pick up my mom and sister and head to my sister's baby shower. So I should be tired. It was a long day.

I spent the afternoon with my mom and we went to a tractor pull! Well we went because my little brother Matt was in it and so was a friend of his. My brother got 3rd place! However they only give trophies out to 1st and 2nd. He did good though. His friend used his tractor and pulled in a different group and got 2nd place! It was the friend's first time pulling.

I had a lady today ask me if I still worked at the bank! Last time I checked I've never worked at a bank! My sister does though. I know we look alike but I would think people could at least tell us apart.

Its peaceful when the house is all quiet. The only problem is I need to get some sleep. I have to get up when the girls do. I doubt they will sleep in.

Friday, August 7, 2009


There are times we play! (toys I played with when I was a kid)

There are times we cry and have melt-downs!

There are times we do actually sleep peacefully!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

County Fair

Maddi on a John Deere tractor (don't tell grandpa R.) Abby milking a pretend cow.

This morning we took a trip to the county fair! We had a great time. We decided to even stay for lunch. However, I am now exhausted. I am more than exhausted. It was great that hubby came with but I still think I did too much walking. The kids had a great time though.

There was a kid show that we attended. The kids got to take turns going up and trying to balance a stick on their hand. They got a fair ribbon for trying! Abby was too lazy though to go and try.

Maddison and her daddy watching the kid's show!
This has nothing to do with the fair but I just wish knowing if you are in labor was alittle bit easier. Like taking your temperature... why don't they make something like an ear thermometer that you just stick in your ear and it beeps if you are in labor and it tells you when to go to he hospital. Wouldn't that make it easier for everyone?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fajitas and a Smoothly!

The other night hubby took the big girls to some races in town since we had won free tickets. I told Abby she should stay home because it was going to be loud and she wasn't going to like it but of course she wanted to go. She went. She didn't like it. They came home rather early. Well, while they were gone Maddison and were upset we got stuck at home, again. So we went to Applebees and got a to go order! Fajitas and a smoothly. Well, Maddison helped herself to my rice and also shared some smoothly with me.

However the smoothly didn't last long as it ended up on the floor upside down!