Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Once again its snowing out. I did not order this at all. My big girls and hubby have taken a trip and hit some not so good roads and even saw a few accidents. When hubby called he said it was starting to clean up some. He is taking the 2 big girls 3 hours from here to see their biological grandpa who lives in PA. Thankfully he came to MN and we did not have to get all the way to PA. Abby will be 6 in January and she has not seen her grandpa since she was 1 and Jade who will be turning 8 soon saw him when she was just 3 years old. Grandpa wanted to actually come get the girls and take them for a few days but we just did not feel comfortable with that yet and Jade said she wanted Dad to go with. They will stay in a hotel tonight and come home sometime tomorrow night. I know all 3 of them were a bit nervous about this trip but I think its very good for them to know their grandpa. They have talked with him on the phone alot and get mail from him often as well. I know they will have a lot of fun since they get to also see their aunt and 2 cousins. They do see them every few months.

Me, I am stuck at home with the little ones. I love being home with my babies. I am alittle disappointed I couldn't go with them to see their reaction though. Hubby took the camera and has my orders to get good pictures. I miss them already. I am just telling myself its only until tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

He's on a roll

Hubby got the floor done yesterday in the new playroom. Sadly we bought the paint a year ago and it took this long to get done! Now he is trying to move all the toys down there. I had to tell him to slow down. I still need some toys upstairs too.

We used a special flooring paint and added some color to it with some flooring sprinkles!
We have never had any water in this room but its still a basement and there is still a small chance of it happening. So I am happy with a painted floor for now.
We will be adding an area rug in the room.

I still can not believe how much more inviting the room feels with the little work we have done to it. Its amazing what a little paint can do. The girls were super excited when we were checking out the floor last night to see if it was dry.
The big girls started running in circles and Maddison was dancing!

Oh and just to show you my cute little girl, Maddison!
She is wearing a cute Christmas sweatshirt I got last year on clearance.
Sadly I just found it though. So much for wearing it alot.
Oh well, it will make a great sweatshirt for my niece! It should fit her next year!

Oh and if you can't tell by the picture the floor is tan with red, brown, black and dark tan sprinkles.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ocean View Blue

Look what we're up to now!
The old look-
old light-

New look-

My little helper

My Second Helper

3rd Helper

Even a new light!
We're getting a new playroom!
Well the Wynn kids are.

Somewhere in between painting and changing dirty diapers
we found time to dance it up!
Hopefully more pictures once our room is complete.
Floor still needs work and toys need to be placed in the room.
This is a start. I waited over a year to get this far with the room.
Oh and did I mention? I am in love with Ocean View Blue!

I am thinking a white curtain for that ugly window. What do you think?


Mason is now 4 months old! He has grown so much. He has outgrown alot of his clothes already and is moving into some size 6 month clothes.
I think he is a bit heavier than Maddison was at this age.
Even though he DOES NOT sleep through the night I love him anyways.
He got his second tooth on Christmas Day!
He loves to snuggle with his teddy bear and his mommy.
He has cute little dimples but you wouldn't know from pictures because he doesn't like to smile when I get the camera out.
What more can I say?
He's everything we wanted!

This is Maddison when she was 4 months old!
Now she is just a few months shy of turning 2.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photo shoot!

I have been waiting to share some photos my sister and I had taken in early November. I wanted to wait to share them just in case my mom got a hold of a computer to look at my blog. We gave her a collage for Christmas! She seemed to really like it.
I don't think we were ready in this one!

I'll just keep this short and tell you it was an interesting experience. Trying to get 5 kids to smile and be alert when we needed them to was a challenge. The photographer did a wonderful job though. I am glad we did this.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Its Christmas Morning at the Wynn house. Santa has made his stop and the kids are actually sleeping in this morning. This is not normal.
The tree is lighting up the living room and the ground is covered in snow. It sure is a white Christmas!

I wanted to share this song with you today. For three reasons-

1) I love Rascal Flatts

2) Because I am thinking of all those people out there who are not home for Christmas. Our soldiers, those wonderful people plowing snow today so us crazies can travel and my brother who is stuck in Wyoming. I love you little brother! (He made it back safely with all the snow. He left a day early).

3) Because I love my family and couldn't imagine spending the day any other way!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Program

Lastnight Jade and Abby had their Christmas program for School. My parents came to town and joined us for the Christmas music. The program started with a prayer and then the school band played. The band was only about 8 students! Then the wonderful hand bell group played the bells. Jade is one of the bell players. Once a week she stays after school for about an hour and practises bells. This is her second year and she loves it.

Jade getting ready to walk in playing her bells. They even have to wear gloves to protect the bells.

2nd grade singing! Jade is the last one on the bottom row.

Kindergarten signing! Abby is the second to last one on the bottom row.

The whole school singing a song in Spanish! I have no idea what they sang!

Thankfully we sat towards the back of the auditorium. Mason decided it would be be fun to cry. Oh he cried. All evening he cried. Only thing I can think of is he getting another tooth already. I walked him in the hallway some and that helped for a bit but not too long.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the dollar ride

What a busy week. I am thinking of all the little things that need to be done and how I am going to find time.

We have the girls' Christmas program tonight for school. They have the program at another location because of the size of the gym school. They wanted to walk the children over there today to practise. Its about a mile walk and they would have to cross Highway 210. A main road in this town and a busy one. Well now that a few of us made comments to the principle (yes, I was one of them) they are going to be bussed. FOR $1. Each child who wants to ride the bus had to pay a $1. You don't pay you don't ride. I guess that's part of going to a private school. You pay for every little thing possible.

Hubby has to go shopping yet for presents for his oldest son since we have Christmas with his on Christmas Eve Morning. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

Oh I think I am just a bit crabby today so I will end my post here. Probably for the best!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Already!!

We celebrated Christmas today with my parents and siblings. Both my brothers are unble to make it Christmas Eve like we normaly have celebrated. So today we went to my sisters house and had lunch and presents. My grandparents also joined us since my brother Ted is home from Wyoming (yes, he's home again. I see him more now then when we lived in the same state) and will have to leave Dec. 24. We usually go to my grandparent's on Christmas day. So we invited them so they could celebrate with Ted also. We had a great lunch. My sister is a good cook.
My brothers gave the girls a peddle tractor. It is an M.
My dad and brothers have their own M tractor!

Mason slept most of the time while we opened presents!

Maddison got a puppy! Its not real but it does bark.

This is Mason sitting on his Christmas present from my parents. For the kid's first Christmas they get a larger gift that they will have as a keepsake. Mason got a tool box! He can use it now to store special things in it until he is ready for tools. There is a story behind this. Maddison got a cedar chest from the Amish for her 1st Christmas last year. This year Faith, my niece got one. My parents felt the cedar chest was more of a girly thing. So they went to the Amish and my dad told them about the tool box/ chest my grandpa had (his dad). Its of course not identical but its similar in many ways. My dad was very happy with the turn out. Mason will get lots of use out if it once we actually get it home. We had no room in the van with all the kids and the other presents. The gentleman who made it said its the first one he made like this but plans to make more.

One of the gifts Maddison got was a wooden swing for her baby dolls.
The big girls got an easy bake oven which I wasn't going to get them. Even though they wanted one. Somehow grandma found out and got it for them. I guess that is what grandma's are for.
Grandpa Roger got a new ford truck for his Christmas present from Grandma Robin! So we got him some jumper cables. They are also in the process of getting a new bathroom in their house we got grandma some new bath towels. There was a ton of presents and I think we got enough to cancel the rest of our presents but the girls did not agree.

Merry Christmas from the Wynn house!

Long Drive

Yesterday we traveled to my Uncle/ godfather's house. One of my cousins just turned 16 this last week and one my other cousin (they are brother and sister) graduated from College. So we took a drive to their house to help them celebrate. Its been a long time since I have been there. It was a couple hour drive. One of the neat things was I got to show Jade the church I was baptized at and also made my 1st communion at. Jade is working on her 1st communion preparation now so she thought that was neat. She was also baptised when she was 6 so she remembers it well. I then got to show everyone the house I lived in when I was a baby. Only Jade found it interesting. That I lived in a brown house from the day I came home from the hospital until I was in 3rd grade and my grandparents lived next door in a green house. My uncle then lived next to my grandparents. Only my Uncle is still there. It was a long drive and ended with a long night. We got home around 8:45pm but Maddison slept most of the way home so she insisted on a bath when we got home. She really wanted to take one at the party but I didn't think that would have been right to start giving my child a bath during a party. Even if it was my uncle's house. So anyways, Maddison was up until 11pm! It was also nice we were able to attend the party because my aunt/godmother was there and she hadn't met Maddison or Mason yet.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


OK so my last post was well a bit sad. Now for an EXCITING post!!

Are you ready?

This little guy I call my baby boy has his first tooth coming in. Yes, he really does!

Its on his lower left! I just love this picture of him!

Oh and just so you know I didn't forget and also so that you all don't forget today is my sister's birthday! And her baby Faith is 5 months old today! Yippie! What a great day! You can check out her blog here! Oh my goodness I did it! I did the link thing! So yeah, just click on here and it will take you to her blog. Wow, I learned something new today!

Ok now I have to go call my mother. She'll want to know about this tooth before someone comments they read my blog. She isn't a blog/ computer type of woman.

Christmas Tree

There are times I think maybe my kids don't have enough stuff. I think they need more clothes or they need more toys or they need to go on more mini vacations. But today I am thinking my kids got it pretty good. They are very lucky.

I watched alittle boy today for a few hours while his mom went to the local college. We have a program in our county called the Crisis Nursery and I am a provider that they can call when a child needs care. I didn't think too much about some of the things the boy was saying. Kids make up stories and I just figured they were religious people and attend church often. Wow, I was a bit wrong. When the mother came she told me they are living in a shelter. They can not find anyone to help them. She was supposed to take some classes at the college because she has been trying to get work through the temp agencies in town and they all tell her she is not qualified. The college has lost her financial aid information. She has gone to all the places in town here that rent to low income families and they all have a 2 year waiting list. Some of them are not even adding more people to the list. The boy said something about a tree and the mom looked at him and nicely said "We don't have a Christmas tree". The church talk comes from the boy eating his meals at the Soup Kitchen in town which is in a church.

Who doesn't have a Christmas tree? I thought everyone did. Every child deserves a Christmas tree.
I know that some people abuse the system and I am sure they are on the ones on top of that waiting list. But this could be me and my kids without a Christmas tree. Would someone help us?

I offered a few resources to her that I am aware of. Sadly she has tried all them.

I think I might offer to let him come to our daycare Christmas party. Every child should have a happy Christmas. This might mean more to that boy than we think.
On black Friday I went and did some shopping with my mom and sister. My mom had a list of things she needed to get for the giving tree at her Church. I guess my dad took it off the tree. On the list was cleaning supplies like Commet, a bucket and rags. Who puts rags on their Christmas list? Who asked for cleaning supplies? I felt bad that someone had to ask for stuff like that. I think sometimes we take the little things in life granted.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

busy day

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This is the mess I had in my living room today because I was trying to get caught up on laundry. I got behind somewhere back at Thanksgiving.

This is the girl I was trying so hard to take a picture of today

and finally I got her cornered and she had no choice but to smile!
Or should I say she was laughing.

And this is the cute cuddle bug I got to cuddle with while Maddison and
her one daycare friend took a nap.

Saturday Fun

Saturday the girls and I made some Christmas ornaments.
The girls, I mean the kids and I went to McDonalds for lunch. Abby had some coupons to use yet for free apple dippers that she got from her godmother for Halloween.

Dad had to work.

Mason and I watched the girls play.

Jade was a big help and took Maddison through the tunnel and down the slide!

After supper that night we took a ride in the van and looked at Christmas lights.

Each time we saw lights Maddison would put her hands up in the air and say "Oh wow".

After awhile we heard nothing from Maddison because she fell asleep and the big girls

must have gotten board because they got really quiet after awhile.

So we headed home and enjoyed some chips and salsa for a bedtime snack with our

Maddison who is a triple triple dipper!