Friday, April 30, 2010

What a night

This cute little monkey wearing,

Cheeto stealer,

dancer girl,

and laugher

would not go to bed lastnight or many nights before that.
Last night she came out of her room 15 times before I stopped counting and
I finally got her to sleep at 11:20 on the couch with me.

It was a very long 2.5 hours.

Then at 3:30am

this handsom,

messy eating,

hat wearing boy

desided to wake up and grunt until he had a dirty diaper.

So of course his diaper needed to be changed right away

by this crazy old,

kid lovin momma
who today
is very very tired.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's for dinner?

**Edited** Right after I posted this my hubby came to me and asked if
we could have big juicy cheeseburgers and french fries for supper.
I thought his health kick would last alittle bit longer than it did!

Tuesday Night I made some Turkey Burgers and corn on the cob.
This was something new hubby wanted to try since he is on a bit of a health kick.

His mom has had some heart problems. Her mother did as well many years ago. Some of the gentalmen that hubby works with have been seriously close to having heart attacks. So he's on a health kick.

So anyways, back to Turkey Burgers.
Jade and Abby ate theirs faster than anything else
I have ever seen them eat!
Hubby ate 2 of them.
Maddison did not even touch one!
Me, well I did eat one but I wasn't too big a fan.
I had some mayo on mine and lettuce.
I mixed the turkey with wedges of cheese and some bbq sause but
I think it could have used some more seasoning of some kind.

Beef tips over mashed potatoes and corn (yes, corn again)
is what we had Wednesday night.
This is my kind of meal! I am a beef girl all the way!

Beef tips will be made again for sure... turkey burgers, maybe!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Want I want

Just in case my hubby reads the blog and is wondering what
I want for my birthday (it will be here soon).
Here is a couple pictures to give you ideas of what I like!

Not trying to be too picky or anything but I would like it located
downstairs off the blue play room.
Yes, I want a bathroom. Shouldn't cost too much!

Mason Wynn is 8 months old!

Mason almost 2 days old!

Mason is 8 months old today!

He spends his days rolling over. Its all day long.
He gets mad after he rolls over.
He's been making alot of noice lately too.
Mason's favorite thing to do is cuddle with mommy!
He also loves the baby swing outside.
He falls alseep every time he goes in it.
You ask if he sleeps all night- NO not yet.
But thankfully lastnight wasn't too bad.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo Shoot and company!

If you happen to read my sister's blog you will know that she had company on Sunday but failed to mention who her company was. It was me!

While I was there I did happen to drill one, yes just one bolt into the swing when my brother-in-law was having a moment of panic (I can't do this on my own type of things I need another hand). I didn't really volunteer. My name was just shouted out in the mix of jabbering babies and I was told to "Grab the drill".

I have to say Faith will be one lucky girl when that swing is all put together. My sister and I never had as nice of a swing growing up as our children have. We had one of those goofy metal ones that almost tipped over if you got swining to high. Yeah, one of those swings that gets rusty after a few years and then looks bad sitting in your yard. But hey I guess at least we had a swing, right!?!?

Anyways, as always the supper my sister made was delisous. I love going to her place for dinner.

I did have some time after we ate to take some photos of those 2 jabbering babies I was talking about! They kind of just give each other looks like "Why are you here". "Did you take my toy"? I am sure though once they are older they are going to be good buddies.

This one probably turned out the best!
Aren't they just so darn cute!!

Oh and thanks to grandma Robin for the matching bumbo seats!
Well ok they did match until Maddison wrote on Mason's.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Give Away!

I just wanted to share that Kelly over at 3 kids, a mini-van and alot of love is doing a give away for some awesome alphabet blocks. Just click here and it will take you to her post! These would be great for any small child or daycare. You could even enter to win and give them as a gift. The blocks are from Megans Bay Designs.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My lunch

The other day I didn't care too much for what the kids were having for lunch. I decided to skip lunch and after I put all the kids down for a nap I figured I could have a piece of oreo cheesecake hubby bought me.
Well I got a slice ready and set it on the table next to the couch. All the kids were laying down. I went into the bathroom and came out to find this-

This very cute little 2 year old was no longer napping.
She was eating my lunch!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mr. Mason

I took these pictures the other day of Mason. We broke out some Spring/ Summer shirts. This one doesn't look like its going to fit him very long though and its size 12 months!
He is growing so fast. He has been rolling over alot lately when he wants to reach a toy. He gets very mad when he can't reach it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the Farm

These are pictures of my dad cows that are on my grandpa's farm! Jade and Abby got a ride on the tractor from my grandpa.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The four most important things in my life are in this picture.
Things are very busy right now in the Wynn house.

Special Visitor

Last Wednesday we had some special visitors!
My brother was home from Wyoming so he came to visit along with my mom.
They came on my busiest day last week.
I think they were a bit in shock at all the kids running around. I had a full group of kids this day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Decisions

I found this picture on the internet. It fit perfect with the image in my head!
Which is funny for two reasons.
1) We don't own a truck.
2) I gave our bird away awhile back to a family I watched a few times just while their mom did some physical therapy after an injury.

Anyways, I am not an expect but I have come to know that one thing in a marriage we need to sometimes do is compromise. We need to talk things out and decide as a couple what's best. How do we know who knows best? Who should get more say?

What does this have to do with the picture? Well I am getting to that!

As I mentioned a week or so ago that my hubby is tired of the town we live in. He wants badly to move. Move a few hours from here to a larger town. Much larger area.

My hubby grew up in a very large city in VA. I grew up on a dairy farm! Our little town didn't even have a stop light. So much different from each other. College brought me to where we are now. I have lived other places and came back here for work. I like it here as I am close enough to family I can drive there and home in one day. Hubby came to this town to be closer to family he didn't know growing up. Then he ended up having children and that is what kept him here, well until he met me of course. That also kept him here... at least I hope so.

So that's how we got where we are today. In a cute little town in MN. Well ok maybe not cute but you get my point, right?

So about a week or so ago hubby mentioned we should make a move closer to a larger city. Well it kind of took me by surprise I guess. Then my head started turning about how much I hate where my dining room table is and if I moved I could get a different dining room. Maybe just maybe I wouldn't have to run into the table when walking to the other room  rest of the house since the dining room is located in the middle. But is that really a reason to move?

When I was in college I moved every 6 months, no lie. Family stopped writing my address in their address book! It was easy. I got tired of a rental so I packed my things and moved. However now I have children to think about. Children who go to school already. We have a home. I have a business that was full of kids today!

Just the other night my hubby who brought all this to the dining room table had an actual plan. If things went in our favor and we could sell our home next year at this time we could rent a home for a year in the location we agree on. Hopefully both get jobs. Then after a year purchase a new home and I could start my daycare up again. Sounds easy, right? We would have to know where we wanted to be in order to get the girls into a school they could stay in. I would need one heck of a good paying job in order to afford daycare. We also talked about working opposite shifts to start with to avoid daycare cost. So much to think about.

My hubby posted a short thing on a site he uses and got a respons from a guy who has one child who might possibly be considering a nanny in a year that could bring her two young children with her and they may also have a 3 bedroom townhouse to rent out at that time as well.

Not sure if that is something to look into more or not.

This is a huge thing. This is a major decision.

What if we make the wrong one?

We can listen to our friends and family and get advice but really when it comes to that finally decision its up to hubby and I. Its all on our plate.

Good old Tax Day!

So are you one of those people who file their taxes today on the last day or do you hurry up and get them filed right away?

I will never forget my first year of doing my daycare taxes. I went to a near by town which was about 20 minutes from here to a lady who said she specialized in daycare taxes. Wow who was she kidding.

After I sat down with this lady for awhile and we did some figuring she told me what I OWED. Yes, what I owed. No refund for me. I was devistated. I was mortified.

I remember getting into my car and I actually cried. I had no idea I would have to pay such a large amount. Now this was a few years ago before everyone started hiking up their prices of everything but I remember thinking if I was getting what I owed in a refund I could by myself a new car!

Thankfully I had my taxes redone that year by the tax person who does my parents and he saved me $2,000 that year. I am so thankful I had them looked over by someone else. Who knows what I could have paid in the next year as well if I had gone to the same lady again.

Anyways, I hope you got your taxes done on-time! I would really hate to hear any of my blog readers getting taken away by those big IRS people!

I doubt they would still let you read my blog if they had to lock you up for not doing your taxes!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3 Years!

Three years ago today I got married! I became a wife and a step-mother all in the same day.
Would I do it again? Of course I would.

Seriously though 3 years! Where has the time gone.

This is a pictures of what I have on the small table next to my side of the bed. These are the flowers we had at our wedding. I was able to do all my own flowers. My aunt got me started and gave me a few pointers. I think they turned out great. My bridesmaids wore yellow dresses as well as the 2 big girls who were flower girls in the wedding!

This hangs on a wall in our living room.

This was a family picture taken on our wedding day.

Yesterday the kids and I had just finished luch and we were in the living room. We heard somene litteraly pound on the back porch door. I have to admit I was almost afraid to go to the door. I told the kids to stay in the livingroom. Here it was a non-smiling flower lady! She delivered me 1 dozen roses of mixed colors. My hubby got me roses and had them delivered yesterday to surprise me. He thought I would be expecting them today. I so do not want to know the cost of them was. 

My other gift was this bike! Now some women would have been offended but I wanted this bike.
I have been lucky and been able to avoid physical therapy since end of Decemeber. But my legs have started bothering me some again. This bike should help me out!
I used it already lastnight and I love it. I biked and watched tv at the same time! Mason was playing on the floor and laughing at me the whole time.

I haven't gotten hubby a gift because I didn't really think we were going to do that. But I did give him a card today in his lunch box! I am going to try and get him one of those things for bedind the bike that he can pull the two little ones in. He has wanted one of those since Abby was little.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Alittle too much

You can never have too many Grandparents but you can have too much Easter Candy.

Yes, everything from chocolate bunnies to peeps to peanut butter eggs.

A closer look!

These are just the peeps the kids got.

Seriously I think I need to have a talk with these Grandparents. There's more than one at fault here.
Our Easter Bunny only left the kids 3 peanut butter cups each and 2 small chocolate marshmallow bunnies that were like bite size!

Oh and let me know where to send the kids dentist bills!!

Something for me...

We traveled this weekend because oh how Hubby just needs to get away. He just doesn't like this town. So usually we head to his fish stores when he's in one of these moods. I swear if he can find a way to move he will move us.
But anyways, this time it was about the kids and I! No fish store stop unless you count stopping at Petco but no stops at his "Official Pet Stores".

We got to see some animals at the Zoo. Jade got to participate in story time as well. We had alot of fun. Mason got his first cap and he actually kept it on! Maybe just maybe he will keep it on next time too.

Me well I finally got to go to a school supply store with the help of the GPS on Hubbys phone (that at one time I thought was pointless but after this weekend we'll be keeping that GPS on his phone)! I was in heaven going into that store. I wish I would of had more time and money but I did pick up the paper I wanted (but forgot to get orange, who forgets about orange) and a few other things. I also got a couple of ideas for things I would like to purchase down the road for my daycare. So yes, I kind of got something for me but kind of more for the daycare.

The girls had to swim in the kitty pool because someone got sick in the big pool.
I wasn't overly happy either that the hotel wouldn't give us a discount on the room. Jade was actually too big for the kitty pool and hubby didn't get to swim like planned.
I don't think I would stay at this hotel again.
The heater/ ac thing int he room never kid shut off. It ran all night and made a weird noise.
Also to flush the toilet you had to stand there and hold the handle down for 5 minuntes.
We told them about the toilet thinking maybe it just so happened the one we had in our room was broken but the lady at the front dest said they were all like that.

There was a beautiful flower garden area at the Zoo.
There were even fish in the water.

Mason wearing his new cap!
He's holding a stuffed monkey that he got as well that has a
blanket and toy banana!

The plan was to use the bathroom and then leae the Zoo. But it just so happen we were in the right place at the right time! It was story time at the Zoo. The lady read Frog on a log! Jade got to be the frog. The kids in the audience also got to participate by placing bugs in the net and the lady would give them to Jade the Frog to eat! It was a cute story. Maddison even sat for the whole thing!

My newest goodies!
I can't belive I forgot to get orange paper. I remembered all the other colors. I also got 2 whiteboards with lines on them for the girls to use instead of always using paper for spelling words and things.
I was very proud of myself... I gave myself a budget before I went in. I even had the lady tell me the total before she rang up the blue paper holder. I was under budget so I got it! I left the store with $3 left from what I told myself I could spend. I even got a new calender for circle time.
I plan to do some things with dinasours next month so I found a great dinasour book
I know the kids will love.
In my line of work this is really exciting (some of you are probably thinking what's the big deal)!!!