Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~Birthday Barnyard~

It was fun to come up with snacks for the snack table!
We had cowpies, mini pigs in a blanket, chicken eggs, oats, straw and chicken feed.

Maddi was our little cowgirl!
Everyone who came to the party in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots,
or a farm animal on their shirt got a prize!

Uncle Matt and Mason played with his new tools!

The cow was filled with small egg music shakers!
M&M's and little toy cars!
Jade and Abby had cowgirl hats!

We had to go around the "farm" and find all the chicken eggs.
The chickens got out of the chicken coop
and laid their eggs all over!

Mason on the straw bales.
I wanted all the kids to sit for a picture.
Jade complained the straw was too pokey!
Abby, well she refused to get her picture taken.
So we didn't make a fuss.
We didn't do a family one either as I wanted to
because Danny had a fat lip!

Mason playing with his decorations!
His cow shirt got wet so he had to
change before the party even started.

I have to admit when I found out I was having a boy I was alittle scared. I don't know much anything about sports or other boy things. But I think so far we're doing alright. We made it threw the first year! I wouldn't trade my little Mason for the world. He is a keeper!

He went to the doctor yesterday for his 1 year check up and is doing great. He actually lost some weight but not enough to worry. The doctor said its normal. He sure eats though. More than his 3 sisters. He's been off formula now for a few weeks and seems to like the regular milk. However, he doesn't love his sippy cup. He's getting better but still has a bottle at nap and bedtime. (I can't remember how we did it with Maddi but she was off the bottle on her birthday and hasn't had once since)

He loves to feed himself! Which of course gets very messy. He tries to use his toddler spoon or fork and does really well for his age.

I am just so happy to be Mason's mommy! I wouldn't want it any other way.

Monday, August 30, 2010

~Guess who turned 1~

Guess who had a birthday on Saturday?

This little guy did!
Mason is one year old.

He loves playing peek-a-boo.
He also loves to follow his mommy around and
get into whatever his sisters are playing with.

We attended a family thing on Saturday and needed to
bring something to share.
We took cupcakes decorated
as baseballs and basketballs!
There were so many sweets I think we could have
left our cupcakes at home and
nobody would have noticed.

The family thing was at a campground owned by my grandpa's cousin.
We did not stay to camp. We just went for a few hours.

There was a park!
Maddi talked Papa into going down the slide a few times.

The girls got their feet wet in the water.

We even got to see Faith at the campgrounds!

Friday, August 27, 2010

~What is your thought?~

I know there are some other Mothers out there who read my blog and also some smart wise people. So any how I am looking for your thoughts.

A while back, maybe a month, Maddison was sick with a fever. Had just a bad cold type thing going on. She has seem the doctor. One of the things I commented on was that when I gave her a bath and washed her hair she got really upset like it hurt. She cried and didn't want me to wash it. I took it as she was sick and her head hurt. Mentioned it to the doctor and he agreed that it was part of the cold.

So now its still going on... she hates when I go to wash her hair. She gets upset and hold her head like it hurts her. I have washed her hair the same way for 2 years.

I have also noticed this week now that she has not wanted music on. I moved a CD player to better accomadate my needs when playing music for my daycare and she can reach it. She turns it off each time I turn it on. She acts like it hurts her head.

Also toilets- she hates to hear them flush. Tonight at the store she practically ran right threw the door. She held her head like it hurt. Which I know alot of kids dislike the noice of the loud public toilets.

I was just going to listen to a video of a child singing on the computer and she started crying until I turned it off.

So do I ignore this or do I take her to the doctor? Maybe she is just going to be more sensitive to sound. However this seems to be something that just started in the last month.

Just looking for your thoughts!


Jade is always a big helper!
I don't know what I am going to do when she goes back to school.

She has been helping me sweep the floor and put
out the nap time maps for all the kids everyday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~Vacation Part 2~

So I just happen to forget to mention in my post, vacation part 1, that we stopped at Ikea after dinner Friday night. We had never been there so we had no idea what to expect. They did have an area you could have your potty trained children go to to play while you shopped but I didn't feel Maddison was ready for that and didn't think it was fair to allow the other girls to go and not Maddison. So we started looking around. I actually felt lost. I was thinking for the first time shoppers you should get a tour guide to walk you through the store. Oh well our shopping trip was well over before we even made it threw half the store. Abby was terrible and mad about something. Every time we'd start walking after looking at something she would stand there and freeze. She wouldn't move. So we just did our best to ignore her but also were careful to not loose site of her as it is a big store. That and alot of shoppers when we were there. It was frustrating though. Maddison insisted on being carried. She isn't all that light anymore. So we took turns trying to carry her but it wasn't easy. So we offered her the stroller and put Mason in a cart. That only lasted about 5 minutes. Jade did well for the most part. She just insisted on touching EVERYTHING. Then once Mason got fussy we gave up the idea of shopping and went back to the hotel.

Anyways, we did stay the night. I was up at 4am with Mason who was having a hard time sleeping. I did get a quick 40 minute nap between 4am- 7am. So I was rather tired getting up in the morning.

We got to the Mall early which was nice to get there before its really busy. We did some looking around and people watching (what a hoot to watch some of the people there). Then we ate some yummy lunch at Ruby Tuesday's.

Things were going alot better for us Saturday.

They have a butterfly display that we went threw. It was filled with very pretty butterflies. Abby and Jade just loved it. It was only about $2 a person. I think Mason and Maddi were free. You could spend as much time as you wanted in there.

We found some shoes for the big girls for school after leaving the mall. Oh and of course a trip to the cities is not complete unless hubby stops at at least one or two fish stores. So we did that too.

Then we got home at 9pm and had NO POWER. I could see though that our neighbors had lights on though. So I asked hubby right away if it was possible a fuse blew when we were gone. He checked and that was fine. So after calling the utilitie company to learn we had no power in 2 places in town we got power an hour later. It was out a total of 3 hours. So late night in the Wynn house.

Now if you have been reading my blog for awhile you will know that the Mall of America seems to be out vacation spot ALL THE TIME. Next time I will not allow it. I'm going somewhere else!

Maddi and Abby on their ride!

Maddison feel alseep on daddy's lap at lunch.

Maddi made her very own hello kitty at build-a-bear.

Abby made a bunny rabbit.
(Jade wanted a pillow pet instead)

Meeting Dora and Deigo! Maddi was alittle scared, I think.
Abby wouldn't come with us.


Monday, August 23, 2010

~Vacation Part 1~

Friday morning we got up, got ready and headed out at 8:00am.
Hubby and I had a quick meeting thing to attend so we met my mom at a shopping mall so she could watch the kiddos. They have a great play area so they started out there.
Some how though by the time we got back they had taken a trip to the store Claires!
If you don't know that store let's just say its filled with girl stuff, make-up, jewlery, purses.
Both Jade and Maddison got lip gloss and Abby got a necklace.
Mason was a good boy and picked saving his money from Grandma because he don't like girly stuff!

After that we headed to Old County Buffet for lunch with my mom.
We also met one of my Aunts there so she could then go shopping with my mom.

After lunch we headed to Lakeshore Learning!
Wow, did I have a good time there. I wanted to stick with a $50 budget.
However, when I got my total it was more like $130!
I got some great things, all of course for my kids and daycare!

Here are the girls at the hotel in our room.

Swimming! Maddison and Dad.
She wanted to keep jumping into the pool.

Jade- I think she looks like a fish!


Mason and Daddy
Mason didn't like it too well. He was getting tired.

Things did not go too well on Friday once we got to the hotel.
Abby pouted alot whenever we asked her to help with something or she couldn't get what she wanted. Maddison had to get out of the pool because she started doing her thing and vomited! Yeah, rather embarassing but thankfully we know when this is going to happen and get got her out of the pool in time.
(She has always vomitted after swimming. Usually though she waits until we are back in the room and not still in the pool area. I know she had gotten pool water in her mouth).

The front desk staff told us where we should eat. However it was a bit fancier than we would have liked. Mason cried from the time we got there to the time we got our food.

The kids where just such stinkers Friday night that I even told them if they didn't turn things around we were getting in the van and going home to sleep.

So come back later and find out if we stayed or went home!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

~Its a party~

Of course every party starts with an invitation!

(the other ones I printed turned out alot brighter but now that
I wanted one for his baby book I am running out ink)

Everyone is welcome to join us!

Friday, August 20, 2010


This little guy will soon need a break from cleaning
house so he can party!

The package of goodies for his 1st birthday party
arrived in the mail the other day!

I can't wait to decorate and eat cake with my little guy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Livingroom look!

For 2.5 years I have messed with these curtains. We have them in our living room.
The kids pull on them. They get messed up.
I take them down to wash them and have troubles getting them up looking nice.
I wanted stess free curtains.

2.5 years is a long time to deal with stressful curtains.

So finally I bought these!
Thank you Target!
Had to buy 4 of them since we have
4 windows in the livingroom.

I also finally got 4 matching frames. I used to have 3 silver ones up here.
When Mason was born I couldn't get a matching frame and to be honest
I am not a huge fan of the silver. I like these much better.
Best thing is Wal-Mart special for $4 each.
Mason is happy his picture has moved to the
living room and he isn't alone in the dining room.

We also found a new end table.
Well, new to us.
We bought this at a used furniture store.
Our old one is now downstairs!

I got a new frame for my sister's family picture and Faith's picture.
I am thinking once they have baby number 2
(no she is not talking about baby 2 yet)
that child's picture can go in the frame with Faith's
(so sister I always need the same size).
Please ignore that their family picture has slid
down and I took the picture without fixing it.

We also found this pretty plate decorative thingy!
It says-
Its all about Family!
Not sure why the silver frame is blurry but its a picture of my parents!

Hubby added a shelf above the ugly radiator.
His bald eagle is now on display along with a bald eagle picture
we purchased 2 years ago and just took out of the box!
We got a new lamp (Wal-Mart) and a new star (Crafts Direct)!
We used to have our wedding pictures in this corner.

The bald eagle picture was originally bought for the basement. We didn't think it was going to take this long to get it done and we also changed plans alittle. I decided I want my living room more family freindly and the basement with most of my daycare things. So that's why the living room got a cheap make-over.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bank Accounts

I wanted to post this as kind of a reminder to everyone.

Check your bank accounts OFTEN. Maybe daily!

Lastnight Danny went to check his account on-line because he has it set up to get emails when there is an issue. He got an email stating his account was negative.

I have know Danny for 6 years and he has never been negative with his account where it is his fault. So when he told me this I was thinking what did the bank do this time?

Long story short there were 7 transactions pending that were not his. Because of this his check for the morgage was being sent back and not being paid. SO HUGE MESS. We both kind of freaked out at the same time.

I was going to walk out the door to a attend a board meeting and just new that I had to wait and he needed to go to the bank first.

Danny went to the bank  (already 5pm when he noticed) and they helped him right away. The charges were totaling almost $700. Someone had charged rental cars using his debt card number.

Thankfully it should be easy to fix since they were still pending. The bank had Danny call the morgage company right away to notify them the check could be sent through again and would be cashed. He won't get any fees from the bank and they already closed out the old account and opened a new one.

But thankfully the bank was so willing to help Danny right away. They are actually hoping to find the person who did it. So we will see what happens. Danny has to go back to the bank Thursday afternoon to just go over things again and make sure everything is fixed.

So just to be on the safe side- check your accounts often.

Pictures from the weekend

Did you read my post Busy Weekend?
If you did here are the pictures to go with it!

Garage sale picture from Saturday Morning.
 There was alot of stuff.
We actually had people who came early morning
come back later in the afternoon to look again.

Josh, my brother-in-law came on
Sunday and helped with the trimming of the yard.
I guess it wore him out so much he had to nap
in the recliner with his daughter Faith.
Other family members mowed the lawn Friday night and Saturday.
My grandparents have alot of yard to take care of.

Mason and I visited with Charlie the horse.
We got this close (I know bad picture but you get the point).
Mason loved the horse. He got excited every time he went down to see Charlie.
(Charlie is my brother Ted's horse. Yeah, the one in Wyoming but the horse is in MN. I don't get why he bought it either. Spur of the moment thing I guess. His girlfriend named the horse. So its more of a family horse. My other brother, Matt and Cousin Megan lead the horse around when they can and I know Megan sneaks it a handful of oats each time she visits.)

Charlie is a friendly horse. He did go running during the sale!
Matt was working with the horse and the horse took off running.
Matt went running after it. I missed all that excitment.

Here's my dad. He spent the 1st day home from
vacation using a shop vac!
He had to get all the leftover soy beans out of the planter.
So he used to shop vac to do that.
The shop vac was so loud I don't think he even knew
Mason and I came down there to take his picture!