Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Faith

Just wanted to share some exciting news... Not only have I gotten to go in and see baby Faith but lastnight I got to hold her!! She is so cute and precious. I think she is going to have long fingers and look more like her dad at first. She going to need some hair clips soon as she has a good amount of hair already. I was so surprised when I walked in and the nurse asked me if I wanted to hold her. Of course I had my camera with but forgot to bring it in with me. I didn't want to make anyone wash their hands again so I didn't get a picture but my sister got one. Our family is very lucky that Faith is doing so well! Its still hard to believe my sister is a Mommy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

False Alarm

So yesterday was an interesting day. The morning was a bit busy with getting Jade to church for adventure week and the other kids and I went to the donut shop! We enjoyed a donut and apple juice and then went to the library. Its been too long since I took kids to the library for story time and it worked out perfect yesterday. Maddison sat in her stroller the whole time and was very well behaved. After story time we were invited to the conference room to make puppets. So we went back there for a short time until Maddison got mad I wouldn't let her have more than one marker at a time. It was bad enough she had one! So then we gathered up our things and came home.

I wasn't feeling the greatest and felt some pain in my back and also my left side. I had an apt. this afternoon but didn't know if I should wait that long to go in or go in early. So I spoke with a nurse and she suggested I come in. So I went in yesterday afternoon. Now if you know my mother you will know that she likes to know what is going on. So I knew I had to call her and tell her what I was doing. Of course she wanted to know if she should come here. I told her it was up to her and that I just wanted her to know I was going before I went and not call and tell her after. So when hubby got home I went in. Wow its a very long walk from the parking lot to the OB clinic. I thought I was going to need a wheel chair.

I actually saw a different doctor than I usually do. She was really nice and gave me great information right away. I kind of wish she was my doctor. Mine sometimes seems kind of ditsy! But anyways, I was probably having some false contractions due to maybe stress. Oh yes, stress. Who doesn't have stress? My blood pressure is still good. When I was pregnant with Maddison my blood pressure went up some at the end of my pregnancy. So far so good. The baby is in the right position. I am good to have the baby any time but from the sounds of it it won't be any time soon. I am just about 35 weeks along! So yesterday was a false alarm. Oh and both my mom and dad were here when I got home! So we went to Perkins for supper since the kids could eat free lastnight! My mom also did my dishes for me!

Yesterday I did get bags packed. I think at first Abby wasn't really sure what was going on. I packed a suitcase for the girls to share. My thinking was it would be easier for someone to just take clothes out of there for the girls (yes, easier for hubby to) when I go into labor. I also thought it would be real easy if the girls need to go to someones house they just need to grab the suitcase. Well of course being 5 years old you understand that a suitcase of clothes means you get to go to a sleepover. I did my best to explain to her that it was for later and we didn't get to go to a sleepover yet. She was very sweet though. She said I needed something in my suitcase to remind me of my children! I asked her why. She said when I go to the hospital I might miss my girls and if I have something to look at I won't be sad! So we found a picture of the hubby and the girls for me to take along with me.

So for now no baby yet.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Therapy 101

I must be having one of those days.... I think this is my 3rd post for the day and its only 2:00pm.

Sometimes for me this blogging thing is just a way to get information out there to family and friends about what we've been up to and other times its like FREE therapy for me! I mean really, why go pay someone to sit and listen to me talk and have them stare back at me when I can just type what I want to say and have the screen stare back at me instead of some women or man called a therapist!

So anyways, onto what I have to say. For some reason its been one of those days I guess you could call emotional. I keep thinking about the things I want to change or control and I can't. I am frustrated.

Years ago a friend of mine had a baby a few months too early. Thankfully he is ok and is now 3 years old! I remember at the time her commenting on how she missed out on the feeling of those last few months of being pregnant. When you hurt all over, you can't hardly get out of bed unless your husband helps you, the baby kicks harder and you see your stomach move. Well at the time I didn't think much of it. I had absolutely no idea what it felt like to be pregnant. I didn't know how it felt to carry a precious baby. I was well, clueless. But now I know. I know what its like to spend that last month waiting for your baby to arrive. That last month of wondering if you are having a contraction or not.

I am I frustrated today that my sister isn't going to know what that is like. You only get to have your 1st child one time.

I know that God works hard and does amazing things for so many people but he also does some things that I just don't understand. I know we will never always have the answers we sometimes look for or know why things happened the way they did. But I love my sister and I am frustrated this had to happen. I know I need to think positive and I am forever greatful she is ok and that her baby girl is ok.

If I wasn't so hugely pregnant I probably wouldn't be so emotional but I just want to make it all ok. I just want the best for my sister. I want her to be able to take her baby home.

The count is in

The count came in at 62 people. Between last Thursday and Friday my hubby's work laid off 62 workers. Lets add that to the others and they have probably laid off 150 of their employees since late Spring. I am very thankful they have not laid of hubby but why? Why does he still have a job? Does he actually work when he is there? He don't do as much as he could around the house, that's for sure. But I am thankful he has a job. The first and second time they laid people off it was based on their production and how well they work. Basically if you stood around all day and did nothing you got laid off. Now this last time it was based on what jobs were needed. They were able to weed out those that maybe didn't really need to be there because their job really had no point. Doesn't a company really have to be hurting to lay off that many employees since Spring? I do worry about what is to come. Hubby said this week some time they are having a huge meeting. Rumor has it the company is going to merge the 3 shifts into 2. They currently have a 6-2pm, 2-10pm, 10p,-6am shifts. When hubby started there he starts working 2-10pm and did this for about 8 years before he moved up on the list and was offered a day time shift. Sound like they will eliminate the 10pm-6am shift. This will allow them to save money. Hubby's dad also works there. He has worked there many years as well and so far has been lucky to keep his job. They both feel that another lay off might mean the company would just need to close.

We can only pray for the best.

Busy Weekend

Back to work today. I am not sure I am ready for it to be Monday but I will figure all that out as the morning gets going. Jade will start adventure week today and I need to drop her off there.

We had a busy weekend. We started with a garage sale on Saturday. It went really well and I made my goal for earnings! I had one husband and wife couple stop who bought all of Maddison's outfits I had hanging on the fence! With a few girly onsies as well they spend $37.50 on Maddison's clothes. I was glad to see them go but I was also sad that she has grown so much and they no longer fit her. I also sold some dishes that have been sitting at 3 other garage sales of mine. There were 3 sets with one plate, one bowl and one mug. They all sold this time! I was so glad to see them go as well.

Saturday night we went out to see some of hubby's family. We had a small BBQ and later in the evening we had a bonfire, smores and fireworks. It was a late night getting home.

On Sunday we decided to take a picnic supper to the hospital to share with my sister and brother-in-law. My parents also came and my little brother. We even had a cake to celebrate my mom's birthday that is coming up this week. The best part of Sunday was I finally got to go in and see Faith!! It was great to finally see her. She is so cute and tiny. Her pictures on her caringbridge site make her actually look bigger than she is. But she is so precious. She was making faces at my sister and I. I am sure she was laughing at us too since we were just sitting there staring at her and talking about how cute and tiny she is. She is in a great hospital. My sister said the nurses are always so pleasant. I wish I had powers to make the next few weeks go by faster but sadly I don't. I know my sister will get through this and be home in no time.

Friday, July 24, 2009


There's nothing better than when you decide to go on-line and actually read the newspaper you find this short article-

Police blotter
ASSAULT- Responded to a report of a physical domestic assault at 12:30am Thursday at a residence on the 400 block of Southeast 17th Street. No arrest was made but the case was forwarded to the Crow Wing County attorney's office for consideration of felony domestic assault by strangulation, terroristic threats, domestic assault and disorderly conduct charges against a 46 year old man.

Ok so our rental property is located on the 400 block of 17th street. What are the changes this has something to do with our renter who was wearing a neck brace lastnight when hubby had to go over there to drop something off. This must also be why the neighbor called me again today (but I did not answer). Oh the joys. There is nothing we can do at this point. Hubby has met with the police department and the only way we can legally ask her move out is if she doesn't pay her rent. Well, she gets rental assistance so I highly doubt that will happen. I guess the neighbors just have to be mad. We have told her we'd agree to her moving out and not make her stay for the whole lease if she doesn't want to live with neighbors who call the cops on her. She so far has decided to stay.

Dilly Bars

Abby and Jade having a dilly bar!

Maddison had her first dilly bar! She took a few bites and then picked off the chocolate and ate that first. She ate the whole thing on her own. Well all but the ice cream that melted on her highchair!

Pictures of our visit

We visited the hospital the day that Faith was born. They had a wonderful play area for the kids to play in.

Uncle J and the girls playing on the chalkboard.

Built in doll house. Abbygail being a stinker.

Maddison loved playing in the playhouse.

Most important thing at the hospital was Faith! Since I wasn't able to go in and see her the nurse took this picture for me. My brother-in-law's sister had some much better ones that she took on her own.


I can't get myself motivated to keep my blog updated lately. Maybe too much stress in the house. I might need to get some more chocolate!

Hubby is still working just 4 days a week. They are making the 2nd highest paying person at his work take retirement as of Aug. 1st. I feel bad for the guy. They just told him he had to do this on Tuesday. He has been with the company for 35 years. Can you imagine. Kind of a slap in the face if you ask me. Yesterday they laid off 5 more people but thankfully it was office people and not hubby.

After today I will be down to 2 daycare children. Its not going to be easy but there just aren't as many people looking for daycare as there used to be. I had a family start with me back in January and I should have left them go by February. The mother was very disrespectful and wouldn't call when they kids were not coming. I never knew when to expect them. She was young and I tried to explain to her how things needed to work. I felt bad for the kids and hated to make them go elsewhere. Well again this week they were a no-show and did not call me until yesterday. So I won't be welcoming them back. The mother brought on too much stress for me right now. Oh I will miss that income though. I put an ad in the paper and I am really hoping things fall into place and I get some new kids to watch after I return from my maternity leave. Its been tough. I had an awesome group of girls and one had to leave because both her parents lost their jobs. Then I had the other leave once summer started because mom is a teacher and the girl will go to Kindergarten in the fall. I had them and one of my current 5 yr. olds since they were 2! The lady I talked with at the newspaper actually asked about my daycare when I was placing my ad! I have never had anyone ask when I was placing an ad. I will be sending her out a flyer and hopefully she calls for an interview!

Tomorrow we are trying another garage sale. Time to declutter. I was trying lastnight to go through the house and get the stuff out we NEVER use. I also have a few things from the last sale that were my sisters. I really hope her things can sell. I am sure she would love to make some cash right now!

On a good note I was able to register Jade for Adventure week at church! She will go next week! I had looked into it earlier this summer thinking we could walk to the church. Our church is down the road. Well, I called and found out its at the other Catholic Church in town. So I wasn't able to register her until this week when I realized I am down on daycare kids. I have just enough room in the van for the kids! I will drop her off at 9am and hubby will pick her up at 2:30 on his way home from work! Jade is excited because she has to take a sack lunch each day. Abby of course is a party pooper and did not want to go. She likes to be at home.

I can't believe that today my sister's baby is a week old! They grow so fast. I know it will just be a matter of time and they will be home as a family and be thinking about how fast she grew and how much older Faith is getting. I can't wait until she starts crawling and I can tell my brother-in-law that Yes, kids will go for the steps! He don't think he will be needing a gate because his little girl is going to stay away from the steps. HA HA we'll see about that!

I will post many pictures later. Right now its time for breakfast.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A fun afternoon

The girls spent the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa. They started with lunch at McDonalds! After lunch they decided for some more fun and went to Paul Bunyan Land!
They had to stand in a building at Paul Bunyan for a short time when it started to rain. Thankfully the rain didn't last long. They all got spoiled and had a great time. There were even rides Maddison could go on. Jade is the bravest and will go on any ride you let her on. Abby isn't as brave though as Jade. Grandma and Grandpa talked about taking the kids next year. I think they might need help though since there will be 2 more grandchildren that will want to go along with!

Monday, July 20, 2009

caring bridge

My sister has set up a caring bridge site for viewing.

1st niece!

I can't really go into details until I get the go ahead from my sister but its driving me crazy not to announce this-

I am an aunt! My first niece arrived Friday, July 17, 2009!
I am so excited to be an aunt!

I am also a bit bumbed out. I am sick so I haven't been able to see the baby yet. I also just feel doing daycare that I carry way too many germs. I don't want that precious baby getting sick. I know there will be plenty of time for me to spoil my 1st niece when I am feeling better and germ free. Well, is it possible to feel germ free?

I will post more about the baby and hopefully a picture when I get the go ahead!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am still here

I can not believe I haven't posted since Wednesday. Where have I been? What have I been doing?

The days seem like all of a sudden they are going faster and there is less time to get things done. Ok, I guess it could be that I don't move as fast and my belly is huge and bumps into everything! I was starting to think yesterday of a few things I need to get on my to do list before the baby arrives. Things like packing my bag for the hospital, picking out a baby outfit for the baby to wear home, clean the kitchen fan, and the list goes on. I guess if they get done on time they do and if not then they don't.

Yesterday the girls and I had a girls morning. It was very much needed. We relaxed around the house in the morning. We took a quick trip to Target to get a gift and then went to lunch at the Dairy Queen.

Today I am off to sell hot dogs! Yes, very exciting. Our daycare association is selling them to raise money. A local meat market is allowing us their grill, their parking lot, their hot dogs, their hot dog buns, their soda pop and we get half the profit! Now that would be great if we could get help selling the hot dogs. Kind of a bumber when there are 180 childcare providers in my county and there are 3 of us today willing to help sell hot dogs. We even told people if they wanted to help just an hour they could. Oh well, as Vice President I will go help!

Hopefully I will be able to post more next week. So please do come back to read my blog! I will find time to also post a few pictures of some really great things!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Its Wednesday

Not too much new around here. Just lots of laundry and dishes!

My Hubby is very crabby today because I made him an appointment to speak with a lady at our local police department. She does trainings for people who decide they are going to be landlords. I would have actually liked to have gone with since I am usually stuck doing the dirty work but I won't be able to make it with. I am hoping he learns something good!

I decided it would be a great idea to wash the curtains today. Not that the baby is going to notice if they are clean or not but thought it would be good to do before he arrives. Now I got a phone call about a daycare interview. The mother is coming tonight to meet with me! So of course I am stressing about getting those curtains washed and back up. I am hoping the interview goes well. I will be very very low on daycare kids come September and this family is looking for September care and is willing to work with my maternity leave if I don't have the baby until my due date. This would sure relieve some of my stress.

Well there is one thing that happened today.... My husband is busted! He took the girls out after lunch today to run a few errands. I was a bit shocked he even asked Abby to go along. She always wants to go but as soon as you get somewhere she is tired and her legs can't walk. She is a joy and I love her to pieces but she is so lazy sometimes. She is not a run errands with a parent type of kid. I wouldn't trade her for the world but you usually don't ask her to go along. Well he took them to the local humaine society to look at cats and dogs. Now we've talked about getting a pet but decided neither one of us wants to be in charge of cleaning dog poo. We've had 3 dogs and sadly the best one we had went to dog heaven. No dog will ever be good enough for my husband. That's why dog 2 is at my sisters house (it chewed on his slipper and he freaked out). The 3rd dog was not good with the kids and would pull them around by their shirt. We had to get rid of her before someone got hurt. Now onto cats- oh you might think they are adorable and cuddle but I do not. I have nightmares about cats attaching me. Yes, it sounds crazy and maybe I should get over it but I don't want a cat here. I know it will make these nightmares worse. I also don't want to worry about a cat crawling on my baby at night in its crib or jumping on my counter and eating the bananas! I have told hubby before- its me or a cat. Abby has even told me I can live with Grandma Robin so they can get a cat! I am so loved! Those girls have tried to make so many deals with me. Keeping it in the basement. Ok, that is cruel to keep it locked up in the basement even if I don't want the thing. Well Jade just informed me that there is a cat they all liked. She said nothing needs to be done with it. It has its nails clipped and has all its shots. Jade then told me she is supposed to beg for the cat because daddy really wants it! He is so busted. Making his duaghter do his dirty work.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The haircut

Yesterday I gave Maddison a haircut. She had her bangs cut many months ago but it was time to do something again. Today when I got her dressed and she helped comb her hair I got to thinking maybe the haircut was a bad idea. She don't look like a baby anymore. She looks too grown up.

The Zoo

On Saturday at about 11am Hubby decided it would be fun to take a trip to the Como Park Zoo. I thought we were skipping it this year but he didn't like that idea. By the time we left it was noon! Here are some fun pictures we got.

Hubby wanted to get this picture! The kids on the turtle picture he said is needed every year.

The butterflies were really neat to see. There were tons of them. One of the rules was if one landed on you you needed to just let it sit there and wait until it was ready to fly away. One landed on Hubby!

It was a long day for this old pregnant women! There was one point I had to tell Hubby 3 times I needed to stop to go potty. I don't know what he was waiting for. He kept passing gas stations and I was finally like "I still have to go"! We didn't get home that night until about 10:00pm

Friday, July 10, 2009

making progress

Yes, little Maddison is making progress! The other night she stood up on her own by the steps. Not too excited about where it was considering its alot of steps if she starts climbing them. Then yesterday she stood up in her crib 2 times! So she is making progress.

I told my hubby if she is not walking when I go into labor she is coming with me to the hospital. I am not going to miss it. I will be there when she walks! However can you imagine giving birth and trying to watch a 16 month old at the same time all while in a small hospital room? Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My brother Ted

Have you met Ted? He's my brother. He's the 3rd child in the family out of 4. His real name is Theodore but its not too often you hear him called that. He used to go by Teddy alot until he got alittle bit older and probably decided Ted was easier and faster to write than Teddy or Theodore. He is actually named after one of my Dad's favorite uncles who passed away at a young age. My dad and his uncle wanted to farm together but he passed away before that was able to happen. Being the first boy in our family my dad named him after his uncle. Oh any my girls sometimes call him Teddy bear.

On the 4th of July my brother came to visit and was looking at the pictures on my blog. He couldn't figure out why he didn't have a picture on here. Yet he wasn't too willing to let me take his picture either. So now he can't say he's not on here!

My brother Ted and I are kind of alike in some ways. I am the first girl born into the family where he was the first boy. I like to be right all the time and win all arguments as well as he does. The two of us can argue but neither one of us really win. We both seem to think we got it "all" figured out. We both listen to our dad better than our mom when it comes to listening to advice. Oh and yes we are the spenders in the family. We don't how to save money for nothing. So we are alike in those ways.

Now a week ago I got a text message from my brother at 6:15am. I am not sure why he has to sending me messages that early but he did and this is what it said-

I am moving to Wyoming.

Now about 2 years ago I got an actual phone call from him telling me he was moving to Texas. Well that wasn't true. He was joking. He was just going with my grandparents for a small vacation. So naturally though I read it twice thinking maybe the first time I didn't see the words- Just kiding!

Well I texted him back. No response. I texted him again. No response. I texted him again. No response. Then I was more furious than I had been in the first place. You don't send your big sister a message that you are moving 10 hours away without some kind of details.

So as the day went on I emailed my sister and got some more information on the situation. And sure enough its NO JOKE.

My brother has decided to take a job offer in Wyoming. I am very happy for him but I will admit I am also sad to see him go. Sometimes its hard to believe he will be 23 the end of August. He's still my little brother but he's not so little anymore.

Well, after 2 days went by he finally had the chance to call me and actually talk to me about his plans. He had gone out to Wyoming with some classmates from college in the Spring to interview with this company. At the time he wasn't interested in taking the job because of location. Now after looking at what's available around here he has decided that maybe giving it a try isn't a bad idea after all. There are 3 people out there working that he knows from class. He will drive out there with his things the end of this month and be gone for 4 days. Then he will come back and enjoy a couple weeks yet in Minnesota (hopefully he visits me again). He will leave for Wyoming then August 15th. He will be able to come home to visit at times when he has off from work. They work many hours and then get 7 days off in a row!

I did for warn him that mom can't drive over in the afternoon to clean his place up like she has done before.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday, July 5th

We had a busy 4th of July but felt one more day of fun was needed. After doing some searching on-line for family fun we decided to go to a Family Fun Park. We had the girls get their suits in a bag. Hubby wanted to do fast food for lunch but there was no way I wanted to eat McDonald's. I talked him into doing a picnic! We got to the park and had our picnic lunch first.

After we all ate we headed into the park. There was alot of people. I am sure it didn't help being a Sunday and the day after the 4th! When we entered the park we each got a wrist band. I assumed it was routine for them to hand these out as a way to check each person into the park. We looked around to see what was all there and what the girls wanted to do. They had bumper boats, go-carts, huge water slide and mini golf. The main reason we went is because we thought the girls would love the huge outdoor water slide. Abby had a meltdown right away and started crying that she didn't want to go on the slide. She decided to do the jumping thing and the bumper boats. Jade wanted to do the water slide. So we headed to get tickets. Hubby waited in line 10 min. to find out since we had the wrist bands everything was FREE! Now since when are things like this FREE? Nothing is ever FREE! Well, Jade went down the slide about 3 times and complained she was drowning. So that ended the water slide. Abby played in the jumping thing for 3 minutes. Yes, only 3 minutes and she was done. They both did the bumper boats and were then ready to go. It was very hot out and I was more than glad to leave but I felt bad they didn't enjoy the park more. Thankfully we didn't have to pay an entrance fee. They neither one wanted to do the little kids go-carts.


After we left the park Hubby decided to take us to the near by Mall. They had a great area for the kids to play. Of course the girls had more fun there. Was nice that Maddison could enjoy playing at the mall as well. After we spent some time at the mall playing and Hubby walked around to a few stores. He then decided since we hadn't spent any money at the Park he would take us for an early supper to TGI Fridays. We then headed home!

I was actually so tired yesterday that I didn't even shop at the mall! And I love to shop! I just watched the kids play. I had slept about 45 minutes on the way there and another 45 minutes on the way home! I think I was just worn out from all the cleaning I did on Friday and since it was so hot out.

Saturday, July 4th

My pictures are a bit out of order for this day. Maddison is her PJ's watching the fireworks! Oh that's right she slept thought the whole thing!

Abby and Jade watching fireworks from the back of Uncle J's truck. I am not sure why but before we left Abby said they were going to do fireworks in her name i the sky! So when they started fireworks she at one point said "I know they are going to do my name soon".

Maddison getting a ride on the little 4 wheeler. Daddy finally got it working again after putting in a new spark plug and grandpa R. put air in the tire!

Evening fireworks in town.

We did some fireworks at our house earlier in the evening for the kids.

Grandpa Wynn came to our 4th of July party. We had a few people over. Hubby wanted to have a party really badly since we moved into our house a year ago. So finally we planned it and had it on the 4th. He had invited his family but only his dad came. I felt bad for him. I could tell when the evening was over that he was a bit bumbed out. But we had some of my family here and it was a great day. We had too much food! Which I guess is better than not enough.

Friday, July 3rd

We took the girls to the beach on Friday afternoon. Jade and Abby loved it! Maddison wasn't too sure what to think. She was alittle tired though. She enjoyed being in the swing instead. Hopefully we can make it back there again this summer and she will like it better.