Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random photos

Jade with her new bike from her grandma!

My pretty orange flowers!

She loves standing by the fence outside!

She stood up!

I have been notified that I need to update my blog!
Here it goes-

Today was a great great day! Maddison Marie decided to stand up by herself! She has been playing on Abby's little play couch and she loves it. Today she used the side of it to stand up! It was so cute. She had her legs straight and her butt out in the air. Of course as soon as I grabbed the camera she sat down. Then she did it again and started shaking her butt!

Here are some pictures of her playing on the couch lastnight.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy weekend and week ahead

I can not believe the weekend is over. It went by too fast. We started out Saturday morning going to a parade and potluck. Jade was very curious what a potluck was and when we were eating she whispered to me "Is this that pot thing with luck we are going to". I love potlucks when you know who made the food! So this was a good potluck. I did though get bit by a bug at the parade. I am not sure what kind and I didn't think too much of it at the time. I mean we live in MN land of the mosquito. Well, its not looking like a mosquito bite. It was a very tiny spot on Saturday and didn't both me at all. Well come Sunday it was so itchy I could hardly stand it. Its actually a larger red spot now too. Its very sensitive around the bite area. Goes well with my swollen ankles!

Jade and Abby went to the water park Saturday night and spent some time with their grandma, aunt and 2 cousins. They had a lot of fun and stayed with them until Sunday evening. They were also able to go shopping with grandma. She gave them money to spend and Abby is still rich and didn't spend all hers but Jade managed to spend hers on a new bike! They will use the rest of the money leftover to help buy school supplies. That's what grandma suggested.

Maddison was a bit lost without her sisters. When we dropped them off I said they are going bye bye and Maddison started to cry. It was a bit fake though. She got spoiled at home with a trip to Applebees (after I already ate supper and wanted to share dessert with hubby but when we got there he ordered BBQ cheesburger. I would have much rather ate supper there as well. My leftovers didn't taste all that well. So much for going for just dessert)! Then on Sunday we went to Auntie M's house to eat stake on the grill with my family. It was very tasty. Then we got back to town in time to pick up the girls.

This week we will be busy. I have a doctor's apt. tomorrow and Maddison has her 15 month check up on Wednesday. We're a bit late on this but she went in last week on Tuesday and had a red throat so they recommended canceling her Wednesday shots and moving it to this Wednesday. I am not looking forward though to my apt. I don't want to show anyone my swollen ankles! Not even my doctor!

We'll spend some time cleaning this week. Jade wants to clean the floor by hand! She helped me last time and thankfully she wants to do it again. Saturday we are having a 4th of July party! We have no idea how many people are coming so I am trying to make a food list and I just hope I end up with enough food.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Completed room

The room is complete! No more pink. We have moved onto a grey color. Not really my choice but it was better than what hubby wanted first. He first wanted orange!
Not sure what he was thinking. Wall by doorway

View from the door.

View from window.

My angel collection! This is my favorite part of the room.
The room is alot smaller than what we had upstairs but its working out good for now.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The MOP is gone

The ponytail
I think I will like it better in a month or two when it grows out a bit. I told the lady I wanted my bangs long so I could tuck them behind my ears. I guess she got scissors happy because they don't tuck behind the ears. I had told her to cut the ponytail off and pointed out a picture of a haircut I liked. Some reason its looking a bit different than the picture. I brought the ponytail home to show the girls. I think they were in shock that I actually got my ponytail cut off!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good bye Pink

The pink bedroom is finally in the process of getting a make over. However my hubby decided after he taped it and I filled in the nail holes with putty that he needed to go to a movie. Thanks to the new Transformer 2 movie that came out today my room was put on a 2.5 hour hold. Hopefully when he gets home he gets right to work! Hmm, maybe I will have to somehow hide the computer and tvs so they are not a distraction.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zoo trip

Here are a few pictures from our trip on Sunday to the Zoo. Hubby and I were a bit disappointed though. The last couple times we went it was very reasonably priced. However this year they are now charging $5 per person. Ok I understand it takes money to feed these animals. But there are 8 animals there! Yes, that's right there are about 8 animals at this Zoo. If we would have known the price went up we would have made plans to go to the Como Park Zoo like we originally wanted to. And of course once you get there you aren't going to tell your children you aren't going to stay. We tried to go to the park after to play but it started to rain. A timber wolf.
The big bear taking a nap!

All the kiddos!
Maddison loved petting the baby lambs!

Time to cut the MOP!

So when you go to the local beauty salon to get a hair cut what do you do? Do you get what you want or do you get what your husband wants? Maybe you get what is in style even if its not want you want. Do you spend $30 each time, $45, or maybe just $15. I spend $15! Do you get highlights or a color. Nope, not me. Would be fun to try though.

All winter my hair has been shoulder length and has been growing quit long. I usually give it some curl in the morning with the curling iron and that's it. Well now its HOT. I hate having my hair on my neck when its this hot out. So I attempt to put it in a pony tail. I used to fix my hair in clips and pony tails but somewhere I lost my ability to perform cute hair styles so I do nothing to it but give it curl. So anyways back to it being hot. I like short hair in the summer. But do I dare cut it all off again? How fast will it grow back? What would my Husband say? He likes long hair. Will it make my face look fatter being I am pregnant? Will it draw more attention to my face and not my belly? Will I just look like a big tomato? Do I have enough hair to donate to locks for love? I would love to do that but know nothing about where to go. Such decisions. Its just hair. It will grow back, right?

Boys have short hair and girls have long hair? It's that the normal? Did you know my hubby had long hair at one time? Very long hair? It was before I met him.

So I am not sure what to do but I feel the need to cut the MOP!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

There is nothing better than a dad with
his girls!
And of course they all three look
like him.

A hot day!

We had a long hot day on Saturday. We started out by having some breakfast at the Cafe. That was probably the most relaxing part of the day. Then we headed down to the park to find my parents who were setting up their food booth. Much more work then I think they thought it would be. After visiting with them and helping hang some posters up the girls and I left to find a good spot to watch the Parade. Now it was only 10:30 and we were already hot and sticky. The parade started and I was not impressed. Worse yet I could see Abby was not impressed either. So I asked her if she wanted to leave. Of course she did. So we started walking to my parent's house were we took time to cool off and use the bathroom, change Maddison. Then back to the park we went. Of course we walked!
Here are two pictures I took of the food booth. I offered to help as long I didn't do any of the money but of course I ended up doing alot of the money! We sold cheese curds, BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Soda, Water, and of course everyones favorite- Blue Bunny Ice Cream! We had 8 flavors! Oh and mom wanted to sell HUGE cookies but they weren't a big hit.

Here is a picture of Maddison relaxing in her stroller with Very Peachy Ice Cream that she decided she wasn't going to eat. So mom ate it!! It was yummy.

Abby enjoyed a long ride on a pony. The lady standing next to me even thought it was a long ride. I was a bit afraid they weren't going to let her off the pony!

So when it was Maddi's turn to ride the pony for the 1st time I told my dad that he could hold onto her. I was afraid if they went as long as Abby did I would get dizzy!

She wasn't too sure at first but once the pony started moving and gave her a nice smooth ride she seemed to enjoy it!

Here is Maddison in a baby swing at the park! This is a special swing!
A few years ago mom and dad set up a dunk tank at the park for the big day that comes around once a year! They took the profit and donated to the city. The city used the money to purchase this really nice high quality baby swing! Perfect for when we visit the park! She wouldn't look at me when I took her picture.

After Maddison enjoyed her swing ride we went back to Aunt M's house to cool off. She has wonderful AC! Maddison started to not seem like she was feeling well. We debated staying over one more night but of course Hubby missed his girls and kind of told us he wanted us to come home. So we stayed a bit longer and cleaned up our stuff. Ate some supper and headed home. Once we got home I still felt Maddison wasn't herself and felt warm. She had a fever of 101.0. So alittle tylenol and cuddles with mom and dad she went to bed at about 10:15. She got up this morning at 5am though. She wasn't too warm then. I changed her diaper and gave her juice and she went back to sleep cuddling with mom! She is still sleeping but now she is cuddling with Dad!
All in all we had a great day on Saturday even if it was hot. Today we will plan our day after we see how Maddison is feeling.
I best get busy. The quit house it no longer quit as Abby and Jade are now awake!

Friday, June 19, 2009

So excited

I am so excited to share with everyone that I got the day off! I got Saturday, Sunday and Monday off as well! Now that's a 4 day weekend! I so need this. I had 7-9 kids every day this week and they wore me out. I started today by sleeping in until the phone rang at 8am! I guess 8am isn't too bad though. Better than waking up at 6:30 to the buzzing of my alarm.

Tonight Abby, Maddison and I are going to my sister's house. We'll attend a parade tomorrow, visit with Grandma and go play some games in the park (as long as us pregnant women can handle the heat)! I a sure we'll see grandpa too but he's such a busy guy and he don't sit very long.

Sadly our plans got changed a bit and Jade and Hubby are staying home. Jade was invited to another birthday party! It is for the daughter of a friend of mine. She is a year older than Jade and they go to dance together (the last 2 years they have). So Jade picked staying home and going to the party. I think it will good too though for her to be home alone and have some time with Hubby. She also has to go to the dentist later this afternoon (which she actually enjoys).

Sunday we are not sure on our plans. We wanted to visit the Como Park Zoo but its a much longer drive for us than I think I can do right now. So we might go to a really tiny zoo with a great park to play at. That is just 30 minutes from here! I can do that car ride.

Monday the girls and I will clean the house! They have eye apt. in the afternoon. Their glasses are very scratched and its getting time for new ones. Hopefully this time though they will agree to pick out ones that do not match!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is it?

"Abby what is hanging from my lamp"?

"Its a beehive".

"Well, I really don't want a beehive in my living room".

"Mom, its not real. Its just pretend".
(Abby's beehive is made out of bendaroos)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh its hot out

I recall that I was complaining just last week to some other daycare providers that I wasn't going to have many kids to watch this summer. Now as most of you know no kids means no income. So I was a bit stressed. I was worried. Well what was I thinking? I have 9 kids here today. A family of 2 I thought was going to be done is still coming this week and today I also have 2 drop-ins. So that is 4 more kids than I was thinking I would have last week. This is crazy. By 11am I was worn out and ready for a nap! There is no way I can have 9 kids every day this summer. They are all little. My 2 big girls are the oldest and the rest are 2.5 yrs old or younger.

Did you know its hot! I have heartburn! I thought I had the heartburn under some control with the medication I am allowed to take and cutting back on my diet coke and chocolate. Well I read some information lastnight about heat and pregnancy. It told me to drink orange juice. I felt so miserable lastnight so what do you think I did. I went and got orange juice. Well, now I am thinking it's making the heartburn worse! Then today my hubby is home and was supposed to put the AC window unit in. ITS NOT IN. What he's waiting for I don't know. Its already 3:30 in the afternoon. He even had the nerve to ask me if I was hot today. I mean can he not see the sweat dripping off of me.

But anyways, I know the way I have felt the last few days that my goal is to make it through to the middle of July. If I still feel this way I am going to have cut back on my work. Its not going to be easy on the check book but I know that it might just be what's best. That or I need a maid. Somehow our underwear need to get washed!

Speaking of maids- Did you know my brother T has a maid! Yes, he is currently working and living with a farmer and his family. They have a maid! She is an older lady who cleans the house, does laundry and makes lunch! I wonder if I could barrow her for a few weeks!?! And why of all people to get a maid it would have to be him! He is so lazy when it comes to doing his laundry and cooking. He has it made- she even pours his milk at lunch!

Well, I am done complaining now! But I will say having to be pregnant in the summer gives me the right to pick my baby's name. Not my hubby!

Oh and p.s. Did I mention I had a lady call me today that I don't even know! She talked to me for 20 minutes like we were best friends. Then at the end of the conversation she mentioned how she got my number- she is friends with an older lady that I have known for many years. Most of my family has heard me mention Mary Q. Well I just finally spoke with Mary a few days ago because she has been in another state. It was supposed to be a short 6 month stay but she fell and hurt her foot. She has to wait for the doctors to ok her to come back to MN. She was thinking since I am pregnant I would enjoy talking with her friend. Ok nice thinking but all I really need is AC!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

alittle bit of whatever

So not every day as a daycare provider is the same. Some days go by really fast and others you wonder if the clock is a bit off or if parents forgot to pick up their child. There are days we are able to spend alot of time outside and run around and days like to today that wet and we are stuck inside.

On Friday I took the kids for a walk. I had a few smaller children and my big girls and one other 5 year old. We were walking along and I saw a green thing hanging by someones house door. I pointed to it and asked the girls what they thought it was. I didn't know. I just thought we could use our imagination and take a guess! The 3 big girls looked at me like I was dumb for asking. They said almost at the same time "Its a hanging tomato plant". Now I hadn't heard about hanging tomato plants before so I said "What makes you think that"? Of course they had an answer. They looked at me again like I was nuts and said they knew it because it was on TV! I guess I don't watch enough TV.

Well, today is one of those days you wonder if it will ever end. I woke up at 4am not feeling the best. I couldn't sleep well with it being so hot. My Hubby bought me a house with NO AC. What was he thinking? Our window unit will be going in ASAP tomorrow on his day off. So I tried to sleep but then it started raining so I could hear the rain. Then at 5am I could hear Hubby getting up and leaving for work. He seemed rather loud today. By the time I got to sleep it was time to get up because the alarm was buzzing.

The day started out ok once I was up and made breakfast and kids played well. We made father's day cards. Then all of sudden 11:30 comes around and a daycare girl got sick all over my dining room floor. When things like this happen you have to stand back and just be thankful they don't happen every day. Well, it wasn't going well. Child was crying (she is only 2.5), the 11 month old was getting fussy because he wanted out of the high chair. So I went to grab paper towels and of course I started gagging. Jade tells me to leave it for dad.

Now can you imagine what he would have thought if he came home to "Oh Hunny the girl got sick, I left it for you and its been there for 2.5 hours"! I highly doubt he would have enjoyed cleaning it up any more than I would have. But anyways, as I was doing my best to stay cool. I got sick! Yes, all over the dining room floor. Now I have always made it to the bathroom but for some reason today there was no way around it. It just happened. So I had even a bigger mess to clean up.

But thankfully its all cleaned and the floor has been mopped. My feet are tired and I can no longer eat chocolate. Eating chocolate would be a great way to spend my afternoon (I have stopped eating so much chocolate and it has really helped with my heartburn as well as cutting back on my diet coke. It was caffeine free but I cut back to one can a day instead of 3. Yes, I drank about 3 cans a day. Now down to 1 and it has helped so much)!

Oh and to make things more stressful I went to call the mother in between getting the girl changed into new clothes and mopping and ended up calling my sister instead! Their cell numbers are almost the same!

On another note. What do you think of the name Dingbang? Yes, I read that is a name. Seriously would anyone use it? Its supposedly a really old name. It comes from a Chinese origin. The meaning of the name Dingbang is protects the country. Can you imagine your name Dingbang Wynn. Don't think I could do that to my child.

Pool Party

Maddison and Abby had a pool party on Saturday. Jade attended a birthday party, again!

Maddison had alot of fun in her new pool.
Both Maddison and Abby were trying to go for a ball at the same time.

Maddison trying to splash Abby.

sorry for the delay in posting. We had some computer issues yesterday and its not often I get on the computer during the weekend when Hubby is home (he don't share the computer very well).

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So at about 12:40 am after being sound asleep I wake up to hear this-

"Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy".

So I sat up and listened.

Heard it again, "Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy".

Maddison was awake. I went into her room and looked at her and she did it again, "Amy".

I gave her back her NUK which is only for in the crib and she went right back to sleep! No questions asked. Her eyes went shut right as the NUK went in her mouth.

Of course back to bed I went as well.

She is so funny. She did this the other night too. Why its Amy I dunno. I guess it could be worse.

The NUK thing is funny too. She knows its for sleeping only. She actually handed it to me yesterday morning when I got her out of the crib!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Littlest Wynn's bedroom

I am very glad we choose to keep Maddison on the same level of the house as Hubby and I. I very much dislike having to deal with the confusing of clothes for the big girls when it comes to laundry and them getting dressed. I have sent them upstairs more than once on a few occasions. And yes, I am lazy these days and don't want to climb the huge staircase! At some point their room might be clean enough for me to not be so embarrassed and I can share pictures. Until then here are pictures of the bedroom that the two littlest Wynn's will share.
Taken from the doorway. Maddi is laying in her crib!
In a perfect world the cribs would match. Maddi is the only one who has used the white crib and it will someday turn into a toddler bed and then be used as a headboard. The brown crib was used briefly at a daycare center that is located next to Hubby's work. It didn't turn out to be a good thing and they had to close the daycare center. So we go it at their silent action sale. We planned on using it for daycare but then ended up using it upstairs in our room when Maddi slept up there, which was every night!
I felt it was best to stick with the cribs we have and not purchase a new one.
Taken when standing at Maddi's crib.
You can maybe tell from this picture we went with the bedding for Baby Boy Wynn as planned (cars). I am a bit torn on the bumper pads though. They might be removed. I had them when I was little and I am just fine. However some studies show that they are not good when it comes to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (comments welcome on if they should be kept). So they might not be staying. We never had them for Maddi.
Maddi awake from nap. This is a view of her crib, cedar chest and rocking chair.

Taken when standing in front of the dresser. You can see the closet door and the bedroom door (the yellow is a blanket and under it is a daycare child sleeping)!

Maddi's shelf and name on the wall.

These are two white shelves that we got for Baby Boy Wynn to display his trinkets. He has 2 small toy cars for now and a blue picture frame. No name on the wall yet but it will go by his shelves once its chosen.

These are 2 pictures that hang by Maddi's crib.
There are also 2 others to the set that hang by Baby Boy Wynn's crib.

Now you may have noticed that my sweet little Maddison is standing in her crib. Please don't let her fool you. I put her like that. She is not walking on her own yet. She also does not pull herself up on things. She is a 100% scooter. She can scoot faster than I can waddle right now (yes, I do waddle right now). We are working with her and trying to take time each day to stand her up by things and she does it. She also seems to enjoy it. Jade has been a big help and has held Maddison's hands and helped her walk. She loves that also. Maddison goes in at the end of the month for her 15 month check up and we will talk to the doctor then about where she is at. I didn't walk until I was 17 months (from what the baby book says) and last month the doctor said to give her another month before we look more into it. She is still precious and hey I can carry two kids by fall right?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jesus Called

So I just thought this was a bit funny and wanted to share it.

My brother Matt graduated college this spring and found himself with 2 job offers. He new enough which one he wanted because it would pay him more in the long run. Ok so he took the offer and he worked one day. He then told the guy he needed to make more money in order to be able to pay rent and his bills. So he got a small raise! Yes, after one day! He worked the rest of that week and then he got a week off for vacation! He had the trip planned before he took the job so the boss worked it out for him. Now when I was told he would rent a house from the boss I thought that was good he found a place to live. However I thought the email said the house already had a renter but he had to move out because he was growing plants. Now my first thought was yeah, if he is growing drugs he does need to move. He can't live with my little brother!

Then a few weeks went by. I talked with family and they said the guy was still living there. I freaked out. I was like he can't stay there if he is dealing drugs and growing plants. My sister starting laughing. Here he was growing pepper plants!! Yes, the kind that you eat. That you use to make salsa!! I must have misread that email.

Well a few more weeks have gone by and my little brother was on the phone with my mom. They chatted and he told her the guy was now moved out. Plants and all. He had bible study before he left. Ok so the guy liked his religion and peppers. He was also very messy from what I was told. So my mom and my brother chatted. Then they hung up and mom did some things around the house.

About 30 minutes after that the home phone rang and my mom said the caller ID said Jesus! It was already a bit after 10pm. Now would you answer the phone? Have you ever seen the caller ID on your phone to say Jesus? I guess that's all it said was a number and Jesus! I am not sure what I would think if that happen here. So she didn't answer. I guess she thought it was just too weird. Well after the phone stopped ringing her cell phone rang. It was my little brother again. He asked her why she hadn't answered the home phone. So she told him it said Jesus!

Well it just so happens that his temporary roommate's name was JESUS! He had a home phone that was still hooked up so my little brother tried it out!

So if your caller ID said Jesus would you answer?

Monday, June 8, 2009


Finally a picture of my present!
Sorry about the glare but I think you can see what it looks like!
Under Maddison's picture it says Sisters.

some pictures

Jade and Abby trying to help Maddison walk behind her doll stroller!

My girls eating chicken dinner. Well Maddison was making a mess and she won't eat meat. She had just rice, corn and watermelon.

Weekend Review

I can't believe the weekend is already over. It went by too fast. We started out Saturday morning having a garage sale. It was a bit chilly. It was our neighborhood wide sales. We found out alot of sales closed early because it was so chilly. So we didn't have many shoppers. We did ok though. My sister was here to help and she had a few things on the sale as well. We still have enough stuff to have another sale (which we are debating). We also thought the neighborhood association was going to put better signs out and we were wrong. So I don't think that helped us either. Over all though we did ok. My mom came after the sale and took us to Kentucky Fried Chicken for Supper.

On Sunday morning Jade learned about cleaning chicken and making a marinade. She wanted to help with stuff but I really didn't want to do much! So I taught her about making chicken. We put it in the marinade and then got ready to head out of town for a few hours. We went to a Mall about 1 hour from our place and had lunch in the food court. Then we went to pick up my late birthday present which I forgot to take a picture of (will do that this afternoon and post it). My present was a frame with a picture collage in it. We do travel an hour now to take pictures. There are places in our town that do but we've had bad luck with all of them. We've had great luck going to JcPenny's. I was told by my cousin's wife how good their pictures are and she was RIGHT! They are also cheaper than those in our town so it works for us. I also had a coupon for JcPenny's for $10 off a $25 purchase. We found Abby 2 white polo shirts and 2 khaki colored skirts for school next fall that were on sale! Then we just did some window shopping and we let the girls play at the Mall in the play area. Then we headed home.

The girls played outside some and Hubby mowed the lawn. We had a friendly visit from someone's dog and the girls just freaked out it was in our yard. I called Animal Control but a lady picked it up before AC got here. Jade tried taking a picture of the dog.

Our chicken turned out great. It was a good home cooked meal (which I don't do as often as I should. We eat out way too much). We had rice and corn with it.

After supper was over the girls helped me clean the kitchen and the dining room floors. I swept the kitchen and Jade insisted that amount of dirt was from a year. However it was just the weekend in and out dirt! Somehow I was able to also get about 4 loads of laundry done this weekend but 2 of them still need to be put away!

I am not ready for it to be Monday morning but I guess that's not up to me.