Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mason Danny
August 28, 2009

6 months ago I had this cute little boy!
He is my smiley little boy who loves to cuddle with his mommy!

I couldn't ask for a better baby.
He is such a good little boy and he loves to laugh.
He also loves watching daddy's fish tank.

It would be nice though if he slept at night!

We love you Mason! You completed our family!

Friday, February 26, 2010

We have a court date.

Yes, finally we can finalize things!

May 10, 2010 will be here soon enough!

Hubby has to go this afternoon and get a packet of paper to fill out. They are called Motion Papers. I guess our case was put on hold. Somehow we have to serve birth mom with a copy. Not sure how this part will work yet since we believe she is in NY and we're in MN. Hmm, I think its going to cost a penny or two. What do you think?

Roll Off

How long would it take you to fill this up?

This is now what I see when I look out my kitchen window!
Its sitting in front of the garage so I can not park the van inside.

I bet some of the neighbors are just itching to know what we're up to.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


The one thing they don't tell you when you have children is that you are on your own. There is no HOW TO book on what to do when certain things come up. There is no book to walk you thru each day. There are books to guide you during those infant years and books to guide you when your child is a toddler. But there is no book to give you ALL the answers. There just isn't. There are things in life that we just have to figure out on our own. We want the best for our children. No matter who they are, what they've done or what they've been thru. We were trusted with their care.

I have spent the last few days overly exhausted. I did what I thought sounded like a good idea. I took on a daycare child with hours that are rather early for my liking. So I am exhausted. However time does not stop for those of us who are tired. The clock keeps ticking and we need to tick right along with it. The laundry keeps piling up even if we are tired. Your almost 2 year old will wake up at 4:15 sometimes even if you are tired. Your infant might not ever sleep thru the night. Don't get me wrong I love who I am and I love being a mother. But sometimes even when we are so tired we need to think about situations before we say things. After we say it, it might be too late to think about it.

Jade has been invited to a birthday party Friday night. Its a sleepover at the waterpark. How fun for 2nd graders. However this makes me nervous. The child having the birthday has recently had to deal with the loss of her mother. No her mom did not pass away. She got up and left. She left her children. I don't know the whole story. Its not my business to know the whole story. What I do know is that grandma is in charge of this party. I also know that this girl has lied to her friends. She has told Jade and others that her mother went walking in a garden and got bit by a gardner snake and died.

We all have our way of dealing with loss. Whatever kind it might be. But to lie to your friends is not right. I know they are only in second grade but usually your friends can help you thru the tough times. They can sit with you at lunch when you are sad, they can make laugh when they tease you about a cute boy, they can give you a hug when you feel lonely.

I had a friend who lied in high school so bad that she started to forget her own lies!

Anyways, I really can not tollerate lying. Its just one of my things. It upsets me this girl lied to Jade. However I do understand she is going thru a rough time. So we decided to allow Jade to go to the party but we will pick her up at 9pm (she isn't spending the night mainly because both hubby and I work Saturday morning).

This morning Jade was talking about her friend. She started to tell me the whole gardner snake story, again. I tried to tell her that her friend's mom did not die. I tried to explain she just said that because she was upset. Of course though a 2nd grader belives their friends over their mom, right?

Then I did what I probably shouldn't have done. I was tired of arguing. I didn't think Jade should really think she died.

I said, "Jade her mom left her just like your mom left".

It just hit me a few hours ago what I really said to her. I don't think that was the right thing to say at the very moment. I could have said "Jade my underwear are pink". She would have laughed and said "Mamma". We would have went on with our day. There would have been no more aguring about what happen to who.

I have wondered for the last few hours if what I said hurt Jade more than she is probably already hurting. Does she think about her mom everyday? Did I make her think about her today when maybe she didn't want to. Did it maybe not bother her at all?

I have also spent the last few hours feeling like a terrible mother.

So to make up for what I said I think we'll hit Jade and Abby's favorite place tonight- Burger King! Will it make up for what I said, probably not but buying them a car is out of the question!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brownies and Tuna!

So yesterday wasn't really the day I had hoped for. Really hoping today goes alot better. It was brought to my attention that social security numbers are really nothing to joke around about. This could lead to some serious issues in the future with credit card fraud or who knows what. I am going to stay calm about this. I will not yell, scream, throw things, or shout out how frustrated I am that we do need to assume the other party would actually do that. A person has no idea what another person is willing or capable of doing. Hubby and I are going to get both Jade and Abby a new SS number. Just need to check into this and see what the process is. I think its best. There is always something to add to the to do list!

But on another note.... most of you know I am Catholic. My children (yes, all 4) are baptized Catholic. Its lent season. Last year the big girls and I gave up gum for the lent season. This has worked really well for me. I mastered it during lent. Since then I had only chewed one piece until yesterday when I had to chew one more so I could get the tooth paste cover out of the drain that Abby dropped. Anyways, Its lent season again so I thought wow the gum thing worked even after lent was over. Lets try giving up Chocolate!

Wow, was that a dumb pick. My hubby bought chocolate cake last Friday night. I tried to say no but it hurt. I couldn't do it. And now I have brownies in the oven and its not even 8AM. So much for no more Chocolate!

A house is not a home without love, kids and chocolate!

Oh and the other thing, no meat on Fridays is just down right torchure. We should get to pick one day a week to skip meat. Why Fridays? I don't mind certain kinds of fish, shrimp and I even do enjoy crab legs. However I do not get hungry for them on Fridays! Today I am hungry for a tuna sandwich. But now if I have that today, what will I put on Friday's menu?

Maybe I will feel better after a warm brownie!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Therapy Session 202

Oh today hasn't been a good day. I am sitting here waiting for a call back from a LAWYER. Yes, a lawyer. Those people who make alot of money and have ways of getting into that court room. Those people who start the time clock every time you call them.

Its been over 2 years as most of you know since we've had Jade and Abby full time. We are still waiting for a court date to make it all finalized. Of course for child support you get one right away. This helps the county from having to help people. Hubby had that back in October to only find out their birth mom lives off the state she lives in. Ok, no good for us. But to get this finalized we have to wait how long? This is just down right insane. I am not a happy person. I hate the way the system works. We call and they tell us to call the Gaurdian at litem. Why? We no longer have one. So we call the old one. She tells us she submitted the papers to the court but will submit them again. She tells us to give it up to 3 months. Ok so we wait and nothing happens. How long do we play this game?

I also just told hubby he should call there again and question why we haven't gotten a court date. Then I get a phone call today from the tax guy to tell me someone already claimed ABBY. Excuse me? What happen? What does that mean for us?

That means to us alot of BS. Alot of messing around. Now we have to mail in our taxes with a cover letter exlpaining we have the right to claim her.

In late summer both parites will be notified by the IRS (everyone's bestfriend) to find out who lied on their taxes.

Now as some of my readers who are daycare providers or other business owners you don't just get a w-2 and turn that into your tax person. You have billions of recipts you have saved that are for business things, you have all your personal recipts (at least I do). I just pray this doesn't turn into some type of audit. The last thing I want is IRS people here digging through my very unorganized paperwork system.

I have to say when I heard that someone else claimed Abby I felt robbed of her Social Security number. I am now starting to think both her and Jade should just get new numbers (is that possible). She is my daughter. She has been for 2 years and I have every right to claim her as mine!


Alittle color

Our little Jade started to turn black and blue on Saturday afternoon.

We wanted to get 2 year old pictures and 6 month pictures taken of the 2 little ones next weekend.
We were still trying to decide if the big girls were getting pictures or not.
Now we have a black and blue face.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

And the walls come down!

Hubby has started on his basement project! If you haven't seen the basement before its kind of set up as 4 rooms. One side of the basement is all one big space. Thankfully this was already closed off by a wall and 2 doors when we purchased the home. Nothing special though.  Its where the laundry area is along with the furnace and storage area. Oh and also hubby's huge garbage cans that hold water. There are two of them (for his fish tank). On the other side of the basement there are 3 rooms. The furthest one from the steps is the blue room we call the playroom! The middle area is going to be a small family room. The last room was a bedroom (we never used it) in the need of TLC! It has the egress window already! However during a huge rainstorm we had some water leak in. There weren't proper rain gutters on the house. We didn't know this at the time until the house started flouding! We have since then fixed the raingutters. So there has been some water damage in this room. My daycare licensor said we only need to take down the bedroom door and we could use it for daycare (with aproval of the fire marshal). We decided since the wall needs to be fixed anyways to take one wall down and open up the basement some. In the future when our children are older or we are able to add a bathroom downstairs we may decide to put the wall back up. The bathroom will hopefully some day be next to the playroom where we now have some storage. We are lucky though that we have atic space upstairs that we can move this stuff when we need to (holiday decor type stuff).  So for now the walls are coming down. Oh and that ugly brown paneling is coming down too. We do have a closet in that room that will stay. 
I can't wait until this area is done. I want to put down some colorful children's playmats in the far corner and use this for a play space. Hoping to put some type of slide or play climber down there to use when we can not get outside.

I thought it was funny that while doing this my hubby wore slippers! Now I would think most would put shoes on being there were nails!

Oh and yesterday morning before daycare arrived I allowed my kids to play downstairs for an hour while I cleaned in the laundry room. I straighted up the clothes down there and organized things into totes according to size. I think I could clothe 3 kids who are size 4t for a whole winter (I think that is the first winter we had Abby full-time and we I got alittle too excited)! I also picked some stuff out and hubby delivered it to one of those clothing red drop boxes! There is even a huge tote now waiting to be sold at a garage sale.
I have no idea where this cleaning energy came from but I like it and I am not giving it away! I can't wait to get more organized and get some more house projects done.

I still can not find the spell check on this????
Well its time to go. Laundry is calling me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Website

I have seen alot of neat websites other daycare providers have done. I have wanted one for myself but didn't want to pay for one. I started one with a site called but every time I would log into it there would stuff that was moved around a bit. Seemed like it took too much time to maintain. It also wasn't a very easy site for others to figure out.

Well the other day I found that shutterfly has website available. So I gave it a try. You can check it out at Amy's Shining Stars Daycare. Hopefully that will work and link you right to my new website. It could maybe use come TLC but I think its a start!

A big huge bump

On Monday I got a phone call from the school secretary. She told me that Jade fell and got a small bump on her head. She wanted me to know that Jade had some ice for it and was doing fine. She wasn't complaining of it hurting or anything. I got the call about 9-10:00.

When Jade got home this is what I saw. I did not think this was just a small bump.

Jade told me that she thought maybe she fainted. I wasn't sure if Jade really knew what that ment so we had an interesting converstation.

"Mom, I think I fainted".

"Umm, fainted. What do you mean you fainted"?

"Well I did".

"Well what does that mean Jade"?

"Well I think I did because when Ms. S. called my name I woke up".

I wasn't a very happy mother at this point. Nobody told me she might have fainted. Jade told me that she tripped and hit her head on the wall. This happen in gym class.

So I called right away and got her an appointment at the clinic. Hubby had to take her since I had kids late this night. He called me to tell me they were going to the hospital to get a cat scan. I was freaking out. They wanted to make sure her skull wasn't cracked.

Excuse me? They want to what? Of course I couldn't do anything but wait it out.
I couldn't call him either while at the hospital.

Finally, they got home and told me everything was ok. They told Jade that because of how hard she hit the wall she could get very black and blue.

So on Tuesday I told the girls they didn't have to go to school. Yes, they probably could have because Abby was bored all day and she drove me crazy! But I wanted to keep an eye on Jade and allow her to be able to take some tylenol when she needed it for pain. Her neck was hurting also on Tuesday. We've never allowed Abby to walk to school alone so that's why she also got to stay home. Plus I was mad that the school didn't send Jade home on Monday.

During the day I first had the secretary call to check on Jade. She told me at that point that she was just the one to call me about the bump. She did not see it happen.
Then I got an email from both Abby and Jade's teachers to make sure they were ok (I had already told the secretary in a message at 7:30am they wouldn't be in school and that they were going to be just fine).
Then about 1:00pm I got a call from Ms. S. the gym teacher who was in the gym when this happen and oh she is lucky I didn't freak out. She told me that Jade had sat out the rest of gym to ice her bump. When it was time to go Jade couldn't walk well. She needed help from Ms. S. to get to her classroom.
Ms. S. told me that she told Jade's teacher to watch her (yeah along with 20 other students) and maybe let her lay down for awhile.

I am very thankful that Jade is alright. I am still a bit upset that the supervising teacher at the time of the bump wasn't the one to call me in the first place. Jade had talked to her grandma Joyce that night and she picked up on the fact that Jade did not seem herself. She is doing well now and hasn't needed anything for pain since Wednesday morning. She didn't get as black and blue as we thought she would either. She has just alittle black and blueness around her nose.

On Thursday one of my daycare kids fell at home (thank goodness not at my house) and hit their coffee table. She ended up with some stitches.
It just happens to be in the same spot as Jade's bump.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A day in the life of Mason Wynn

Hi, I'm Mason Wynn. I am the smallest in the house. The baby of the family. If only you knew what it was like. Some days are better than others. Let me tell you about yesterday.
I had to listen to my sister Abby read me a story. She was supposed to be in school but Mommy was mad at the school and told her she could stay home. Yeah, Mommy was mad at herself later for that because Abby drove Mommy nuts. She was bored most of the day and the other part of the day she complained she was hungry.
Anyways, I know Abby is learning to read but this story made no sence at all. I think she has to work on this one.

When it was time for me to have some applesauce Maddison my sister decide she wanted to help feed me. Talk about a pain in the butt. I was so hungry. She tried hard but it would have been much faster if just Mommy would have fed me.

Yes, I know I am so cute. Do you know what its like to be a baby boy stuck in house filled with only big Sisters? Rumor has it Mommy and Daddy said NO MORE babies. I am stuck the youngest. I am stuck the little boy with big sisters. Oh man. Even those crazy daycare kids are ALL GIRLS. GIRLS EVERYWHERE. Oh and pink. Mommy has me wear pink bibs. What is up with that.
I love to put everything in my mouth! Even my shirt.

Here I am. Guess what I did yesterday for the first time!?!?
Yes, I did it. I rolled over.
My Mommy was so excited she almost cried.

I did it once in the afternoon and my big sister Jade saw me. Mommy was in the Funky Kitchen cleaning up. She was so upset she missed it. So lastnight when Mommy was playing with me on the floor I decided I needed to show her I how I roll over.

There isn't a day that goes by that my Mommy doesn't tell me how much she loves me.
I am her favorite little boy she says! I am glad she still loves me even though I still wake up at night.
I am 5.5 months old and I just need to wake up and eat.
Mommy feeds me baby food now 2 times day because I do not like cereal.
It won't be long and I think she will need to feed me more.

Well I need to go. Time to play!

Funky Kitchen Update!

My Hubby is kind of in the dog house right now. Well he would be if we had one. We talked awhile back that next Spring we would re-do the whole kitchen. Make it better for what our needs are. More counter space is much needed. So in my last post I showed you what we did to get by. Its working. I am ok with it. No my kitchen is not something you would show in a magazine or anything like that. But for me it works. Yes, I want it to look better but I can wait. So I thought.
My Hubby went yesterday and had some really nice kitchen plans done up. It would be wonderful to spend the money on the kitchen this Spring and not feel guilty. I couldn't sleep lastnight. I kept waking up thinking if we do the kitchen now we can not finish our basement until later. The basement is for the kids. They don't care what my kitchen looks like as long as it make them food. So I have to say NO to a new kitchen and its killing me to do that but I love my children and right now its ALL ABOUT THEM!

I will get my microwave though for above the stove and this will allow us to finish our basement so that we can use it for our family and some for our daycare. Next year I will get my kitchen! I can wait.

A funky kitchen is better than no kitchen! And as soon as that basment is done that art easel is going down there and will be out of my funky kitchen!

Hey do you see that cute black and red basket by the stove. ANOTHER DEAL!! Only $2.50 at Wal-Mart. After Valentine's day special. Love it. Its holding some cute clearanced out paper plates with hearts on it and some matching clearanced out napkins!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My funky kitchen

For Valentine's day I got not one but two new cupboards! My kitchen is currently alittle mismatch but it works! I never had anything right next to the stove. I also was lacking on counter space. Since hubby put in my dishwasher right before Christmas I lost a cupboard and was using the oven for storage! Yes, not a good idea. So we were at Menards and I came accross some counter tops. I just thought oh let's glance at them for future ideas. When I saw that they were only $2 each I started freaking out. To me that was ONE HOT DEAL! Of course they are leftover peieces but I don't care. So then we looked at the cupboards. We have looked at other things to buy for next to the stove but everthing was so costly or not the right size. So when we looked at the cupboards both hubby and I agreed we should get one.

Then once that was kind of in place I decided we needed one for on the wall above it! Of course I got it but it was the worst trip back to Menards ever (Maddison was crabby and cried the whole time).

I have 3 different cupboards in my kitchen now and 2 different counter tops! Oh well it works for now. Plan it to some day (hopefully soon) fix that. We figured if it doesn't work to keep the new cupboards when we re-do our kitchen we will move them to the laundry room!

The one picture is me sanding down the wall. Yes, my shirt is over my nose! It smelled. Our walls are texured (not from us but previous owners) so it needed to be sanding for the new cupboard to fit flush with the wall. I think I almost have hubby convinced that since our hoodvent above the stove is off-white and all our appliances are white we should just replace it with a microwave! That would clear up alot more space on the counter! He's almost ready to tackle that I think. I think I need Jade to remind him how much work I do! We did try to look at them the last time we were at Menards but Maddison did not allow us more than a minute or two.

When the job was done I couldn't belive how much dust it made. I had to clean and wipe down the whole kitchen. My family came to town Sunday night for supper so they stopped over to help hubby hold the wall cabinet up to make sure it got lined up right with the other cabinet.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Jade had her birthday party with her friends Friday night. It was a good time. We played some games and ate some food. The house got to be alittle loud but everyone was good. Mason was the only boy in the house with 8 girls!

(I didn't end up with 11 kids after all. I had to send a daycare family home early because one of them was running a fever. So I had my 4 kiddos, 2 respite care kids and Jade's 3 birthday friends)

Friday, February 12, 2010

I think I can....

 I was told to update my blog. This is all I have time for today. Its one busy day in the Wynn house. Its filled with kids. Some will leave and more will come! I have 11 kids I will need to feed dinner too! We're having pizza, baby carrots and sliced apples!  I will have kids in my house that are not mine until Sunday Morning. Oh I can't wait for Sunday!

Yes, Mason's outfit is getting a bit too short. He is growing so fast. I have noticed this week that all the kiddos are growing. Abby's skirts for school are getting too short when she bends over! I have cleaned a few pairs of pants out of Maddison's drawer this week.

No more time to sit. Lots of stuff to do. Please think of me and let's all pray I can make it to Sunday!

I think I can.... I think I can.... I think I can....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

toddler bed

Maddison is now in a toddler bed! Her crib is convertable! Nap time yesterday went really well. She also did well going to bed at night. However she did fall out of bed one time. She seemed ok though. I felt so bad for her. But she didn't even really cry. She has a hard time getting up on the bed which I was surprised because she climbs on everything else (bathroom stool and couch).

Her crib also turns into a full size headboard but I think she will have a twin bed next using the headboard that matches her pretty dresser. By then Mason will be ready to use the toddler bed. His crib is not convertable.

She's even starting to use a big girl cup more! She like to shake the cup which makes a mess!

Bare with me on spelling mistakes. I am a terrible speller and they changed some blog stuff. Some is better but I can not find the spell check.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do ya?

Do you ever just kind of, just sorta, just maybe alittle bit wanna do something?

Are you holding back because you are afriad you would fail at it?

Some people tell you to go for it but why? Is it because they want to see you fail at it or because they want to make sure its not them doing it?

Do you maybe just kind of, just sorta, just maybe alittle bit wanna do it so that you can feel like you are "somebody" more than just who you are?

Than other times you are thinking oh what would that one group of people think though if I did do it?

Would they laugh at me?

Would I even get the votes?

Oh what to do. My hubby said "no" but maybe just maybe he doesn't see it from where I stand.

Oh maybe someday I will go into details. But for now I am just going to hold back.

I am going to fight this feeling I have and make sure that there is no reason to fail and for sure no reason for anyone to laugh at me.

POOP 101

You think you could give a 5 minute speach on poop. Maybe call the speach POOP 101. I am so tired of POOP! I don't want to see it ever again.

Yesterday when I got Maddison up from nap there was POOP everywhere. It stunk and it was a huge mess. Thankfully hubby walked in the door right at this time so I could yell for him to get me some wet wipes. I cleaned Maddison's hands up and then realized the only way to clean up this BLOW OUT of a mess was to stick her in the tub. She took a nice warm bath and got some clean clothes on. Her crib got a new sheet and one full of POOP went in the trash.

Now I am helping a daycare child learn to use the potty. She was 2 in August and I felt she was ready a few weeks ago to start wearing pretty little girly panties. So we were going to start last Tuesday but this little one developed a pooping problem. She wouldn't go. So that turned into tummy aches. Which now has turned into a OVER LOAD of POOP. Yes, I said POOP.

Today I put her in her little girly panties and told her to tell me when she had to go potty. She had a dirty diaper for her mom this morning and she had gone yesterday for me. So both mom and I felt it was a go. She's been wearing undies at home some. She is only wet a few times a week when she wakes up from her nap. She is staying dry all day and using the potty.

Wow we were so wrong. She POOPED. She didn't tell me. I didn't smell it. I told her to go potty and went into the kitchen to make Mason a bottle. I came back to find her butt naked in my bathroom.

My bathroom was full of POOP. She had it everywhere. In the matter of like 1 wopping minute she had it on her clothes, the floor, the side of the toilet, side of the tub. You name it, it was covered in POOP.

I walked into the hallway to put Mason on the rug. I counted to 5. I knew if I didn't do that I was going to explode. Went back into the bathroom and put the girl in the tub. There was no way around giving her a bath. Then while she enjoyed a warm bath I cleaned up POOP.

Yes, I said POOP!

Now I must go because I think Maddison just POOPED!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Seriously, what more could I ask for?

(Mason wasn't too excited about getting his picture taken)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Do you ever wonder if you're going to make it to the end of the week? I don't think we can add anything else to our schedule.

Monday: Maddison and Daddy have school 6-7:30

Jade, Abby, Mason get to stay with Jessica (our new babysitter but I don't like the term babysitter so she is Jessica) for the 1st time! 6:30-7:45

Mom has to a meeting (thankfully its at Applebess. I badly need a strawberry lemonade). 7-9!

Tuesday: Jade and Abby go to the dentist at 4pm.

Abby has girl scouts 6:15-7:15.

Wednesday: Jade starts back up with 1st communion preparation (we had Dec. and Jan. off).

Thursday: Abby and Jade have their 6 and 8 year old check-ups at the clinic.

Jade has girl scouts 5:30-7:00pm.

Friday: Jade's birthday party!

Our Special Guest!

So did anyone guess who we had over for a sleepover?

It was Faith! She was here for her first sleepover at Auntie Amy's house.

I think it will be alot of fun when Faith and Mason get a little older and can run around and play! Maddison had never wore the jacket she has on in this picture but since Faith had one on I got Maddison to wear hers! Maddison would throw a fit when I tried to put this on her but she wore it all day on Sunday!

Faith's mom and dad came Sunday morning to pick her up. Then somehow at the last minute we decided to go meet Grandma and Grandpa for lunch before they had to go to a funeral.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 5th

Jade is 8 years old!
We celebrated by having supper at Bonanza (not my pick). Then came home to open presents. She got a beanbag chair and a new pair of shoes! She got a package of Tinkerbell pens and actually shared those with her sisters and new pair of purple tights for school!

Jade reading her book for the new 2nd grade book club she is in!

Friday, February 5, 2010

She'll be alright!

Maddison on her first night of ECFE!
She even had a special bag with her name on it!
(thanks to my aunt and uncle who spoil my children)!
Maddison's appointment went really well yesterday. The clinic we went to is right on the edge of town and was easy to find. It took awhile to get checked in because they have a new computer system and we had never been there before.
Maddison saw the doctor and she was very nice. She talked about things that children can have if they vommit. She had reasons why Maddison did not fit most of them. Thank goodness! She felt that yes, Maddison can be vomiting because she is constipated. She also felt that since Maddison spit up ALOT as a baby that its possible she has acid reflux and it was never treated. So she now has a medication to take for 2 months for acid reflux. She did mention though if at any time Maddison was start vomiting every day then she needs to come back in right away because it could be something more serious. But since its so sporadic she is sure its acid reflux. She also said its very encouraging that Maddison shows no signs of her tummy hurting (if you touch her tummy she laughs) and she is also developing appropriate for her age!
On another note we finally got the blood test we wanted! She was rather shocked they wouldn't do blood work at our local clinic. Thankfully we had this done. Maddison's hemoglobin is low. This means she needs iron. Her red blood count cells were a bit high as well. Because she is low on iron that causes the red blood cells to go up. So once she gets more iron that will go down. This can also be the reason she always looks pale and tired. The doctor said this is serious enough that it needs to be looked at. She will take a vitamin with iron and have her blood checked again at her 2 year old check-up.
We talked with the doctor also about the Miralax she is taking. The doctor felt 5 dirty diapers for someone Maddison's age is too many. She said 2 would be plenty. The miralax is measured by the cap on the bottle we were always told to give one cap. This doctor yesterday said that one cap it too much for her. So she will be cut back to half of a cap.
I am very glad we took her. We will take her back in March for a follow up and her 2 year old check-up and then go from there.
We are very lucky this is all fixable!
Oh when I went to get her medication lastnight I almost fell over. The medication for her acid reflux is a liquid and the guy said your total is $84.00. I was like what? I have never paid more than $12.50 for a prescription. Thankfully I questioned it. He told me it was $127.00 before insurance. Ended up there was a glitch in something and when he re-ran it I didn't have to pay anything. I just had to wait 20 minutes because they had to re-label the bottle of medication.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Amy's Shining Stars Daycare
is now filling up with kids!

The calls are coming in and the kids are needing care. Some of the hours are not the greatest but they are doable. I have 5 kids enrolled now! A few of them are part-time. So I only have 2 part-time openings and possibly one full time opening! I actually had to turn a family down today when they called because they needed 2 full time spots. I have no idea where all these families are coming from and why they weren't here 2 months ago but now is better than not at all!

I do need to thank everyone who told me to stick it out and give it time. Its not always the easiest thing to hear when it comes down to the fact this is my job, my source of income. No income means no money to pay bills. Its been a rocky few months but it looks like things will be getting busy again around here.

I did extend my hours to get some of these kids but the best part about that is I am still home with my kids! I don't have to go to work in the evening and worry about hubby giving all the kids a bath or finishing the laundry and doing homework.

Today life in the Wynn house is good! Well I do have a headache though.

Busy days in the Wynn house

We have alot going on in the Wynn house! Tomorrow we take Maddison to the doctor. We decided to pick up Jade and Abby from school after lunch and have them go along. Just not sure how long the appointment will take and with it being out of town I don't want them to get home from school and we're not back yet. I have the whole day off! Oh and yes, Grandma Robin is going with us. We'll meet her half way there and she will ride then with us. She'll sit in the waiting room with other kids during Maddison's appointment. Then the girls want to take her to the mall to show her where they like to play!

Jade will celebrate her 8th birthday on Friday. So hard to believe she was just a few months shy of turning 3 when I met her. She did not like me! Its been a great few years. I think she likes me now. Well as much as any kid can like their mother!

Saturday I have daycare with 4 daycare kids! Its ok because 4 kids makes it worth my time. None of them will get here until at least 10:30am and everyone will be gone by 6:30pm! Yes, that means 8 kids counting mine! Hubby also has overtime!

We are having a young over-night guest on Saturday night! She is a cutie. Bet you want to know who it is! Well you will have to come back this weekend and find out! And if you know don't spoil it and tell everyone else!

Pesto-Presto Italian Flag Chicken

So about 2 weeks ago I wanted to make something different for supper. Somehow I found this recipe for Pesto-Presto Italian Flag Chicken. It just happens to be a Rachel Ray recipe!
Wow, if I cooked like this every night I would be more broke than I already am. I had to buy pine nuts, basil, cheeses I never heard of and parsley! Do you know how many kinds of cheese there are in a grocery store. Alot!

I would have to say it was good. We had it without the tomatoes. I don't know if I would make it again only because the cheese and things got a bit spendy for my liking. I think we'll be stuck with plain old grilled chicken with some lemon pepper seasoning.

Monday, February 1, 2010


We ate lunch at Fuddruckers on Sunday and then

The kids had so much fun playing.
They had an area to climb in and slide down slides.
There was a gym for playing balls and playing on scooters.
Let me tell you it was CLEAN!
Much better place to play than McDonalds! And way cooler!
Only bad part is we drove to get there. A long long drive.
Of course hubby had to go to a fish store so we wanted to make it fun for the kids too.
Hubby went up in the tunnel with the camera and Maddison (that's why most pics are of her) and when he came down I could tell he was exhausted. Maddison not so much!
I wish we lived closer to this place. Such a great place for winter time when its so cold outside.
The place is also very pretty!
I hope when Mason is older we can go back. I had to sit out when the others played in the tunnel/ climbers because Mason was sleeping and of course I didn't want to leave him alone.
The kids played for almost 2 hours!