Friday, August 21, 2009


Yes, I know its August 21, but I just came across a blog that has a countdown to Christmas posted on the side. It seems to early to be thinking about it. I am wondering though why we have Christmas and tax time when we do. I mean I understand why Christmas is December 25 but maybe we should change the tax season to November so that some of us have more money to spend on our little ones for the Holiday. Just a thought. I think for the Wynn's that birthdays following the New Year might look alittle better than Christmas.
The countdown said 124 days and 9 hours until Christmas...not sure what time zone or anything the blog came from.
My Christmas tips:
*Buy when you see things on sale!
*Give a gift card to the ones you just don't know what to buy...don't buy them something they aren't going to want just so you have a gift for them.
*If you say this is the year to cut back- then stick to it.
*Small packages are just as sweet as large ones and they cost less to wrap! Also easier to deliver if you need to.
*Do not buy Christmas gifts with your credit card unless you are able to pay the full balance when its due. No need to be spending double or triple of that bath set that was $9.99.
*Homemade gifts have special meaning. Grandparents love pictures of the little ones!
*Christmas stockings do not have to be over flowing. A few cute things is all that the kiddos need (yeah I forget this one when I shop).
*Cookies: Don't make them if you are not going to eat them. And if you do make them you shouldn't complain you ate too many!
*Christmas letters should be mailed in time for family and friends to enjoy BEFORE Christmas Day!
*Don't stress though if you have no Christmas letter. A simple card or picture does just as well.
*Oh and if you have to buy for me I LOVE CHOCOLATE!
Just a few things... If you have a Christmas tip please email them to and I can add them to the other tips to share with other readers! There might even be something special in store for the first person to email me a tip!! Who doesn't like special things? So hurry hurry.
Let the shopping begin!

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Nik said...

I agree with all of your tips! Here is one of mine!

* Pay attention and write things down! People will make comments like "i should buy that one of these days"..and often its something inexpensive....I had a really old Betty Crocker cookbook..from the 1970s (was my Moms which is a great keepsake but so so practical for me, the NON-cook as some ingredients are outdated and to complicated for me)...a DC parents saw me using it one day and heard my comment (about needing to get a new updated version..this was in the spring)..the next Christmas she got me one! She remembered which meant more than the cookbook to me!

Jot down that gourmet coffee, chocolate, salon name (even $15 pays for part of a manicure!), etc.....keep a small notebook somewhere and don't lose it!