Tuesday, August 11, 2009

not such a good day

So I have to say yesterday wasn't really a good day for me.

First my ankles were swollen by 10:30am. Usually they don't get that way until later in the afternoon.

My brother Ted stopped and its probably the last time I will see him for awhile. He leaves at the end of the week for Wyoming to start his new job. I am excited he gets this opportunity to try something and take a big move like that. However if I said I didn't cry after he left I would be lying. He's my little brother and of course I worry about him.

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and that was not a good visit. When I found out I was pregnant I told them I wasn't 100% on my dates because this wasn't a planned pregnancy like with Maddison. With her I knew my dates since I had my calender and wrote everything down. This time I told them I could be off a week. So whatever. Yesterday I go in and tell her I am ready to have this baby. She tells me that September 2 is too far away. Ok so what. What does September 2 have to do with me? I asked her what was September 2 and she looked at me funny and said my due date. I was like no its August 25 according to the ultrasound. Well, my ditsy doctor told me to get August 25 out of my head. I wasn't impressed with her at all yesterday when I was talking to her about my concerns and then at the end of my apt. when I was finding out we don't agree on my due date now. How can I be 38 weeks this week but not be due until September 2? I don't get it. At the hospital I will deliver at I get whatever doctor is on call when I go in. If I was able to pick I think I would switch doctors. However I see no need to when I don't get to pick the doctor who delivers. I go back next Tuesday and I hope to get some better answers. By no means am I overdue, even going by my August 25 date but I am just alittle bit worried about how big the baby be. How over due can you be before its harmful to the baby? I guess if I don't like what I hear next week I am going to request to talk with a different doctor. When I had a doctor fill in 2 weeks ago because I had to go a day early she went by my August 25 due date and was a very sweet doctor. It sure confirmed my doctor is ditsy!

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Little Wonder said...

HUGS!! I'm surprised that they are changing the due date within just a week. With our experience they don't know the dates and they can't pinpoint the due date at all -- we have almost a whole month window!