Monday, August 24, 2009

Ipod girl

Here is my sweet little Maddison after her bath. She was upset because Jade was listening to her Ipod and didn't want to share. Maddison kept saying "mine". Not that Jade heard her with her music so loud. So daddy gave in to Maddison and gave her his Ipod. She actually knew to put the ear piece by her ear. It was so funny to see her dance to the music! She didn't want to share either. All 3 of the girls love music.

Oh and PS No I don't think 7 year olds should really have their own Ipod but of course daddy felt Jade needed one and got it for her 7th birthday. She has to earn song on it though. When she got a good score on her spelling tests in 1st grade she got a new song for it (I don't even have my own Ipod).

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Nik said...

My dd had generic MP3 players long before she had an actual ipod...personally I prefer another brand, but she likes the ipod one now. But when she was younger the off brands were fine and we just used CD's to put the music on there..borrowed from others, etc.

When she got her actual ipod brand one, it became a great gifty thing for others..those iTunes cards! She gets them all the time for presents!

We bought inexpensive, but good brand MP3 players for my 5 & 7 yr old neice and nephew for Christmas. My brother controls the music flow..mostly Disney CDs (Hannah Montana was HUGE for the 7 yr old girl, and Veggie Tales for the 5 yr old boy) and ones they borrowed from me and put onto their computer for later additions....

I think its a great gift and can be added to!