Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our house!

I have been meaning to post some before and after pictures of our house for awhile now. We moved into our big house a year ago the end of June. We love how much more space we have! We had a lot of ups and downs trying to get a new house and as most of you know our little house never did sell. It has since become a rental (with a very different renter at the moment). Its funny how different a house can change on the outside when you change the people who live in the home. We've thought about houses we liked that sold before we could make offers on them. In the long run we are greatful many of them did sell before we tried to buy them as we would have already outgrew them. This house still have room for us to grow into. Alot has been done to the house and there are still things we hope to do. We're hoping next summer to fix out front steps as they are in a huge need of repair and also paint the house. The plan was to finish the landscaping in front of the house this summer but with my lack of energy it is now on next summers list. We got the side of the house done last summer and finished it up some this summer.

Front of the house when we bought it. Very bad landscaping.

Back view and deck leading into the porch that we would like to some day insulate and make it more friendly year round!

View from the road.

New look after re-doing some of the landscaping!

View from the road after fence and swing set have been added to the yard. Oh and many other little toys!

Front view of the house now. The bush/ tree thing has been moved but no other landscaping yet in the front has been done. My daycare sign was put in place of the for sale sign!

Last night we did another thing to our home! We planted a tree to replace the tree the city made us cut down last fall. Sadly we have to now cut down our other big tree. They were both elm trees and had developed elm's disease.

Jade was a big help planting the tree. Maddison scooted on the side walk. She didn't really like it though if she got alot of sand or dirt on her hands. She looks just like a little monkey!

More work being done. Hubby had to cut an old root once he started digging.

Our new tree. It is a dog wood tree. It was only $7! We had been looking all summer for the right tree to plant. We new we didn't want an Elm tree or anything that got real big. We didn't really like the prices of the trees we had seen at the Nursery so we put it off. Then last Sunday on the way to my sister's house we found a trailer of trees! It was kind of in the middle of nowhere. We stopped to look. So for $7 we got this tree. They had a plastic tool box to put the money in.

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