Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~Bad Day~ ~Where's the shoes~

So yesterday I posted about stress. We did not have a very good day yesterday.

Every time I went to do something it did not work in my favor.

By 8:30am the toddler in my daycare had a blow out diaper. So of course that ment he needed clean clothes. Somehow his shirt is still missing. I have no idea where it went. I have looked every where. I finally had to barrow him one of Mason's. Oh did I mention he's the most energetic one in my daycare and he came an hour early yesterday. I was so not ready for that. He puts every toy possible in his mouth.

Breakfast came and daycare girl was so tired she fell asleep drinking her milk! So of course that spilled all over. Mornings are busy to begin with, no time for spilled milk.

Maddison was so crabby yesterday. She spent most of the morning crying and I still really have no idea why. She even hit me a few times which lead to more crying because she got time-outs. Yesterday afternoon she went up to Mason and hit him and then pushed him over. She had a handful of time outs yesterday. Then lastnight she was the sweetest girl around. Not sure what the problem was.

Mason had me up super early yesterday morning. He hasn't been sleeping good for over a week now. So that set my day off from the begining. He is fine during the day so I am not sure why he's waking up so much. Lastnight was 3 times. I'm going to try warmer pj's tonight and see if he is just getting cold. Other than that I am open to suggestions. I need my sleep!

Then of course the family owing me monies for daycare (which is a few days late) did not bring their child yesterday. The grandmother dropped her off. I had been hoping they would just bring it and I wouldn't have to ask for it. Not the case. So I had to call the parent. She of course said she would drop it off shortly. That was at 10am. Grandma picked up at 5:15pm. Thankfully grandma had the money! But I was alittle scared when grandma walked in.

I tried a new recipe (I will post about this sometime soon) that had beer in it. I am not a beer drinker so to me it smelled most of the day. Not to forget to mention I spilled some on the floor when trying to hurry and get everything in the crock pot.

It just seemed like nothing was going to work for me yesterday.  Its almost like you start your day out badly so you expect things to go bad the rest of the day.

At about 11:30 yesterday the phone rang and belive it or not, even while having a bad day I got a call about daycare. I was dumb founded! I had no idea what to say. I almost wanted to tell the lady she couldn't call me yesterday because I was having such a bad day nothing good could possibly happen!

And out of no where Maddison had 3 potty accidents in the morning. She has been doing so well.
Things did turn around alittle bit. I was able to get out of the house to get milk. I went alone! No kids to bug me for treats. No kids to worry about getting in and out of the van! Peaceful. I cranked the radio and enjoyed some music. Then I arrived home to find out another call for daycare! Seriously did they not get the memo I was having a bad day?!?! She told Danny I could still call when I got home. So I called her back.

Ching Ching I got 2 interviews this week! One on Thursday and one on Friday! Both for boys who are 2 years old. One needs part-time and one full-time. If the part-time can take the days I offer them I have room for both boys.

Maddison decided the other day it would be fun to hide the shoes.
She stuck them in the old mailbox connected to the house.

We always stick bath towels in there during the winter!
Gotta keep that cold air out somehow.

As you can see by her outfit she is wearing her night gown and jeans.
She was supposed to be getting dressed.

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