Thursday, September 9, 2010

~Flu Bug~

So you might have read my post about the sick little boy. Well, have now all gotten sick except for Jade. The good old flu bug! We all took yesterday off and complained about our tummy's hurting and of course we got the pukies. Its hard to be sick and still care for your small children. But Danny and I took turns resting in the bedroom while Abby and Maddi hogged the couch!

I am feeling better and ready to start a new day. Hopefully a rather relaxed one. Abby will still stay home today so the walk to school and things like gym class don't wear her out too much. She wasn't really eating much lastnight yet. Maddison was the last to get sick so we'll see how she is feeling today. She crawled into bed with me this morning at 5:30am! Mason was up by 6am and he's eating breakfast and chattin away! Jade is almost ready to go to school. She will take a note for her teacher telling her one complaint about a tummy ache she should call me.

I used lots of lysol and cleaning wipes yesterday to clean up the house and hopefully get most of the germs out. Just hoping my daycare children don't get it. Oh and if they do please make sure they get the pukie part at home!

So one of these days I will get some more pictures posted!

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