Monday, September 20, 2010

~Finally complete~

All summer we delt with ROAD WORK.
Mason is the only one who enjoyed watching the big trucks.
They had some complications so it took them about
3 weeks longer to complete the job.

(Look at that ugly mailbox)

Most days our road looked like this.

Our tree stump is gone now!

They made our driveway wider!
This will be so nice once it snows.
We can now get both the van and car parked by the garage
and no longer have to drive on grass to do this!

They laid new sod for us.
They even come by and water it with a large water truck.
They did the new tar on Saturday.

We took the opportuniy to put up a new mailbox and to also put it in a new location.
Our mail lady walks to deliver our mail so we had a few options.
Our old mailbox was nothing to get excited about.
It was a funny looking silver thing.
The road crew kept moving it and throwing it on the ground so we took the hint!
Nice mailboxes don't come cheap.
We have gotten many compliments from our mail lady.

So thank you City for giving us a new road.
It looks great.
Oh and thanks for adding the bill to my taxes!
Can't wait for them to go up in January.

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