Monday, September 27, 2010

~Busy Day part 1~

Maybe awhile back you read this post about Maddison getting her ears pierced. Well I am sure I have mentioned that not long after one of them fell out during the night. I tried and tried to get that sucker back in but it wouldn't work. So we had to leave it close shut. Then the other one had some issues and we had to take it out to clean it up and decided to just leave it out.
Her and Daddy decided it was time again to get them pierced.
She sat very quietly on my lap.

Look at this cute happy girl!
Of course she picked purple earings!
Everything needs to be purple for her.
I just love this picture!

Then we headed to a small town to see my brothers who were going to be in a tractor pull.
The girls checked out the park area while they waited.

Mason ate a cheeseburger for snack.
He's a big eater and they didn't have much to pick from for food.

Matt was up first. He pulled 2 times.

Then Ted was up!
The second time Matt pulled was against Ted!

Matt got 2nd place on his 1st pull!
Way to go Matt.

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