Tuesday, September 28, 2010

~Part 2 of our busy day~

After all the excitment of the tractor pull we headed to my sister's house.
We celebrated my brother Matt's 22nd birthday!
We had supper with family. My sister is a great cook!

Mason got a tractor from my brother's as a late birthday gift since  time ran short on them and they couldn't find the tractor they wanted in time for his birthday. That's ok though. He loves it!

Matt got a few birthday presents!
(I remember the days I used to spoil him rotten.
When he was little I would baby him if he got into trouble.
He used to sit in the stroller in the barn when my dad first started farming because he was just a year old. Now he can do the farming on his own!)

Jade got a cut on her finger and was freaking out that it would not stop bleeding.
Aunty Molly helped her get fixed up!

The Wynn family brought the cupcakes!
They were yummy and filled with lots of calories.

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