Thursday, January 13, 2011

~Kitchen update~

Last winter we did this!
Having the mircowave above the stove is wonderful!
It saved alot of counter space.

Now in the last few weeks we have done some more work!
Took out the old cabinets!

We ended up with this not so pretty space.

So we added these cabinets!

Maddi helped me move the frig!

We had to put up some textured stuff because at some
point someone textured all the walls in the house.
(the textured stuff doesn't look to bad as long as
you use the right paint colors)

Danny had to cut a small hole in the dinning room wall.
This wall is shared with the kitchen.

Then he moved the kitchen light into the dining room.
He had to do some repainting of the wall then.
We had to move our frig over closer to the door way which
blocked the light switch. That's why it had to be moved.

The when I was gone with Jade (for girl scouts) 
Danny allowed Mason to take a 3.5 hour nap.
During Mason's nap Danny painted the walls yellow.
Then Monday night he stained the cabinets.
Wow, does that stain ever give me a headache!

Next on the list is to do the bottom cabinets and pick a counter top!
They will go from the stove to the frig.
I can't wait until we can do them because
I really need to get my things out of totes and organized.

I am also now dreaming of a taller frig.
When we moved into our home we had to buy our appliances.
The frig had to be rather short because of the cabinets that were up.
We were able to save some of the old cabinets for our laundry room!


Selly said...

The cabinets look great!

Nik said...

Looking good there, Momma Wynn!