Thursday, January 20, 2011

~Sorry no pics~

Hey today is Thursday. Still can't post pictures. So I will tell you a few things. What else can I do?

I biked lastnight! Super proud of myself. I went 6 miles. Well, ok I did not actually go because if I went I would have ran into the tv! So I stayed in one spot and peddled! Yes, peddled 6 miles.

I am keeping track of my calories now instead of count WW points. Here's why. When I get up I want to here oh you can eat 1500. Not you can eat 12 or 36 or whatever my points where. Don't remember because the point system did not work well for me. So for 5 full days now I have tracked my food and exercise. I have been tracking it at It is a great site. There are tons of other people just like you and I. Great place to get advice and share things too.

Maybe just maybe by June 1st when I yes, get ready for it.... turn the big 30 and head out on a family vaction with my husband and 4 children... maybe I will have a bathing suit to take along and feel at least ok about wearing it.... I have not had a suit in well at least the last 7 years.... that means no swimming for me in 7 years.... after we travel our 1400 miles with 4 screaming kids and the heat index is 100 degrees maybe I won't care if I am 30 years old and how I look in a bathing suit. Who knows.

So today my worries of all things are how am I going to find time to bike?!?! I have to attend CPR tonight from 6:30pm-9:30pm. Seriously, do we need to look at  manicans for 3 hours? The trainer is the same Red Cross trainer who trained me the last 5 times. Wonder at what point she will say "Oh I remember you".

Well enough about all that. I am going to go eat Pizza... spendy pizza. I searched the pizza cooler lastnight at Cub Foods trying to get a pizza I would like but also one that was lower in calories than some. It cost so much more to eat healthy and that just frustrates me.

So off I go. Hope this gets you buy until blogger gets their act together and realizes that Life in the Wynn House is not the same without pictures!

Oh and one last thing.... Celery does not taste like Chocolate even if you imagine it does while eating it. Not even with light ranch dressing!

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Nik said...

I am glad you found the fitness pal site. I tried it once upon a time, but prefer my phone program calorie counter. I can bar code scan things and many restaurants are in there (or a substitute equivalent), etc. For us it is working. I have been sick the last 2 days, so am not tracking, and when I got lazy about it before, I gained (over the holidays). I promised myself I would try to get back to the club by Feb 7th, if not sooner..too much to do before then.

I get 1500 calories as well..dumb husband gets 2700...ugh! LOL